Tesla Model Y in the test: Elon Musk’s answer to VW Tiguan, ID is so good.4 and Co tests

Tesla’s production start in Grunheide is delayed for a few more months – the factory in China, on the other hand, is in full swing and spits out thousands of models every day. These cars are now coming to Germany. Site could already take a closer look at one of the Model Y Long Range. One knowledge in advance: the quality is noticeably better than with the US cars.

In Grunheide near Berlin, water and the last building permits are still arguing, the start of production of the German Teslas production is delayed by a few weeks to months. Tesla therefore decided in July to deliver Model Y to Germany, contrary to the original plans from China. In Shanghai, production has long been running round. While a special specification with LFP batteries from Chinese production appeared in Germany in Model 3, the Tesla Model Y corresponds exactly to what can be ordered in Germany as a model y long range or performance. One of the first long-range models in Germany came into the Efahrer test.

Better quality than from the USA

The trend in quality generally shows significantly upwards at Tesla: the crawls of Teslas still creak them when cornering, and many plastic parts in the interior were poorly adapted, the last car in the Efahrer test was quite well built.

The Chinese Model Y is making a real jump here again. We could not find a single deficiency in the interior, on the door and manual seals, in the trunk and on decorative strips. The positive impression continues while driving: Where Model X and Model 3 sometimes annoyed with annoying wind noises, our test car was exemplary quiet. The comparatively small exterior mirrors have a share of the low wind noises, but they do not allow a good overview to the rear.

By the way, we did not notice constructive differences to the US cars: the center console, the large central display, steering wheel and steering stick lever of the Model Y correspond exactly to the equipment of the model 3, the seats are very similar. It just looks as if all parts have fallen from much more precise machines than with the US cars.

Tesla Model Y in the test: Elon Musk's answer to VW Tiguan, ID is so good.4 and Co tests-tesla
Efahrer / Moritz Diethelm Tesla Model Y in the test: Elon Musk’s answer to VW Tiguan, ID is so good.4 & Co

Space, trunk, trailer load

Model Y is based on the technique of Model 3, but builds considerably higher. The improved space is visible and tangible from the bumper to the bumper to bumper. Even the frunker, i.e. the storage space under the front hood, holds around 200 liters of volume. A large travel bag and the charging cable can easily find space here. The seating position in the front seats is upright, the overview also good thanks to the large window areas. After diagonally, the overview benefits from the windows in the C-pillars that also earn their names. In Model 3 there are only shooting ranges in the sheet metal.

Legroom and seating comfort in the back seat are smooth two classes better than in Model 3: Because the front seats are installed relatively high, the fund passengers can push their feet a good bit under the seats, which makes your stay in the car very comfortable. The large glass roof makes the feeling of space even better.

Under the large tailgate, a trunk of approx. 400 liters of volume. By folding the shared and adjustable rear seat back, a room of around 1 is created.900 liters volume. Right space is hidden under the trunk floor: behind the rear axle there is a deep hollow with another over 200 liters of space.

The announced option of a third row of seats does not seem particularly attractive to us: both foot and head space at the back are only suitable for smaller children. Because there are no dedicated airbags and the crash zones are very small, sixth and seven are only an emergency seat character. The fact that they are not (yet) available for Germany is a eventful loss.

In Model 3, Tesla has only just abolished the optional trailer coupling, and Model Y has a preparation for the hook, Tesla service center preparing it for 1.350 euros after. The actual ball head is removable and can be stowed away in the supplied bag. The maximum trailer load for braked pendants is 1.600 kg, that’s enough for horse trailers for a horse and for medium -sized caravans.

Tesla Model Y in the test: Elon Musk's answer to VW Tiguan, ID is so good.4 and Co tests-model
Site/l. Brack Tesla Model Y in the test: Elon Musk’s answer to VW Tiguan, ID is so good.4 & Co

Driving performance and driving behavior

The drive options for Model Y correspond exactly to the all-wheel drive variants of Model 3, that is, the Long Range model has approx. 430 hp power. This is enough for the almost exactly two -ton SUV for acceleration of 0-100 km/h in five seconds and a top speed of 217 km/h. The performance variant with over 500 hp, 3.7 seconds for the sprint and 241 km/h again puts a clear shovel on it.

The Model Y not only drives straight ahead: it spontaneously steers into curves and thanks to the all -wheel drive, it drives through even balanced neutral when you are in a hurry. Typical for electric cars there is hardly any side inclination because the battery built into the ground keeps the focus very deep. In addition, Tesla relies on a particularly tight chassis vote – and thus shoots far beyond the target: the car drives very rumbled across smaller bumps and gullizers. The attempt to make the large and heavy car over the chassis to the sports car is doomed from the start: the steering is far too insensitive and the seats offer too little side stop. Here Tesla should rather improve again.

Consumption and range

The Tesla Model 3 is instantly economical in its competitive environment, the standard Range + variant with pure rear-wheel drive remains at the highway at 1,30 km / h. book. In comparison, motorway consumption and range of Model Y are really remarkable: 23.3 kWh per 100 km mean a range of 335 kilometers. This means that the car hardly uses any more than the flat sedan, although it is almost 18 centimeters higher and around 150 kg heavier. The low CW value of 0.25 naturally helps. Tesla achieves the outstanding wind slippery through the total waiver of the usual SUV decorative council. Above all, the ground clearance corresponds to a normal sedan. The aerodynamic consequence pays off: the Model Y drives VW ID.4 and Skoda Enyaq for consumption and reach and of it, although it offers all -wheel drive that offers double performance and much stronger driving performance.

In mixed traffic, it is no problem to drive the Model Y with less than 20 kWh 100 kilometers. There are 17.9 kWh in city traffic. Our test consumption was pleasant and 17 to 23 degrees outside temperature at 20.1 kWh per 100 km, which corresponds to a good 380 km range.

Charging and times

The Model Y not only continues than any competitor, it also loads much faster. Up to 250 kW should be possible on one of Tesla’s latest Supercharger (V3). User reports from the USA confirm this with photos. During our test, it was not possible for us to drive to such a supercharger with the optimal requirements, i.e. with pre-tempered battery (the two V3 superchargers in Munich space are placed at shopping centers). So we cannot yet confirm the maximum charging capacity. What the Model Y shows on a normal CCS quick loader is already impressive: at a 15 percent battery level, it starts with over 180 kW charging power, at 60 percent it is still above the value at 130 kW, the ID.4 and enyaq achieve as maximum performance. The Model Y is close to what an Ioniq 5 promises in theory (the full e-drive test of the Ioniq 5 is still pending). It will be tougher up to 80 percent, but overall only approx. 24 minutes. Together with the range, this performance makes the Model Y finally unrivaled on the long distance.

Tesla Model Y in the test: Elon Musk's answer to VW Tiguan, ID is so good.4 and Co tests-tesla
Efahrer / Moritz Diethelm Tesla Model Y in the test: Elon Musk’s answer to VW Tiguan, ID is so good.4 & Co

Infotainment and assistance systems

There is little new to report on the electronics. Despite regular software updates, there is still no functioning detection and takeover of traffic signs with speed restrictions. In addition, the map material on which the Tesla autopilot is based is incorrect. The myth of the briefly fully autonomous Tesla is already destroying a short ride with the extended autopilot. In fact, it works a whole class worse than VW’s current technology (Z (Z.B. In ID.3 or Golf 8), Audi, BMW or Mercedes. After all, the central display mostly indicates traffic lights correctly. However, the German specification of the software cannot react correctly. If you let the autopilot make it, then it stops at every intersection, no matter what the traffic light shows.

Conclusion: Efficiency winners and an assistance disappointment

Once again, the Model Y shows how far the promises of Elon Musks on the subject of autonomous driving are removed from reality. The Tesla SUV from Chinese manufacturing is a positive surprise in all other matters (except for the too hard chassis). The processing and the perceived quality are really good, the efficiency and the highway range are outstanding. With a base price of around 59.500 euros (for the prices on Tesla.com is the manufacturer’s share of the environmental premium of 2.500 euros already deducted) underbids the Model Y Long Range comparably equipped rear drive ID.4 and -Q4.
The German manufacturers will have to stretch quite a bit to finally catch up with this lead.

The same drive technology is in the Model 3 Long Range, which Efahrer was able to test in the winter test at temperatures below minus ten degrees. You can see how well it does in the video

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