Tesla Model Y: Market launch in Germany with two versions

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Our Italian colleagues have already taken their seats

Tesla Model Y: Market launch in Germany with two versions-germany

Long awaited, the time has finally come: The Tesla Model Y, the SUV offshoot of the Model 3, can finally also be ordered in Germany. The first deliveries are to take place in September. However, these are not yet vehicles from the new Gigafactory in Grunheide near Berlin.

Let us first come to the most important key data of the Euro-Y according to the German Tesla website:

  • There are two variants: "maximum range" and "performance" (both with dual motor and all-wheel drive)
  • Model Y can optionally also be configured as a seven-seater
  • The maximum load volume is 2,158 liters
  • Acceleration: 3.7 seconds (performance), 5.0 seconds (maximum range)
  • Weight: 2,003 kg
  • Top speed: 217 km / h (max. Range), 241 km / h (performance)
  • Wheels: 21 inches (performance), 19 or 20 inches (max. Range)
  • 15-inch touchscreen in the cockpit
  • Range according to WLTP: 507 km (max. Range), 480 km (performance)
  • Charging: 15 minutes for 270 km on the Tesla Supercharger

Our colleagues from InsideEVs Italia were able to examine the Model Y live, it should hardly differ from the German model. In the video above you can see the tour, even without knowledge of the Italian language it already gives a good insight.

Compared to Model 3, the crossover design has led to a revision of the proportions and to an increase in dimensions: We are talking about 6 cm more length, 7 cm more width and even 18 cm more height.

Tesla Model Y: Market launch in Germany with two versions-germany

One of the main differences of the Y is in the trunk: the capacity is around 600 liters, plus 80 liters in the front trunk, and increases to 1,900 liters when the seats are folded. There are also buttons to conveniently fold down the second row and use all of the available space. (Where Tesla gets the 258 liter difference to its own information remains open.)

Two recesses on the sides and two hidden compartments are very useful for transporting small luggage or hiding valuables. There is no parcel shelf, but the rear windows are very dark and it is practically impossible to see what you are carrying. Later there will also be the seven-seater version already mentioned, in which two additional seats can be folded down to form a third row.

It's clear that the Model Y's innovations aren't in its looks, which is very similar to that of the Model 3, from which it inherited about 70 percent of its components. Some details change, like the tires, which are wider on the Model Y, with a section of 255 compared to 235 on the Model 3.

Another reason to choose the 4.75-meter-long Model Y is the ability to sit higher than the sedan, which many appreciate because of the better view and control of the road. Due to the high structure, however, the ranges are not quite as high as with the 3.

The seats are the same as in the Model 3, but Tesla added elements to increase the seat height. The interior remains minimalist, and the actual command center remains the central 15-inch display, which has the same functions that we already know: only the track driving mode is missing, but there are no other differences.

You can still watch streaming content on Netflix, YouTube or Twitch or play the various arcade mini-games. There is also the surveillance mode that records every attempt to break into the car.

One feature that works particularly well with Model Y is dog mode. The large trunk is suitable for a dog, and when you turn the mode on, the Tesla will leave the air conditioning on as soon as you park and leave the car to keep your four-legged friend cool. It also warns people who are worried about Fiffi in the car from outside with a special display.

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As far as the passengers are concerned, the Y model offers four centimeters more headroom and 13 centimeters more for the legs compared to the 3 model. Not that bad. Incidentally, the seats can also be adjusted to further increase comfort. There is also a panoramic glass roof that runs over the entire roof and gives it a very airy feeling.

So if range is important to you, the Model 3 has an advantage: It weighs less and is more aerodynamic. If you prefer the space, the Y model is better considering the price difference.

The former develops 351 hp and offers a range of 505 km, a top speed of 217 km / h and a 5-second sprint from 0-100 km. The stronger performance has a sportier set-up, 462 hp, 480 km range, 241 km / h and 3.7 seconds for the sprint. The difference between the two versions is around 8,000 euros, with the first version costing just under 61,000 euros in Italy and the second almost 69,000 euros. In Germany you pay a good 5,000 euros less.

Compared to the Model 3, the performance suffers from the additional size of the Y, with a slightly shorter range and in the 0-100 sprint. For example, there is a difference of around 100 km in range between the two long-range models.

For charging, the Model Y is equipped with an 11 kW AC and a 250 kW DC charger on board. It can of course be charged quickly in Tesla Superchargers, but also at home at a wallbox or socket.

Photo gallery: Tesla Model Y (2021) live in Italy in the first check

Tesla Model Y: Market launch in Germany with two versions-model

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