Tesla Model Y: range, price, technical data – electric car

Tesla brings his new electric SUV Model Y to Germany. Site was able to testify in one of the first European Model Y. In the video you can see the Efahrer test of the predecessor Model 3.

Dekarbonize the climate, decarbonize traffic and the energy industry. Convert everything to solar, electricity memory and electric cars. This is Elon Musk’s vision for Tesla. His latest prank, the Elektro-SUV Model Y is supposed to help. In the United States, the Model Y has long been celebrating sales successes, now Europe is supposed to follow. The expectations of Model Y are large: Musk wants to sell more Model Y than from the three predecessor Teslas Model S, 3 and X together. The signs are good: SUVs are in demand as never before.More on the subject: Model Y comes in August: Tesla takes E-SUV from China to Germany das Model Y is based on the popular Tesla sedan Model 3, but is a lot more massive and larger. There is now significantly more space in the back seat and in the trunk. The front trunk and the divided foldable second row of seats offer a total of 1.9 cubic meters of storage space. In addition to roof racks, there is an optional trailer coupling for a trailer load of up to 1600 kilograms. The seven -seater variant cannot yet be ordered.

Model Y: Equipment; security

Tesla promises that Model Y should be the safest mid-range SUV. It has not yet been certified according to Euro-NCAAP, but other test clubs already certify the model y. Originally, the Tesla Model Y should come from Tesla factory from Brandenburg for the European start. But the construction is delayed. The Model Y first comes to the market start from the Tesla factory in Shanghai. The first German Tesla Model Y should roll off the band around the turn of the year.

Tesla Model Y: range, price, technical data - electric car-tesla
Efahrer / Moritz Diethelm New Tesla SUV ends up in Germany: All facts about Model Y

Reach and prices

At the start, Tesla is launching two top models of the Y: the long-distance version "Maximum range" and the sports execution "performance". The Tesla with maximum range costs 57 in the base.970 euros before deducting the state environmental bonus and drives 507 kilometers according to WLTP standard. How far the Tesla Model Y really drives has to show a practical test.

Drives the end of BMW and Co? New Tesla in the motorway test

Tesla Model Y: range, price, technical data - electric car-technical

Site Drives the end of BMW and Co? New Tesla in the motorway test

The performance variant with 513 hp runs from zero to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds, drives 241 km/h top and costs at least 63.990 euros. In the Tesla configurator, it can be easily over 72.Screw in 000 euros. The option alone "Full potential for autonomous driving" Costs 7.500 euro. The first cars are to be delivered from September.This article was written by Moritz Diethelm

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Tesla Model Y: range, price, technical data - electric car-range

Site KIA EV6 in sitting sample: This electro-koreans should crack Tesla

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  1. But obviously, …
    … Snow, tested with minus degrees, this article is not again. Where … Is that actually that "Following test"?

  2. False film
    The film shows Model 3 and not the Model Y. The first assessment of Model Y (SUV) can be seen on YouTube. There are confusion excluded.

  3. An SUV looks different
    At the Audi Etron or Audi Q4 Etron you can talk about an SUV, but certainly not with the Tesla models.

  4. Really great again
    In the headline there are big questions how good the New Tesla Y is, then indicate in the article that more details have to show a test. So you get practically no answer to the question mentioned. Everyone can really write such articles if you research three minutes on the Internet. Added value zero.

  5. I have the Ford Make e
    Ordered and therefore get a horror. Because both cars look identical in their side silo, amazing! The Peisen are also similar. But the range, here is 610 km in 18 kW/ 100 km consumption. On my test drive I only need 14 kW, which then enables 740 km. So, the Tesla is no longer the measure of things, there are now comparable alternatives.

  6. Real consumption VS standard
    KA how to compare real consumption with WLTP or EPA specification. But you can compare EPA: Tesla Model Y (SR): 130 Wh/km (CW value: 0.23) Ford Mach e (rear -wheel drive): 165 Wh/km (CW value: 0.29) I suspect that strongly they could continue to push their consumption with the Modely, especially on the highway. Kind regards PS. No one hits the 2016 Ioniq! 🙂

  7. That should be an SUV? Lol
    Looks more like the money and imagination have dropped out in the back. Something between X6 and the earth toad.


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