Tesla Model Y, Tesla Pickup and Tesla Semi get update on launch schedule

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Tesla Model Y, Tesla Pickup and Tesla Semi get update on launch schedule-launch

During Tesla’s 2019 AGM, Elon Musk announced a slight update to the schedules for the Tesla Model Y, Tesla Pickup, and Tesla Semi Truck. For his part, it was pointed out that there are currently no plans to expand the product range until it is settled how battery production can be scaled accordingly. In this context, Musk mentioned that the production of battery cells must indeed be increased significantly.

Problems in battery production negatively impact product launch

Musk says they “manage product launch by scaling battery production” and cannot introduce new vehicles until this is resolved. Tesla’s main battery supplier, Panasonic, recently indicated that the two companies will not have enough battery assembly capacity to support Model Y production.

Our recently published article, in which we reported that Panasonic is planning to produce the current battery cells of the type 2170 from the cooperation with Tesla in its own battery factories in Japan, also fits in with this. This is intended to compensate for the bottlenecks in the Gigafactory in Nevada, which the two companies have built together.

With that in mind, Tesla’s CEO revealed a slight update on the timeline for launching its new products.

Slight shift in the schedule for the introduction of the Tesla Model Y, Tesla Pickup and Tesla Semi

Musk reiterated that Model Y, which is the priority after Model 3, should come in fall 2020, but he said they actually have a more aggressive internal schedule. Furthermore, it has now been widely confirmed that the Model Y will be built in Fremont. The production should definitely stand still, because there is an even greater demand than expected for the Model 3.

Tesla’s CEO recently announced that the upcoming Tesla pickup truck – also known as Model P – will be available for under 50.000 USD in the basic version. There are also plans to put the Model P on the road with a range of 640 to 800 km, a dual motor all-wheel drive train with dynamic suspension and an amazing towing capacity.

Referred to as a “cyberpunk truck” by Musk during the AGM, the Model P was placed between the Model Y and the Tesla Semi in the timeline. At least suggests the order in which we will see the new vehicles, even if no fixed date has been confirmed for the Model P. However, Musk reiterated that Tesla hopes to unveil the electric pickup truck towards the end of summer 2019.

As for the Tesla Semi, the automaker recently confirmed that production of the electric semi-truck has been pushed back to next year after originally being planned for 2019. Musk became a little more concrete and announced that you are looking forward to the Tesla Semi against “end 2020” in production.

Musk revealed for the new Tesla Roadster that this is currently not a priority, one will first focus on the three models mentioned. When Musk revealed the prototype in 2017, he said that she planned for 2020 deliveries and Tesla began to accept reservations.

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