Tesla Model Y: The big offensive starts in Europe

Tesla Model Y: The big offensive starts in Europe-starts

The Elon Musk had already introduced a bit different. Originally, the first Model Y is already roles from Gigafactory 4 in Grunheide at Berlin. But the construction is delayed – but the local market seems too important to wait longer with the electric SUV. Finally, the Tesla Boss with “Summer 2021” was in the word. And so the first copies come from the work in Chinese Shanghai. It has increased the capacities there, it says.

Yesterday Thursday, at Tesla black cloth moved from the series, which will be “even more successful” as model 3. Quasi the start of a big offensive. The delivery should start this month.

Tesla Model Y: The big offensive starts in Europe-model

The sight is not really new. In the US, the 4.75 meter long wagon is finally produced since early 2020. The design is based on the brand-occurrence – including the huge overhead glazing, the interior is dominated by a large display and is otherwise classic cool. Under the sheet metal, the technique largely corresponds to the 18 centimeter of lower model 3 – and like this there is no free charge for new customers at the Tesla Charger.

The selection is limited to the five-seat version “Long Range” with four-wheel drive and a maximum range of 507 kilometers. In terms of performance and battery capacity, Tesla holds itself as usual. For the sprint at Tempo 100, the company indicates 5.0 seconds, it goes up to 217. Prices start at 56.990 euros.

Tesla Model Y: The big offensive starts in Europe-model

Later, the Americans are still pushing a 7-seater variant as well as a “Performance” model. This should be for around 10.000 Euro surcharge come only 480 kilometers away, but be up to 241 km / herself quickly and reach the third place in the speedometer after 3.7 seconds. For many not unimportant: All variants may take 1.6 tons to the hook.

So or so is the competition powerful. VW is waiting with the ID.4, Skoda with the Enyak, Audi with the Q4 E-TRON and HYUNDAI with the 800 volt compact Ioniq 5. But in the eyes of Elon Musk is the e-car market of one that grows and grows and grows. Should mean: What cares me the proportion of others when the cake is so huge. Main thing, it is driven electrically. The man is finally on a mission.

Tesla Model Y: The big offensive starts in Europe-offensive

Meanwhile, “Teslamag” reports in which vehicles shipped to Germany could possibly not be installed the latest batteries. The magazine refers to documents for EU approval, which is currently used as a 5C version of the manufacturer LG with 77 kWh use. In other countries, there is already a LG battery called 5l with 82 kWh, which is supposed to reach in Model Y for 542 kilometers (WLTP).

Remains the question of the series designation. S-E-X-Y had once thought of Elon Musk for the order of appearance. As he sees the e-mobility. But the plan already bursted in Model E, for which Ford had already secured the trademark rights. With the mirrored 3 you need a little little more imagination ..

Tesla Model Y: The big offensive starts in Europe-starts

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8 thoughts on “Tesla Model Y: The big offensive starts in Europe”

  1. Great the Y finally comes to Europe. About the stones, which Tesla in Germany put in the way I do not. But over the first Tesla Made in Germany I’m already looking forward to. Not to last, the arrogous German car industry did not deserve otherwise. Tesla shows how it works and others talk to PR her mistakes ..

  2. Congratulations Tesla !!!
    With the first ships and thus over 8000 Model Y, Tesla sets the seed into the European market.
    Thus, Tesla’s unofficially marketing concept takes its course – many (except Fudl David &# 128521; ) Wheeling this car rehearsal or riding in friends or acquaintances will become the multiplier for Tesla.

    Then Fudl David will soon learn how powerful mouth is to mouth propaganda, and what exponential sales in the real world have a meaning – from margins I prefer not to talk about.

    Yesterday’s Ai-Day has probably made clear the last investor, which Tesla differs from the remaining OEMs of this world.
    Some one will – as always – need a little longer to capture the whole scope &# 128521;

    Time wants Tell &# 128578;

    PS We first booked a few Tesla shares &# 128521;

  3. The Tesla is innovative can not be denied, the Tesla it creates how no other people to inspire, one can not deny but you do not have to like the concept of pure (which I do not do) and you have to live with worse quality, what I do not want. I do not see Tesla at the moment in a leading role in the market, if at all then only with a very small and that will change in the next 2 years, if other manufacturers are more and more on the market with new innovative inventions on the battery sector. You can not forget Tesla is not a vehicle manufacturer but a tech group. This remembers the quality of the vehicles, which is always better but is still far from the big car manufacturers. As a Tech Group in turn, Tesla miles ahead and has collected so many data in recent years as no other people are worth a lot of money and he will sell everything to other manufacturers and to the needs, batteries, software etc. And that started! Elon Musk is a smarter man who knows how to build a business !
    And if a Tesla affordable for me comes out of quality and a control concept what I think so much then I will buy myself possibly. also one, but there is so much choice that I can only say, with me who has the best for me the best all-round package and does not own the I own shares !

  4. Model Y is the best-selling BEV in its class in Europe, so much is already fixed. Not the best Bev possibly, but the best overall concept.

    While the premium competition is currently ruining the image with defective charging infrastructure (ionity) gives Tesla really gas.

    You do not have to have the best cars, the best overall concept is enough to leave the competition

  5. I have always admired the masochism of German taxpayers.
    As the German Michel, who is forced to work with a very much modest vehicle day after day, is going to work, with his taxes a wealthy fellow citizen 6’000.- Euro sponsors who passed this an American company, which in China with coal stream produce the vehicle and the battery, which leads to a CO2 footprint, which may be compensated in compared to the small diesler – maybe not – about the lifetime of the vehicle may – depending on how the electricity is produced (currently in D too too big parts with coal).
    I never really know if I, brave, brave!’,, My condolences’, ‘beautiful stupid’, or a admiring, chapeau!’ should say.


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