Tesla Model Y VS. Volkswagen ID.4 GTX – Duel of middle class Elektro-SUVs

Tesla Model Y VS. Volkswagen ID.4 GTX - Duel of middle class Elektro-SUVs-middle

VW has with the ID.4 GTX A sportier variant of the ID.4 introduced, from which the brand promises a lot. And although the sale starts only in summer, it’s already worth a comparison with the direct competitor from Tesla: the Model Y.

We start where an electric car can usually promote most of themselves: in technology. So far, US car manufacturer Tesla was always far ahead of it, but slowly the established manufacturers get up. Also traditional manufacturer VW? A look at the range reveals only a small difference between ID.4 GTX (480 km) and Model Y (505 km). This makes this possible with 345 hp noticeably more power than the Volkswagen (299 hp) on the route. This also results in the rapid acceleration:

• Tesla Model Y: 5.1s from 0 to 100
• VW ID.4 GTX: 6.2 s from 0 to 100

as well as the higher maximum speed:

• Tesla Model Y: 217 km / h
• VW ID.4 GTX: 180 km / h

Both vehicles work with the dual motor principle, that means they have two electric motors and four-wheel drive. If one speaks of technology, you can not only look at the hardware today, but also has to look at the software. This is a crucial point, especially in electric cars, because the software is controlled, for example, the battery management system and collected data about battery use and collected the battery status.

The software also replaces mechanical functions that exist in conventional burners, such as the blocking differential. The software is therefore an essential aspect of all electric cars and has an influence on range, efficiency and functionality. Right here, the dominance of Tesla is probably most clearly: the software of the Californian automaker, – which also sees itself as a software company, – is clearly superior to the Germans in all points and will probably stay a few years.

In terms of technology, VW could not be dangerous to its competitors. But what about the space offer? Again, the model Y is convinced Y: With folded seats the GTX comes to 1575 liters of luggage volume, the trunk of Model Y creates despite the flatter rear 1900 liters.

The topic of interior immediately follows the next point victory for the Model Y: although the interior of the ID.4 GTX is a little longer, it acts in particular in the cockpit built-in and less spacious. In addition, the many plastic awakens a cheap, non-contemporary impression. The simple, but high-quality design of the Tesla, which is essentially from a single 15-inch display, like all models of the brand, benefits him here. In addition, the Americans have an optional 3. Offer the row of seats that makes the vehicle to the 7-seater. Although underneath the trunk capacity of the Model Y suffers, but the seats can be easily folded up, the problem is limited.

The Tesla Model Y is a compact SUV in principle a higher-placed model 3 – and that’s exactly what it looks like. It is unmistakable a Tesla, which is visually called somewhere between Model 3 and the big brother Model X. In contrast, the ID is.4 GTX, which is also recognizable a VW, but has no direct “model”. Consequently, the Wolfsburger is a new design with beefy, dominant front and otherwise rather unreaded, classic compact SUV aesthetics.

With so much superiority you expect a significantly higher price for the model Y, – but you can only find that. 58.620 euros wants to have Tesla for the electric car, about 8.000 Euro more than VW, whose ID.4 GTX at 50.415 Euro starts.

The attack on Tesla is VW with the ID.4 GTX only moderately. Because the ID.4 is already orderable, it is expected to change anything significantly to the start of the start of the car. The Model Y is superior in all aspects, but also has a higher price. The recommendation is here yet direction Tesla.

About the author: The article was the article by Moritz Kopp, publisher of INSIDESLA.de

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4 thoughts on “Tesla Model Y VS. Volkswagen ID.4 GTX – Duel of middle class Elektro-SUVs”

  1. Drive only German cars. The Amy boxes can me. One is very sad that VW sells the cars in America cheaper than us in Germany and Austria.

  2. The following things are important to me at an e-car:

    • Four years warranty
    • No obligation for regular maintenance and still guarantee
    • Good driving behavior with “one-pedal driving”
    • Cost-effective and easy-to-use charging infrastructure
    • Updates (OTA)
    • functioning Navi without having to pay updates annually
    • High resale value
    • that the service comes home to me and I do not have to go, if necessary
    • long lifetime

    And that’s why I have a model 3.
    The Model Y will not be different.

  3. In short, you can say, in principle, both cars are the same. Nobody will buy the entry-level model of VW, and the entry-level Model Y is already on a high degree of assessment.

    Declared to buy it is whether the car is always loaded at home or on the go.

    At 100% at home cargo are both the same.

    At cargo on the way I can only recommend Tesla. The supercharger are worth gold. The software in the Tesla automatically calculates these and specifies binding realistic tipping times.
    At our vacation trip with Model 3 of Gunzburg (Bavaria), to Trieste (Italy) he had planned 2 charging stops with 15 and 18 minutes each. This was relatively fast because the loaders can shop with 150 kW / h. Another advantage you put the plug one and everything goes automatically. The loading fee can be seen in the screen and the payment goes automatically without any cards or other.

  4. Clearly superior … The interior of the ID4 does not affect me in no way cheap. This eternal Stammtischeschwurbel is on my nerves. What does that play for a role that has a second faster or has a few liters more trunk. Should everyone buy what they like. I decided for the GTX. I just promised me best. Let’s just be glad that the selection rises, instead of making the other always bad.


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