Tesla: New battery cell chemistry increases battery power & life

Tesla: New battery cell chemistry increases battery power & life-increases

Tesla and Panasonic could not only record an increase in efficiency in battery cell production. Also in terms of battery cell chemistry make progress and thus increases the performance and life of the batteries and also reduce costs. This was known because Tesla submitted a corresponding patent titled “Dioxazolones and Nitrile Sulfites AS Electrolyte Additives for Lithium-ion Batteries”.

With the improved construction, Tesla will continue to be more cost-effective and higher energy density than the direct competitors with higher energy density. So at least the assumption of some industry insiders. Jeff Daht awakened, Teslas’s most important battery research partner, the new development should be thanks.

The patent specifications to understand that the novel battery systems work with “fewer active electrolytadditives” and could be used in various energy storage applications – “, for example, in the vehicle and power storage”. It is probably above all “additives electrolytic systems”, which are used. As they improve the performance and lifetime of lithium-ion batteries “while reducing the cost of other systems based on more or other additives,” says the patent specification. An accurate savings potential was not opened with the submitted patent – more, you will be able to learn from the Battery Day this year from Tesla.

The new patent application is based on a different development, which the company announced in September 2019. At that time, the battery research partner of Tesla has released a new paper over a battery cell that could survive more than 1.61 million kilometers. From the researcher’s point of view, the battery cell is ideal for use in Teslas Robo taxis. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, emphasized at the Tesla Autonomy Event that the vehicles must be durable for the economy to work. Model 3 body and drive unit should be able to “survive” up to 1.6 million kilometers, the battery up to 800.000 km. By appropriate replacement modules, this can then be made fit again.

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6 thoughts on “Tesla: New battery cell chemistry increases battery power & life”

  1. No human bubble can 1.Endure 000 km reach.

    Steering times in the private car should be limited as that of the career driver. Pauses = Registration = Less attention deficits and accidents

    This nonsense with ranges has been set in the Facebook accounts and is maintained diligently from AFD trailers.

  2. The discussion on ranges and future battery technologies and hydrogen is my opinion unnecessary. It will give people
    They want or have to drive 1000 km a day. I myself had to do business, 500 km and 500 km back to deliver to be back at the families! Would have gone with Bev, then had took place for just 2- 4 hours longer (estimated).
    Also, it is true that you usually get well with 150 km / day, if you take the usual daily routine with a trip to work and some
    Has errands to do. Small cars will have small batteries, large vehicles stop 60 to 100 kW. And that’s a good thing, so for everyone is there.

    High efficiencies are always good. Maybe we create in the near future with Tesla‘s, Echion …, or whoever, 1500 km with 100 kW battery. Then all stops only build 20-60 kW batteries. Saves raw materials, costs and weight – so with these developments. Let everything research and develop. None can say what it’s for jumps or new, possibly. Revolutionary developments will give it. Therefore, there is also further research on hydrogen, even if I see this technology behind the e-mobility and do not believe themselves that they will be suitable for cars. To crude, they also said “Can not eat, sticks, stinks and is nothing to use”. We will enjoy any technological development to limit climate change!

    If you look at the CO2 clock, we need the e-mobility as well as the regenerative energies. And fast. For with all the discussion about CO2 content in the atmosphere, you must remember that every change generates more CO2. Wind turbines are also produced in the FRG with about 40% organic energy (DT. EnergyMix Plus construction with diesel). However, they generate about 60 times their manufacturing energy.

    So if the change means first more CO2 emissions, the war probably does not stop (currently yes Iran-USA), armor booooooom,
    (estimated 20 -25% of worldwide consumption of crude oil), to live up to 2050 10 billion, and that as well as everyone everyone has a claim to it, which has to be built more and more and unfortunately with outdated technology (also in Germany If there are still much more gas heaters installed as solar cells and powerwals) -, there is still brakers and denial of climate change – unfortunately in decision-making positions, every progress is needed to zero-CO2 emissions. BEV’s form only a very small part. But without Tesla, where would we be in this area then? Thus, all Tesla buys, shows that it goes differently and thus introduces a mental change, in the hope that the other previously mentioned idiotans stop as soon as possible.

  3. Greetings to all of you

    I find it basically really class what discussion opens here. That’s a good thing, then everyone can make their own picture no matter what he is before or after, this topic “mobility of the future” is discussed.

    The information deficits are also highly demonstrated here and smart bugs are also flexing around here &# 128578;

    All in all conducive to bring the idea of mobility forward.
    So this is with the future:
    If no one had jumped from the church tower with a wooden frame we would have no aircraft today.
    The idea becomes epidemic and that’s good ..

    E-mobility is as diverse as a genetic chain in human bodies of different ethnic origin.
    I think that currently only a few company “A La Tesla” consider the totality of the vehicle.
    An electric motor has brachial force that is currently throttled so that the vehicle can drive at all.
    The range of the battery is subject to so many factors externally as inside the battery.
    The factor human is also difficult to calculable whether a sporty, predictive, snoring, much or little drives.

    This will import all when discussing these factors, because the demand regulates the offer,
    What nobody needs is little bought.

    My biggest desire is that humanity finally recognizes that only products hold long and work, so have a long lifetime, the only way are resources on this planet to protect.
    Everyone has to question themselves what he needs how long and how often needs.

    in this senseā€¦. On a great future.

    Today’s utopia is tomorrow’s truth

    MFG Neumes

  4. An electric car comes with the energy input x 500 km far. The hydrogen car creates just 200 km and the alternative fuel is only available at 80 km.

    The numbers clearly show who is the winner and really believes someone pays at the gas station more than twice to drive hydrogen? Many look when refueling whether it goes here and there a few cents cheaper and there you want to spend more than twice for hydrogen?


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