Tesla: New electric compact car with a range of 1000 km

He comes from Berlin

Now Tesla is attacking the Golf: New electric compact car with a range of 700 km

Tesla: New electric compact car with a range of 1000 km-electric
Imago Images / Future Image More than 1000 kilometers of range: Musk promises compact-tesla for Europe

With Tesla’s new Gigafactory near Berlin, a compact electric car for the European streets should also come to Germany. Tesla boss Elon Musk justifies the decision with a sobering experience in Berlin.

Tesla is not only building the first European Gigafactory in Grunheide near Berlin, but also wants to build a design center and the world’s largest battery factory in this country. This again emphasized CEO Elon Musk at the European Battery Conference, which the Federal Ministry of Economics is organizing as part of the EU Council Presidency.

Tesla is building a new compact electric car in Germany

During the digitally held conference, Musk also spoke about his plans to want to develop and build a new, more compact electric car in Germany. Musk think of a car of the compact class, which is extremely popular in Europe, according to the US news network Bloomberg. "In Europe, it would make sense to build a compact car, maybe a flow rear", said Musk during the event.

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Tesla: New electric compact car with a range of 1000 km-range

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"I think there are many talents in Europe, talented designers and engineers. And many of the best people want to work somewhere where they can do their own design work. You don’t just want to make the European version of something that was designed in California", Musk explained his decision according to the electromobility blog Electrek.

1000 kilometers of range into planning

Musk’s plan for a compact assembly rear design was fueled by an experience that the Tesla boss recently had during a visit to Berlin: "I was traveling in Berlin the other day with a model X and we had a lot of problems finding a parking space in which the car fits into".

During the conference, Musk, who has recently been the second richest person in the world, also announced details about improved versions of existing models. Accordingly, one now approaches a range of 700 kilometers. In the long term, the electric autopionier should have cars in development that can reach 1000 kilometers, said Musk. Already last year Musk announced on the short messages of Twitter that the revived roadster model should exceed the threshold of 1000 kilometers. However, the development of the car is currently behind the actual schedule.

This article was written by Tobias Stah

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15 thoughts on “Tesla: New electric compact car with a range of 1000 km”

  1. It’s strange….
    …Logically, the report/forecast is questioned and indicates a lack of facts … And Schwups: come the next predictions: Again a new battery of Evolution XY. It comes safely, just something has to be done on it….. Then the mega-teslas in Grunheide fall out of the assembly line once in 2021. Or only in 2023 ? Somehow just stories that come "might" or not. Or in 2030 ? Well, that’s how you get the time around. Meanwhile, VW makes its "Volks-Akku-cars" done, then the clientele can choose. 1x with service network, 1x with OTA’s…If the problems give. I am truly not a VW fan and I don’t find the orientation optimal.

  2. Oh if you could conjure up…
    …would bring Tesla compact and this with 700km range. But since Tesla cannot conjure up, it will remain a pious wish and dream! Why do you build the e-boxes with a length of 5 meters, or high SUV vehicles? Because only there are space for batteries with 600kg and even more weight, otherwise there would be nothing that would only earn the term range. At VW, this means 550km WLTP range for the ID3 with a large battery package, which is halved on probably 275km on a freeway ride. So it will happen with a compact of Tesla, because where there is no space for giant batteries, there is also no large realistic range. Supper batteries, as announced at regular intervals, still does not exist to this day.

  3. The new generation of batteries…
    With real ranges, which are at least twice as large than before, is already in the starting blocks. Therefore, the upcoming compact-tesla will certainly have the announced range of 700 km. Since the development at Tesla is much faster than with the old car manufacturers, the vehicle will roll off the assembly line in Grunheide in 2023.

  4. Really now…
    That’s exactly what comes ? Actually nothing, especially none "Compact" From Tesla with a gigantic range….. They may want that and are certainly planning that at the moment – done – fact – fact ! Strange, which with some sheer wishful thinking simply replaces reality, it should first assemble their factory, fill them with life, produce cars and also sell the best possible. Anyone who is already seeing trslas in their nightmares in Germany can still lean back relaxed…..It takes years, decades, or will never take place…..

  5. Yes
    The car is coming, the factory is almost finished in the shell. Parts of the production systems are already there! Produced next year, Model Y, Model 3 and then the "little one" faster than everyone believe! The market is here – and also the charging concept across Europe!

  6. Just now!
    The electric car will not come, it comes. Now. And that is huge. With double -digit growth rates. E-mobility in your run neither comments from combustion nor crosses on ballot pensions. The fact that there are contemporaries who do not want to admit this must be accepted as collateral damage to the both necessary and pleasant development. PS: Nice that you confirm the diesel an "excellent CO2 balance". That’s right. No fuel generates more CO2 when burning. 1 liter of diesel costs 2.65 kg of the climate can. At petrol it is "only" 2.32 kg, at LPG 1.79 kg and with natural gas. (CNG) 1.63 kg. E-cars, loaded with green electricity = zero grams.

  7. Not now!
    The electric car will (unfortunately) come. But with the cross at the right place, we can stop the time span until the final unique position until the technology has progressed to the fact that we have no difference to current combustion engines in the event of reach (full loading and with all the consumers switched on). That will not happen in the next 10 years. Only if we manage to brake the green ideology and not allow quick shots, then this mobility idea can eventually become something sensible. This is how long the combustion engine with its now excellent CO2 balance will remain the first choice.

  8. Really now ?
    Basically very good that a compact class comes. The diels is apparently a musk fan, he can deal with it. Otherwise nothing new, Tesla plans, wants and should. So far nothing tangible. It will stay with the mix in the next decades, whoever can and wants to do something else. The majority not. With the subsidies, the hybrid content increases very much. If you are recorded as an electric drive, it usually runs as a combustion engineer. Above this species, you can elegantly see….

  9. When does it finally get it….
    … 98.5% of the politics that we, as a people, do not want e-mobility. Why are tons of funds put into any projects that should make e-mobility more attractive. If Greens always have something to say, e-mobility will soon be needed… Even if the range is 1200 km, 100%in 30 minutes, the car should cost by € 35,000, in an estimated 15 years. Because in 15 years I will not pay 70 cents for milk, not 25 cents the kw/h, gas will not become cheaper, etc….. Nature exists longer than humanity, it has survived everything and does not come with me now "Is for the future of our children and grandchildren", If you can’t afford anything today, what about 15 years?

  10. What does the people want?
    Site published the result of a population survey here today in the autoblog that 48.3% do not want to have a ban on combustion cars. This is the good part of the message for you. The bad: 48.8% want a ban on combustion! Their number 98.5 % cannot be right. Where did you get? Safe from a survey. Which one? Please do not say, just invented everything.

  11. Because they don’t know what they are doing!
    There could now be 100 experts that the production and use of e-cars is twice as harmful to the environment as for vehicles with combustion engine, it would not work anything. The as environmentally harmful and completely unnecessary electric car will come!

  12. E cars
    Very nice report on arte yesterday. Eautos destroy the environment. Take a look at the copper and graphite mouths in China and South America. Wind bikes also need many metals exorbitantly. So everyone who thinks si drive "Green" crazy tremendous.

  13. @Westenhauser
    Oh the evil oil and the bad combustion engines, almost strange their comment! Then call very loudly, everything where crude oil is included, please get out of my life. But better leave your house or apartment beforehand, because this would collapse over your head. In addition, they would be naked, because art fiber is processed even in clothing! You need crude oil as well as everyone!!

  14. Was something there?
    In an online newspaper, only the keywords "Musk" and "E-Auto" fall, and people start to hyperventilize. But problems will be solved, the electric car will be completely "normal". And with regard to combustion vehicles, one will soon ask: “Was something there?“And yes, electricity is the new oil. There will be electricity billionaires that become super rich through unfair methods and with the help of politics.


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