Tesla opens Supercharger factory in Shanghai

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Denser Supercharger network should keep up with enormous Tesla sales in China

Tesla opens Supercharger factory in Shanghai-tesla

In less than half a year, Tesla has pulled up and completed its new production plant for superchargers in Shanghai. The new plant is not far from the car factory where the Model 3 and recently also the Model Y is built, and he battery cell production, which also belongs to Gigafactory 3.

According to an official announcement, the new plant will produce the Supercharger V3, the third generation of charging stations that will provide a charging capacity of up to 250 kW. Up to 10,000 superchargers are to be built annually in Shanghai. Assuming an average of ten charging stations per station, that would be enough for around 1,000 new charging stations.

A thousand additional stations would be a significant improvement in the supercharger density in China, where the seven hundredth charging station was recently opened in a ski resort near Beijing:

🇨🇳 Supercharger Update: the 700th SuC station is brought online today at Beijing Badaling Ski Resort. Remember @Teslacn completed its 600th on Dec 20, 2020. Less than a month, another 100 SuC stations have been completed. Fast expanding SuC network makes driving more relevant. pic.twitter.com/lmtw5StAOL

– Ray4Tesla⚡️🚘☀️🔋 (@ ray4tesla) January 10, 2021

The 500th charging station was only welcomed in November. And: "Throughout 2020, Tesla built more than 410 Tesla supercharging stations in mainland China, including more than 180 Tesla V3 supercharging stations," wrote Tesla on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. So the supercharger network in China is growing rapidly. So far, the superchargers have been imported for this purpose, but in future they will be manufactured on site.

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Tesla opens Supercharger factory in Shanghai-factory A Tesla Roadster is hurtling towards earth at 10,000 km / h

The rapid growth of the Supercharger network is apparently intended to ensure that the many new Tesla customers are not left on dry land. Because the Model 3 is enormously popular in China. In the month of December alone, it sold 23,804 times in China, according to ev-sales.blogspot.com. This put the Tesla in second place of the best-selling cars in China, after the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, which came to 33,489 pieces. For all of 2020, the Model 3 was number one in China with 139,925 cars, accounting for 11 percent of total electric car sales. The small, just started Wuling was already sitting close to the neck of the Tesla with 119,255 cars.

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