Tesla plans entry-level current with 400 km range, for 25.000 USD

Tesla plans entry-level current with 400 km range, for 25.000 USD-current

The next-generation battery technology gives Teslas entry-level model a considerable range for its price. The speech is from an entry-level current, below the Tesla Model 3, with up to 400 km range, as well as a selling price of around the 25.000 US dollars. This at least reports the online portal Autocar.CO.UK shortly before the announcement of the quarter numbers 2/2021.

The new Tesla hatchback E-car, which is to come to the market 2023, is a milestone on the way away from the premium electric car segment towards an affordable vehicle that builds on the great success of the compact limousine Model 3 in Europe, where She is one of the best-selling electric cars. It became a starting price in the US from about 25.000 Dollar named. With a great distance, it would be the cheapest model of the brand, because even the cheapest variant of Model 3 costs from 48.400 US dollars.

The favorable starting price by Teslas should be made possible. This should reduce the production costs compared to current methods by 50% and at the same time offer five times more energy and up to 16% more range per charge. According to information from Tesla environment, the series maturity of the new battery packs be reached from 2022. Equipped with the new battery technology, the stromer should provide an extremely competitive range that can even compete with electric cars from several segments.

It remains to be seen if Tesla will offer the floating gear with a battery capacity of less than 50 kWh, but a variant with a shorter range could enable Tesla an entry into the increasingly competitive market for urban mobility. So far, Tesla has not yet been compromised at the exact final form and the name of the model, but only spoken by a future product “, which is developed after the semi truck, the cybertruck pick-up and the Roadster sports car. However, market observers assume that it will have a strong similarity with the model 3 and will bear the name Model 2 as an allusion to its entry-level position.

President of Tesla China, Tom Zhu, gave to understand that the smaller, cheaper Tesla is being developed in China, in a research center in Teslas Gigafcatory in Shanghai. Zhu said that the electrical compact cars of Tesla built in China and should be sold worldwide. Information about the design of the new vehicle has not yet been leaked, although there are speculations that the new vehicle will probably be a smaller sedan or a kind of floating gear. A corresponding concept drawing from the past year already caused a sensation at that time and suggests that this is the third stromer from the GIGA Shanghai.

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9 thoughts on “Tesla plans entry-level current with 400 km range, for 25.000 USD”

  1. UII, UII, hold up your European tin bend and air polluter. If the Chinese have the fingers inside then, quality and performance is guaranteed – especially to realistic prices, it will be very fast.

    The times are final past in which one could talk about China scrap, at the Shanghai Motorshow was allowed to admire what it is in the starting blocks. The reports about new autogenerations of MG, BYD, etc. Telling excellent workmanship and fantastic feel with full equipment.

  2. Too bad, had hoped for something new to learn what was not known since the Battery Day 2020.
    There is probably a lot of patience asked &# 128578;

  3. You always have to keep in mind that the AMIS specify the prices net.
    If we take the prices as usual 1: 1 in euros, become from the 25.000 € net then in DE / Europe about 30.000 €.

    For the price you almost also get an ID.3 with almost the same range, or. In 2023 there is also a facelift where newer cells could be used, which the price possibly. to press.

  4. Article in Auto Motor Sport, 22.8th.2018 (before about. 3 years):
    Elon Musk wants to offer E-car for $ 25,000.
    In it “when we work hard, we could offer such a model in three years”.

    In the last fall on the occasion of the Battery Day the same message was out of the way.

    So, in the west (and manufactured in the east) nothing new.

  5. The plan for years …Tesla plans a lot if the day is long &# 128512; And then there are still 100 appointment shifts anyway &# 128512; Everything only American marketing (hot air) to keep the stock price up

  6. The VW Group also plans a new battery generation for its electric vehicles from approx. 2023.
    With this generation, there will also be LFP cells for cheap vehicles.

  7. Addendum:
    Tesla announces and just by mail the start of the delivery of Model Y in Europe for the coming month &# 128521;
    Great – since we do not hurry, we will wait for the Model Y from Grunheiden – the best or nothing &# 128521;

    The Model Y was announced for Europe for the summer 2021
    And Elon delivers !!!
    &# 128521;

  8. If I read the exchange here:
    VW does not do it with ID3 – VW – but Tesla Plant -aber Tesla does not provide – yields! – Hot Air – Gaanich Waah!
    I remember the saying of my mother-in-law from the Putt:
    Waatn Wa ma AB and Simma Ersma’s piece with change.


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