Tesla recall expanded vehicles produced in China

Tesla recall expanded vehicles produced in China-tesla

Recently, Tesla had to start a voluntary recall of Model 3 and Model S because of a defect on trunk locking system and problems with the reversing camera. Now it became known that not only those models are retrieved, which were manufactured in the US, but also vehicles from the Gigafactory in Shanghai. This is more than 650.000 vehicles affected by the two models.

As the news agency Reuters reports, the recall of the Chinese market supervisory authority for around 20.000 imported models s and 36.000 imported model 3 started. In addition, around 144 should.000 Model 3 affected, which were produced in Shanghai. Such models are also shipped to Europe. Just announced that production capacity in Shanghai should be massively increased. The competent motor trip Federal Office (KBA) in Germany has not yet received a callback request, but that should probably only be a matter of time.

Apparently, the front trunk lock was misaligned during model s, whereby the bonnet could open while driving. This could lead to serious accidents. According to estimates of Tesla, around 14 percent of all models S are affected by the problem.

In Model 3, a mounting error could cause the wiring harness to fix the reversing camera due to the regular opening and closing of the trunk, which can lead to a failure of the camera. Here Tesla believes that only every 100. Vehicle could be affected. The owners of the affected vehicles will be notified. Tesla will check each vehicle and repair if necessary.

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  1. Funny I find that recalls of other BEV manufacturers are not considered with several articles.
    Probably we read tomorrow from the same recall in Switzerland and the day after tomorrow in Norway &# 128521;
    A message would have been worth a value that both in Switzerland and Norway the Tesla Model 3 was the most sold BEV 2021 – in Switzerland even the most sold vehicle including the burner &# 128521;


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