Tesla’s battery factory in Grunheide could be ready in two years

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However, there has not even been an application for a building permit yet

Tesla's battery factory in Grunheide could be ready in two years-grunheide

Tesla wants to build a battery factory near Gigafactory 4 in Grunheide. Although Elon Musk hasn’t even applied for it yet, it could be ready in two years. The Brandenburg Minister of Economic Affairs Jorg Steinbach (SPD) said according to an article by Bloomberg.

Steinbach then hopes that the area around Berlin will become a kind of Silicon Valley for electric car technology. And not without reason, because in addition to Tesla, BASF also wants to manufacture cathodes and recycle batteries in nearby Schwarzheide. The US company Microvast also wants to build batteries for electric buses in Ludwigsfelde.

Tesla's battery factory in Grunheide could be ready in two years-ready

The new 4680 cells are to be built in Grunheide – for 16 percent more range.

Elon Musk’s next destination, however, is not the battery factory, but the car factory. In Grunheide, the Model Y is to roll off the assembly line from summer, up to 500,000 cars annually. Model 3 will also be manufactured there later. However, there is still no final building permit for this factory. Steinbach said, however, that he was "totally relaxed" about the permit. Delays didn’t mean the factory wasn’t getting the green light.

Steinbach played a key role in bringing the Tesla factory to Grunheide at the end of 2019. For its multi-billion euro investment, Tesla However, hefty subsidies were negotiated. According to a report from the time, they should amount to several hundred million euros.

Protests by local residents and environmentalists, especially over the clearing of 83 hectares of forest, protected animal species and the factory’s water requirements, had made the approval process bumpy. The construction activity was stopped several times by court order. Nevertheless, the automobile factory has come a long way, as videos repeatedly show.

For the battery factory, on the other hand, Elon Musk did not even submit an application at least until the end of January, as Steinbach explained at the time. According to a report in the Tagesspiegel, Musk does not want to endanger the approval process for the car plant with additional projects. However, Tesla has applied for a "warehouse" which, according to information from the Tagesspiegel, could in reality be the site for the battery factory.

The new 4680 cells, which are said to have a particularly high energy density, are apparently to be manufactured in the battery factory. The targeted production capacity is gigantic: 100 gigawatt hours per year and later even up to 250 GWh are planned according to InsideEVs USA. This would make the factory by far the largest in the world. For comparison: in 2020 a battery capacity of 135 GWh was produced worldwide.

More about batteries: Tesla's battery factory in Grunheide could be ready in two years-battery Battery market with a new record: 134.5 gigawatt hours in 2020

Tesla's battery factory in Grunheide could be ready in two years-battery Tesla’s new 4680 battery cells are expected to increase range by 30 percent

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