Tesla’s Full Self Driving Beta is slated to start in the second quarter

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Video shows how well FSD Beta 10 works in an urban setting

Tesla's Full Self Driving Beta is slated to start in the second quarter-slated

Tesla works with its autonomous driving system "Full SelfDriving" (FSD) on autonomous driving at level 5. Elon Musk has now commented on the schedule for the introduction on Twitter. According to this, the new FSD Beta should appear in the second quarter of 2021, probably as early as April.

In a tweet in the middle of the night, Musk responded to a question about the FSD beta schedule and confirmed that the software will launch in the second quarter of 2021.

A little later, Musk was confronted with a December interview. In it he had promised that Tesla would have completely autonomous driving (level 5) in 2021. In response to a post from Twitter user BogusThought, the Tesla boss replied that version 8.1 of FSD Beta, which he is currently using, largely does not require driver intervention. And the upcoming software build should be even better.

In a subsequent tweet, Musk wrote that version 9 should be made available to a larger group of test drivers. According to Musk, this could be the case as early as next month (i.e. April). This is obviously a concretization of the specification "second quarter":

Even with the release to a larger group of test drivers, the FSD beta has not yet started properly.

Versions of FSD Beta have been tested by selected Tesla drivers since October. On January 18, the Tesla Owners Club of Silicon Valley published a video of a test of FSD Beta 10. Apparently a newer version is being tested than the version 9 mentioned by Musk. The video shows how good the software is works in an urban environment:

Turning left without traffic lights works well and the car waits for cross traffic. The Tesla brakes in front of a car parked across the road and dodges a little to the right – but a little late if the video isn’t deceptive. The Tesla waits at a red light and only continues straight on when it is green, albeit a little more hesitantly than a human driver would have done. Even at a broken, flashing traffic light, everything works properly: the car waits for cross traffic and then drives on.

As an alternative to purchasing the new software, Musk recently announced the introduction of FSD subscriptions. The subscription should include functions such as automatic lane changes, automatic parking, traffic light and stop sign automation and, later, autonomous driving in the city. These subscriptions should be available from the second quarter, as Musk tweeted on March 1st:

However, Musk also said that it is still better for Tesla customers to buy FSD directly instead of purchasing a subscription.

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