Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving Beta” when turning left unprotected

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Drone video shows that autonomous driving is not quite working out yet

Tesla's "Full Self-Driving Beta" when turning left unprotected-full

The "Full Self Driving Beta" system aims to bring the next level of autonomous driving to life be with Tesla. The system is eagerly discussed in scene circles. But how good is the system really when it comes to, for example, turning left with oncoming traffic without traffic lights? The above drone video now shows a worth seeing test of the autonomous driving system in exactly this situation.

The video is from Chuck Cook, who drives his Tesla Model 3 with the beta version of the system to test the unprotected left turn. The video images come from both an indoor camera and a drone that Cook has "parked" stationary above the turning point so that oncoming traffic can be better seen.

The place is a highway with separate lanes for both directions. The oncoming traffic is approaching at considerable speed. And it seems like a busy time of the day as the traffic is heavy. Cook leaves it to the car to find a gap in traffic.

Many a human driver will probably depress the accelerator in this situation when he sees a gap and rush off at full throttle. But when you turn, you drive directly into a residential area. Therefore, the autonomous Tesla drives rather cautiously. And since the system takes the low speed into account, the gap in the traffic must be even greater.

In some cases it takes almost endlessly for the car to drive off. And sometimes he does it by feeling, so it’s not clear whether he is daring or not. Cook remains on the highest alert and has to put on the brakes several times. This shows that autonomous driving at Tesla is still far from perfect and safe.

Cook always hits the brakes at the last moment. This creates exciting situations; while watching the video, an increased adrenaline level is inevitable.

More about autonomous driving at Tesla: Tesla's "Full Self-Driving Beta" when turning left unprotected-turning Tesla‘s Full Self Driving Beta is slated to start in the second quarter

Tesla's "Full Self-Driving Beta" when turning left unprotected-full Tesla Model S Facelift: D and R can now be selected using the touchscreen

However, Cook never even goes on the gas. He tries the autonomous left turn for as long as he can. In the end, the drone runs out of juice and aborts the test. But until then, every attempt remains exciting.

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