Tesla’s holiday update for the software: With fart sounds and more

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The new "Boombox" allows you to set the engine sound and the horn

Tesla's holiday update for the software: With fart sounds and more-software

Tesla is currently providing the long-awaited "Holiday Update" for its electric cars. This includes practical innovations such as improved preconditioning, new games, but also things that you probably need Elon Musk’s humor for, for example farting noises instead of the normal horn tone.

With the new boombox function, the horn of the Tesla vehicles Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X can be adjusted. Obviously you can’t use your own sounds, but quite different other sounds, such as the fart sound, a trumpet signal with the opening notes of "La Cucaracha", applause and more.

You can also set the driving noise (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting, AVAS), i.e. the sound that should warn pedestrians of the almost silently approaching Teslas. There is rock and roll music here, for example. You can also import your own sounds using a USB stick. One of the prerequisites is of course an external loudspeaker, which in Germany has apparently not been installed in the Model 3 or has only been installed for a short time.

Another restriction: These AVAS sounds should not be legal in the EU, because they must firstly be similar to the driving noise of a normal combustion engine and secondly make acceleration processes recognizable. The same applies to the horn tones: Individual tones and chords are allowed here, but no melodies or the aforementioned disreputable noises.

One of the more useful changes is that you can now set the pre-air conditioning so that it preheats the car, for example at 7 a.m. on all working days (Monday to Friday) – commuters in cold Germany will appreciate this. There are also three new games, including Solitaire (i.e. solitaire). Remarkably, you can play these games while driving if you confirm beforehand that the end of the game is only the passenger. The navigation map remains visible on the left.

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Tesla's holiday update for the software: With fart sounds and more-holiday Tesla wants to increase the range of current models to 700 kilometers

It could also be practical that the navigation system now shows, in addition to the superchargers, which restaurants and cafes are in the vicinity. In addition, you can, for example, open the loading flap or Frunk and trunk with a touch of the finger. As usual, the improved software gets into the vehicles as an over-the-air update.

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