Tesla’s new 4680 battery cells are expected to increase range by 30 percent

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Tesla's new 4680 battery cells are expected to increase range by 30 percent-4680

Tesla's new 4680 cylindrical battery cells are one of the hottest topics in the electric car industry right now. Because the new design of the cells should bring 30 percent more range without changing the cell chemistry.

Only recently it was said that the current Tesla models could cover 700 km come – possibly with the help of these cells.

The reason for the possible leap in range is the optimization of the size, the new design to improve performance (electrical, thermal) and the use of batteries as a structural component for the car.

Tesla has now released a video that shows how the cells are arranged within the battery pack (see above). Each module of the type 4680 contains approximately 960 cells (40 x 24) instead of several thousand as in the type 2170. The smaller number of cells is sufficient because a 4680 module stores around five times more energy than a module of the type 2170. The energy density can be 300 watt hours per Reach or even exceed kilograms.

The photos and videos of the pilot production in California are on Tesla's "Join the Cell Team" website accessible. Tesla is looking for new employees on this site, hundreds or even thousands. The aim is for Tesla's battery business to penetrate new technology areas – according to the motto "Tera is the new Giga".

Some engineers are already working on optimizing the production process for the 4680 cells before Tesla can use them in the new Gigafactory near Berlin produced on a large scale. Over 100 gigawatt hours of battery capacity could be created there annually – in addition to the Model Y, in which these batteries are then also installed, as reported by site USA.

We do expect to make heavy use of LFP for medium range cars & stationary storage

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 7, 2020

In a tweet from October, Musk had confirmed that LFP chemistry (lithium iron phosphate) should be used for medium-range electric cars, including the Model Y. The Model 3, made in Shanghai, apparently already uses this chemistry, namely cells from the Chinese Manufacturer CATL, as also site reported.

Picture gallery: Tesla's 4680 batteries

Tesla's new 4680 battery cells are expected to increase range by 30 percent-tesla

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