Tesla Semi is busy collecting more pre-orders…

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Tesla Semi is busy collecting more pre-orders...-semi

In November 2017, Tesla presented its Tesla Semi electric truck for the first time. Since then, the electrified truck diligently collects pre-order to pre-order. According to Musk, the E-Truck of Tesla can recharge a good 400 miles within 30 minutes, in about 640 kilometers, at Teslas Megacharger. As a company, you have the choice between two battery levels that allow a range of 480 or up to 800 kilometers.

First pre-orders and criticism

How to expect, Tesla will be his own first customer for the electric saddle tractor Semi. But other customers are already snake to accommodate the Tesla Semi also in their own fleet. So DHL Supply Chain became one of the first customers of Tesla for their e-truck.

At Daimler, meanwhile, one expresses critical about the Tesla Semi. Daimler manager Martin Daum is skeptical about Tesla’s plans to put the semi battery truck on the road for long-distance journeys from 2019: “There is still no battery technology that is mature enough, 40 tons at a reasonable price to drive at least 500 kilometers through the area in any weather and on any terrain,” says Daum.

Walmart orders more Tesla Semi

Walmart is said to have ordered Tesla Semi last year. This week, 30 more orders were added with the aim of accelerating the electrification of its own fleet in Canada.

The largest US retailer plans to use the trucks in Canada, with the first 20 EVs being deployed in Mississauga, Ontario, and the rest at Walmart’s new distribution center in Surrey, B.C., which is under development.

It is scheduled to open in 2022 and is said to be the first full-fledged distribution center to operate with an electric fleet.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to minimize our impact on the environment and to lead the industry in the quest for sustainable change.— John Bayliss, senior vice president, logistics and supply chain at Walmart

This new order is a greater commitment to Walmart’s Tesla Semi, as Tesla is only $5 when reserving their first trucks.000 required per reservation.

After demand picked up again, Tesla changed the quoted deposit price to 20.$000 for a “base reservation” of the production version and the full $200.$000 for the Founders Series truck.

It means Walmart has a $600 deposit.$0,000 just to reserve the new trucks, and the company’s full contract value could range from $6.75 million to $8.1 million depending on which trucks they configure.

Walmart Canada says its trucks operate primarily on one-day routes between its distribution centers and stores. Tesla Semi’s product range is expected to easily meet most of their needs. The company expects to be able to phase out diesel trucks faster by adding the Tesla Semi to its fleet, which aims to be 20% electric by 2022.

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