Tesla semi obviously started in pre-series

Tesla semi obviously started in pre-series-started

2022 was last on the plan when it was about when the Tesla semi is going to run from the band. This will probably also be the case. However, in much smaller quantities than before planned. Boring vehicles are currently already manufactured in the Giga Nevada. The series production should then only start from 2023, but then in the Giga Texas near Austin.

After this this 2017 presented and announced for 2019, there was always shifts in the schedule. Already in June 2019, we had to report by a relevant delivery shift. At that time it was said, “What concerns the Tesla Semi, the automaker has recently confirmed that the production of the electric semi truck has moved to the next year after it was planned for 2019. Musk became a little more concrete and announced that you are looking forward to the Tesla Semi against “end 2020” in production.”Thus, it was already foreseeable that the Tesla semi will come to the street later than planned. Most recently, it was considered that he starts in the second half 2021 in the series. Meanwhile, we are known to arrive in 2023 with serial production.

The Twitter user “Sawyer Merritt”, who observed the factory in Nevada, has not only filmed the vehicles, but have – own indication – confirmed by an internal source at Tesla confirmed that in the building with a “limited production” begun would. The pre-series vehicles should not only be used by Tesla himself, but also with the first major customers, in the context of a practice testing. At the end of September 2020, US trading giant Walmart, for the Canadian market, an order over 130 Tesla Semi. At the beginning of November of the same year follows with an order over 150 Tesla Semi, with option to increase the number to 500, the next big order. This was also made from Canada from the Pride Group Enterprises (PGE). Other customers would certainly have interested in the use of e-trucks.

If the American manufacturer actually succeed in the first Tesla semi models to deliver before the end of the year, one would also adhere to appropriate statements in the submission of the business figures for 2020 in January of this year. This plan was last moved backward due to the missing 4680 cells.

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4 thoughts on “Tesla semi obviously started in pre-series”

  1. It’s just as always, in the end, Tesla – Applaus Applaus – but you will not be vulture from Time Magazine to “Man of the Year”
    But of course, the Tesla Hater look completely different – be the drum.
    Do not bet Against Elon &# 128578;

  2. I believe it only when delivered!
    Nevertheless, I feel that it will soon be so far and that makes me happy.

    Because then the topic gets really momentum because others get into force.
    You get the feeling that all other manufacturers leave their time with the production

    Volvo Fe / FL ELECTRIC – should come in series in 2019
    Man Etruck – since autumn 2018 in the test
    Mercedes Eactros – since 2018 allegedly at customers on the way

    Vlt then goes forward.

    In the end, the manufacturers become active only when it goes to their own purse because they lose market shares or sells less vehicles.
    That with new market participants else, they have nothing to lose

    It remains exciting

  3. Tesla is not a startup that makes his first E-vehicle and shifts it again and again, but has been shown with its e-cars for years that it can be great series and now also makes profits.

    The hydrogen faction has no reason for the gladness, because the H2 vehicles are about twice as expensive as BEV and if the FCEV manufacturers want to keep up, then they must either place money on each sold FCEV or at strong steady subsidies at the expense of taxpayers to hope.

    Daimler’s Genh2 Truck: In future H2 colossus in long-distance traffic


    For 2027, the series production of the new Genh2 truck is provided.

    (Source: Electrive.Net – 22.06.2021)

    If Tesla with the Semi Truck 2023 (or 2024 or. 2025) In series, Tesla would still be there earlier than Daimler’s “H2-Koloss”. Where is not sure if Daimler’s H2-Truck 2027 goes into series.


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