Tesla Semi Truck – 800 km range – 20% cheaper than diesel trucks

Tesla Semi Truck - 800 km range - 20% cheaper than diesel trucks-cheaper

In addition to the Tesla Roadster, the Tesla Semi Truck was presented at the e-car manufacturer’s event. Which was actually the main reason for the event. Tesla‘s semi truck is the company’s first all-electric semi truck. According to Tesla, this should offer a range of up to 800 km and comprehensive assistance functions with a cautious driving style. The truck is charged using a megacharger so that the journey does not have to be interrupted for too long when the batteries need to be charged.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla’s e-truck can recharge a good 400 miles, or about 400 miles, within 30 minutes. As a company, you have the choice between two battery sizes, which enable a range of 480 or up to 800 kilometers. Thus, Tesla is clearly about the 500 kilometers of the truck suspected in advance. The range of 800 kilometers in particular makes the Tesla Semi Truck seem interesting for medium-distance journeys, where goods are brought from ports or train stations to large distribution centers or supermarkets.

Tesla Semi Truck - 800 km range - 20% cheaper than diesel trucks-truck

The tractor unit of the semi truck is powered by four independent electric motors on the rear axles. It goes from zero to one hundred in just five seconds. This means that the Tesla Semi Truck accelerates faster than the BMW i3. It takes a little longer when fully packed: it then takes 20 seconds for the sprint. The maximum speed is said to be 104 km/h, more than sufficient for a vehicle in freight transport. Similar to the smaller Tesla models, there should also be special charging stations for the semi truck. The already mentioned Mega Chargers are based on solar systems, or as Elon Musk puts it: “The Semi Truck is powered by the sun.”

The Tesla Semi Truck is also said to be able to drive autonomously, but this has not yet been fully confirmed. Still, there are some interesting connected features, many of which are bundled into the Tesla app. This includes a display with maintenance information, diagnostics and a delivery communication system. In connection with the term autonomous driving, one can certainly name features such as a mechanism that keeps the truck on track, an automated braking system and a feature that can prevent the truck from swerving and buckling.

The Tesla Semi Truck will be available from 2019. As for the price, Musk only said that it was at least 20% cheaper than a diesel truck, with all the bells and whistles.

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