Tesla Semi: When will the electric tractor unit finally come?

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Reports point to an imminent introduction – again just baseless rumors?

Tesla Semi: When will the electric tractor unit finally come?-unit

The Tesla Semi will be produced from 2019, and the new Tesla Roadster is available from 2020: The announcements by Elon Musk at the presentation of the electric truck and the fast-paced sports model in 2017 sounded really good. So far nothing has come of it. The semi (pronounced "Semmei"), however, indicates that it could still start in 2021 – finally.

Among other things, Teslarati now reported that the Tesla Semi could come soon. Already in March 2021, Tesla investor Sawyer Merritt tweeted, citing a supplier, that Tesla had booked a technical facility to work on semi-components:

Around the same time, Tesla was posting job vacancies related to the Semi. Additionally, Tesla said on its fourth quarter 2020 conference call that the Semi will start before the end of 2021. Just empty words again?

Reports also suggest that Tesla is already building manufacturing facilities for a pilot production of the Semi in Nevada, allegedly near the Gigafactory. The series version of the truck is to take place in the new Gigafactory in Austin (Texas).

A recent report from Electrek claimed internal sources have confirmed that drive axle production for the Semi is already complete. The final assembly is currently undergoing a final troubleshooting. Sawyer Merritt claimed in late June that several components for the Semi that are produced by suppliers had now been approved by Tesla. Despite the departure of long-time Tesla manager and semi-manager Jerome Guillen in June should the project progress well:

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Tesla Semi: When will the electric tractor unit finally come?-tesla Farizon AD21: Tesla semi-competitor with replacement batteries

Unlike "normal" automakers, Tesla publishes almost nothing as a press release. Tweets from Elon Musk and YouTube videos about new products are still more or less reliable sources. In addition, we often rely on rumors when reporting. Even the properties of Tesla models that are already on the market are not officially named, but the press relies on YouTube videos from Tesla owners who are trying out the car themselves.

Whether the rumors about the semi are true remains open until Elon Musk comments on Twitter or holds an event. But the reports are reasonably promising. We are eager to see what happens. Because from the semi, Elon Musk has Unveiling in 2017, true miracles promised.

Here you can see the 2017 event for the Tesla Semi and the Tesla Roadster in the video:

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