Tesla shifts new roadsters to 2023

Electric racer with rocket drive

Tesla shifts new roadsters to 2023

Tesla shifts new roadsters to 2023-shifts
Tesla Tesla Roadster 2: Sign of life from the pushed up 400 km/h-e monster

The fact that Tesla is postponing the introduction of new models is nothing new. Now it also hits the prestigious roadster, who should actually jet on the streets since 2020 – and literally.

With the new edition of his roadster, Teslas promises the most extreme sports car of all time-with Formula 1 acceleration and a new type of air pressure for curves, which should give the open car a cross acceleration never there. But fans have to be patient for more than a year, because production is now being postponed to 2023. "2021 was a year of crazy supply chain bottlenecks, and even if we had 17 new products, that would not use anything because they couldn’t go to the customers", Twittering CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday.

Tesla Roadster: Two seconds at 100

According to Tesla, the battery racer should accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in two seconds, even more than a second with nozzle drive. It should also be more than 400 km/h and – if of course not at this pace – achieve a range of 1000 kilometers. Actually, Tesla had the Roadster 2.0 want to bring on the market as early as 2020. It remains to be seen whether Corona and delivery bottlenecks are actually responsible for the shift or technical problems have occurred. Financially speaking, the volume models Model 3 and Model Y are much more important than the roadster for Tesla. But the car for Tesla is quite significant for the image of the technology leadership in the E-area.

In 1.1 seconds to 100: Video shows the hammer acceleration of the new roadster

Tesla shifts new roadsters to 2023-high level pace range electric

Site In 1.1 seconds to 100: Video shows the hammer acceleration of the new roadster

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5 thoughts on “Tesla shifts new roadsters to 2023”

  1. Reichwete!?
    A high level of pace and range at the electric car fit together like fire and water, i.e. a … A high level of pace and range at the electric car fit together like fire and water, so not at all. A test with a Tesla Model 3 has shown that this vehicle is stranded after 60km with empty batteries at full throttle. There was a Porsche Cayenne Turbo with 450PS, 90 liter tank and 265kmh V-Max, at least 150km during the test. Only that with such a vehicle the tank is full again in minutes, apart from the benefit of the high pace completely.

  2. Super station !
    Raket acceleration in combination with the best autopilot of all time. If that won’t be a seller…. Oh, one does not yet exist and the other is more of a advertising work or a beautiful name.

  3. I would
    yes, the range at 400km/h interests. If the roadster has a range of 1000km at a normal consumption of 20 kWh at 100km, it should only be 15 km with an estimated performance of 1300 kW for 400km/h.

  4. Oh
    Now I understand how they "calculated" … 1000/(1300/20) = 15. Unfortunately, KW and KWh are not the same. Your result is therefore not 15 km but 15 km x h, whatever that means ..

  5. Yes / Yes
    Wait what really comes out when the car comes. In any case, they are undisputed king. Tesla wants to advance with the roadster in dimensions that are very difficult to control. With such accelerations and especially top pace, everything really has to fit. Such misconceptions as that "Autopilot system" you can’t allow yourself there. Quite apart from the fact that 400 things do not make sense for the combustion engineer, it is twice nonsense with an electric car. Simply because the e-car faction is very happy to position itself with environmental friendliness. Such acceleration and speed excesses do not really go with it. The feasible should be demonstrated much more about range and low consumption.


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