Tesla steering wheel tears off while driving: the driver turns to Elon Musk

"Really disappointed"

Tesla steering wheel tears off while driving: the driver turns to Elon Musk

Tesla steering wheel tears off while driving: the driver turns to Elon Musk-tesla
Twitter/Jasontuatara Tesla steering wheel tears off while driving: the driver turns to Elon Musk

In England in a Tesla Model 3, just one month old, the steering wheel fell while driving. Nobody was harmed in the incident, but the owner of the electric car is understandably "really disappointed" From California car manufacturer.

The travel agency Jason Tuatara was amazed: on a trip through his hometown, the English seaside resort Blackpool, the steering wheel of his brand new Tesla Model 3 fell off. The 43-year-old Tuatara was on the way back from shopping with his husband when the almost incredible happened. "Just when I drove back into our entrance … The steering wheel just fell off!", he reports to the New York Post.Shocked, Tuatara immediately put a tweet on the Tesla CEO Elon Musk, including pictures. "@elonmusk The steering wheel has fallen off today! I’m concerned that the rest of the car will also fall into pieces! It can be examined why this happened in a car that is just over 1 month old? #Teslaserviceissues", wrote Tuatara on the short message platform Twitter.

The loose steering wheel was not the first problem of the Englishman with the US car maker: "We originally had [the car] on 9. September ordered", Tuatara told the New York Post and added that he had wanted a Tesla for eight years. "We were repeatedly told that the car would be delivered next month, but the car just didn’t show up. This happened every month until the end of February, when we were finally informed that the car would only arrive at us in May or maybe even later."Also interesting: German car bosses already know that: Elon Musk ends up for his company in jail?In the end, Tuatara was able to pick up his Model 3 at least ‘at the end of March. "We couldn’t drive much because the Lockdown had started, but still managed around 340 miles [547 kilometers] – including some trips in which my nephews and my niece were sitting in the car", the concerned Tuatara explained.

On the day of the incident "we drove about 20 miles. Fortunately, the [falling of the steering wheel] at the end of our journey happened. It literally hung on wires in my hand. I was completely in shock. My man […] Shouldn’t have believed if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes."

Wagen was exchanged within one day – incident should be examined

After Tuatara had contacted Tesla, the representative of the company was "very surprised to hear what had happened. The lady said she had never heard of it before. The car was picked up within 90 minutes and a one -year Jaguar was borrowed as a replacement car. I was surprised that it wasn’t a Tesla, but apparently this was all the company had".

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Tesla steering wheel tears off while driving: the driver turns to Elon Musk-wheel

Site Polestar 1 in the test: Volvo’s hybrid breeding broken with 600 hp is really as economical

The next day the travel agency received his car back – with a firmly attached steering wheel. "Tesla confirmed to me that the steering wheel was not screwed correctly with the body of the car and that they examine what happened during production", said Tuatara. However, trust is still and Tuatara "really disappointed" From Tesla.Suitable for the topic: Pensioners buys used-tesla with 350.000km: German expert shows all defects"I’m slowly sitting behind the steering wheel, and Tesla assured me that it is still the safest car that you can buy in the UK and that it could impossible to happen again. But my trust has been completely shaken by this incident", says Tuatara. "I can’t afford to buy another car […] I am currently not making any money to book vacation for people."The New York Post turned directly to Tesla regarding a comment on the incident, but so far no answer. Site also asked Tesla and is still waiting for a statement from the company.

Consumer Reports also briefly stroked two Tesla models from the list of recommended cars

Tesla is still a very young company compared to the established car manufacturers. Accordingly, there have been complaints from Tesla customers from time to time: reproached paint and scratch already when delivered, uneven distances between the panels and jumped rear windows were the problems that were most frequently mentioned in a survey by Bloomberg under Tesla buyers.

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Tesla steering wheel tears off while driving: the driver turns to Elon Musk-tears

Cameraone For the equivalent of 1000 euros: Ukrainian will build its own electric car in three months

In February last year, the influential US consumer magazine Consumer Reports took the Tesla series Model 3 and Model S from its list of recommended cars after complaints about the quality and processing of the electric cars. In November 2019, the two series were then added to the consumer report’s recommendation list – after a survey was able to prove that the problems in later series could largely be parked.Other Tesla drivers also complain here and there about the processing quality of the cars. On the Reddit news platform, for example, an ex-Tesla owner complains that the Model S compared to its new Audi e-tron unfinished and out of date "extremely cheap" feels. So far, however, at least there were no further reports about steering wheels that loosened while driving.Model 3 is considered one of the most successful electric cars on the market. Site has already tested the cheap Tesla. You can see the conclusion in the video.This article was written by Tobias Stahl
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14 thoughts on “Tesla steering wheel tears off while driving: the driver turns to Elon Musk”

  1. Tesla
    Whoever buys such a box is to blame. Quality has never been the strength of the AMIs whether everything in cars or boats was pretty cobbled together.

  2. So so,….
    …So it is known that Tesla has problems with the manufacturing quality! Quite succinctly your comment Herrpfister when you consider that this quality of production costs human lives, or. can cost! But at Tesla, everything seems to forgive in certain circles!

  3. Tesla
    In many comments, Tesla is mocked… If the development continues as in previous years, nobody will soon mock over Tesla – but perhaps about the level of development of German cars, which could remain behind Chinese e -cars even. A good indicator of who is in the back race is the development of the share prices.

  4. You have to learn that first
    Passionate fan base. Burning cars. Autonomous driving with death consequences. New car with worst workmanship. An offended company; If someone claims to be returned and returned their vehicle on the basis of applicable right, he is denied the purchase of a new car for a long time. Now also a steering wheel that loosens from its fastening while driving. The sum formation of all of this is called "Tesla". It’s great what is still to be done with customers today. Customer dating instead of customer orientation. You can get jealous of having to do without the automotive torture chamber. I ask for admission.

  5. Right Mr. Saaman!
    At some point nobody mocks over Tesla because Tesla is away from the window! Nothing in the quiver in the small and compact car segment, but these vehicles are ideal for city and short traffic, in the long-distance area in 10/15 years from the fuel cell! Success will have companies that are broadly set up, but Tesla will lose because their vehicles are no longer needed!

  6. Tesla is esoteric,
    American traffic safety authorities have long had Tesla on the monitor. It is striking how quiet it is in Germany in this regard. If a German manufacturer z.B. VW with an annual production of 10 million vehicles as quality as Tesla with 400K vehicles, VW needed neither diesel scandal nor corona crisis to doom. Why Tesla is still so successful is due to the charismatic Elon Musk . If you z.B. The contributions from Tesla buyers to this article read the impression. It is a sect trailer and not consumers.

  7. Better to buy an Audi
    Incredible how the German press is looking for the hair in the egg in the Tesla, and forgets your own fatal accidents…

  8. You’re right !
    You’re right ! I prefer to buy an Audi than to turn a Teslas into the botany and then to the Nirvana with a prudent steering wheel !

  9. People people
    The guy tears off the steering wheel in the middle of the journey, a not exactly subordinate security component, and the Musk explains that he was disappointed. As long as it is so unexploded, you shouldn’t be surprised if companies pull their customers through the cocoa in the nose ring in the nose ring in the nose ring.

  10. VW
    It lights up easily via Tesla. But reports on the same production errors at VW is silent. After 2 months I had a total failure of the digital cockpit. No speed, no display and the automatic immobilizer is also not to be unlocked. Particularly great on the highway…

  11. Oh well,
    If the automatic immobilizer could not be unlocked, there was no danger; Then they didn’t get on the highway either.

  12. Not just a steering wheel
    Half the car in the rain has also fallen apart as already reported and often it is security -relevant incidents that are simply not allowed to occur. Tesla does not build cars but rolling computers with superakku…

  13. Yes. Around,
    Such a steering wheel is no longer needed in Tesla with the world’s best autopilot. Already violently what you are going on there. I have never heard of any manufacturer of a fallen steering wheel before. That says everything about the understanding of quality at Tesla.


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