Tesla vice “Semi”: Pilot production should start in June

Tesla vice

Tesla has introduced his electric saddle tractor in 2017 – and actually in 2019 first copies of the “Semi” should be delivered. But this did not get anything so far. In a letter to orderer, Tesla has now confirmed the construction of test vehicles with technical improvements as well as charging with services in the megawatt area. This reports the magazine “Teslamag”.

A fixed date for deliveries is therefore not mentioned. However, Tesla boss Elon Musk had said in January, fundamentally could be built – but there are not enough batteries for the E-trucks. According to rumors, the pilot production near the Battery Gigafactory of Tesla and Panasonic in the US state of Nevada should still be started in June.

Teslamag cited from the letter to the purchaser. Accordingly, Tesla has built several new test semis at the end of 2020, which differ externally from the previous ones. According to the manufacturer, they were redesigned under the tin even more. The most important changes have been technical updates of vehicle architecture and drive, it is called – with the aim of increasing range, efficiency and reliability. Tesla continues to be confident that the values of 300 miles and 500 miles mentioned in the presentation. The higher value equals 800 kilometers.

The mail therefore also contained a confirmation for very fast charging options. Already before, in this context of new mega-chargers, the speech – especially since Tesla is involved in the company-based union of Charin, which develops a standard for superfast truck shop. The Charging Plug from Tesla designated as MCS Connector (Megawatt Charging Solution) is currently the only one who could offer such a fast charging solution.

Hope for a speedy delivery First Tesla Semi to customers, however, does not make the update rather. In the “coming months”, the new test vehicles should first be extensively tested, it says. As a “final” location for production, the Gigafactory still under construction had been confirmed by Austin / Texas.

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4 thoughts on “Tesla vice “Semi”: Pilot production should start in June”

  1. Tesla will, despite all the proprietary calls – as before, always – deliver!
    Some critics except the timelines has little substantial arguments – but like that, since I do not need a semi, I do not care if he is 2021, 2022, or later in mass production.
    But what will happen in the market, it may be curious.
    Time wants Tell &# 128521;

  2. What should happen? In the end, an electric car is a car and an electric truck is a truck. So the established manufacturers will retain the biggest piece of the pie. Because it’s about fleet contracts and leasing rates. There is Tesla in Europe and Asia – as at the company car. During the truck you do not even have the grace of the early birth. For all others are already there and have finished their vehicles finished.

    But they wait, test only in small quantities. In August, quota buses must be introduced in the EU. From there, the base pocket numbers referenced to the truck for the cost-sensitive logistics business. Especially since you can realize a small multi-proceed for electric transport. Because “Green” will deliver important since sustainability as a corporate goal a default.

  3. The Tesla Semi looks great. After the battery tests, it would be well suited for an innovative FC electric drive for the long-distance. I believe that from Tesla can still be considered many rethinking …And Nokia is a leading supplier of rubber boots

  4. Well, the Tesla now finally brings the semi.
    But where it is accepted in the car area due to which a vehicle defects is presented, then (faster) service in the NFZ area is one of the most important arguments.
    Driving companies will not accept the denounced poor service of Tesla (as in the car area). The margins are so small, which makes a standstill, whether you make profits or losses.
    I’m curious how this developed.
    There is still a lot to do, we wait.


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