Tesla vs Volkswagen Group: is VW really catching up?

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A comparison of the global sales figures since 2020

Tesla vs Volkswagen Group: is VW really catching up?-catching

In recent years we’ve heard that the Volkswagen Group should be able to catch up and overtake Tesla in all-electric car sales thanks to an offensive tactic with many different brands (including VW, Audi, Porsche, Skoda and Seat).

With several brands, plants, several new platforms, including the MEB, and many new electric car models, the VW Group should be able to significantly increase BEV sales – at least that is the argument. Let’s look at the numbers.

Tesla reports 241,300 deliveries in the third quarter of 2021, while the Volkswagen Group sold around 122,100 all-electric cars (including a small number of commercial vehicles). This fits in with the fact that the Tesla Model 3 will be in Germany in September 2021 was only just behind the VW Golf.

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A plus point for Tesla: They are apparently not as affected by the lack of chips as the Volkswagen Group, so the delivery times are correspondingly shorter. But back to comparing the two companies: we have data for previous periods that allow us to visualize the results and calculate the difference.

Tesla Deliveries vs Volkswagen Group BEV Sales – Q1 2020 to Q3 2021

Tesla vs Volkswagen Group: is VW really catching up?-tesla

As we can see, Tesla has a considerable lead over the entire Volkswagen Group. They were actually never close together. Most recently, the difference in BEV sales was over 119,000, and it has increased since the second quarter. However, it was similar in size to Q1 2021.

The relative difference seems smaller because the Volkswagen Group can sell more than half of what Tesla sells. In 2020, it was typically between a third and half of what Tesla was selling.

Nonetheless, the data does not support the thesis that the Volkswagen Group will soon overtake Tesla – not even in 2022. They are both growing. We’ll have to wait and see if there is really a trend in the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first half of 2022 that will gradually bring Volkswagen‘s EV sales comparable to Tesla’s.

Tesla vs. Volkswagen: Tesla vs Volkswagen Group: is VW really catching up?-really Tesla Model S Plaid in the Test: A "One Trick Pony"

Tesla vs Volkswagen Group: is VW really catching up?-tesla VW ID.4 Pro Performance Max (2021) in the everyday test

It’s too early to say that Tesla will stop being the leading maker of electric cars, especially since the company has two new, high-volume plants almost ready to go into production and ramp up.

However, Volkswagen has more new models in the pipeline, such as a kind of electric Passat and the production version of the ID. BUZZ, just to speak of VW. They are also planning to launch an entry-level electric car below the ID.3 by 2025 by type of study ID. Life. A broader model portfolio in the future, while Tesla is currently only working on a smaller Model 2 is working. However, this car could pose a serious threat to the VW ID.3.

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