Tesla wants to build the Model Y in Grunheide from November

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After the start of series production, 5,000 cars are expected to be built per week, maybe even 10,000

Tesla wants to build the Model Y in Grunheide from November-wants

There are hardly any rumors that Tesla will receive general approval for the plant in Grunheide in November Elon Musk says that the production of the Model Y could start in December. For the announcement, the Tesla boss used the inauguration ceremony of the factory on Saturday, as reported by Bloomberg.

The first cars should even roll off the assembly line next month, said Musk on the company premises near Berlin. The start of series production would, however, be a long time coming.

Musk hopes to finally get the green light for the Gigafactory in the coming weeks. After the end of the public participation phase on October 14th, the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment wants to make a decision.

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"Starting production is nice, but mass production is the hard part," said Musk. "It will take longer to go into series production than it took to build the factory."

Once started, series production should amount to 5,000 or maybe even 10,000 cars per week. With 50 working weeks, that would mean 250,000 to 500,000 vehicles per year. According to Reuters it should even be 5,000 to 10,000 vehicles per day. The latter would mean 1-2 million cars a year with 200 working days – that’s probably a bit over the top.

Tesla Facts photographed an information board in Grunheide, according to which a Model Y body can be built every 45 seconds. That would correspond to more than 600,000 cars per year, assuming 10 percent downtime:

In addition to car production, Tesla is planning In Grunheide there is also a battery cell production facility. Series production of the cells should begin at the end of 2022, according to Musk. An annual capacity of 50 gigawatt hours is planned here. That would be enough for 50 million 100 kWh batteries. Tesla would also exceed the capacity of the planned VW battery factory in Salzgitter (40 GWh). Musk, however, expressed concern that they might not find enough employees for the factory in Grunheide. Those interested in a job from all over Europe should therefore apply to Tesla.

More about the Tesla Gigafactory in Grunheide: Tesla wants to build the Model Y in Grunheide from November-grunheide Tesla factory in Grunheide should receive final approval

Tesla wants to build the Model Y in Grunheide from November-wants Tesla’s battery factory in Grunheide could be ready in two years

Tesla invited 9,000 visitors to a fun festival on Saturday, with residents of the state of Brandenburg being preferred. At the festival, the factory was open to the public for the first time. The fans and residents could ride in the Model Y, a factory tour was offered and of course Elon Musk gave a speech in which he was celebrated like a pop star.

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