Tesla wants to roll out Full Self Driving Beta V9 from tomorrow

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Autonomous driving system is still a beta version, stresses Elon Musk

Tesla wants to roll out Full Self Driving Beta V9 from tomorrow-full

Tesla boss Elon Musk responded in the early hours of the morning on Twitter in response to questions from fans, confirming that the introduction of version 9 of the autonomous driving system Full Self Driving (FSD) starts this weekend. Musk made it clear that FSD V9 will be rolled out this Saturday, not just the Saturday after.

Tesla fans have been waiting for the new self-driving update for months, which, as always at Tesla, will be installed via the over-the-air update. But the introduction was probably also delayed by the fact that Tesla canceled the radar sensors on Model 3 and Model Y – in favor of a purely camera-based approach.

But now "Beta 9" is to be uploaded on Friday at midnight Californian time, as Elon Musk announced by tweet yesterday, Thursday morning. However, the Tesla boss explicitly emphasized that it is still a beta version

As a result, other Twitter users asked for more detailed information. But instead of answering which week Musk meant, he simply wrote "Saturday". There is a Saturday every week, but it seems that the coming weekend is meant:

However, it remains to be seen who exactly will receive the update. A user named Jeff asked about the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the download button for the general public, so he wanted to know when the new software could be downloaded by anyone. Elon Musk replied that it depends on how well the limited beta goes, but maybe in a month it will be:

If we understand the tweet correctly, that means: From tomorrow, Saturday, the pre-testers will receive the new software. If they don’t have any major problems with it – spectacular crashes, for example – then all Tesla users can receive the update, but at the earliest in mid-August. So the real start is still a long way off.

Elon Musk has repeatedly announced the introduction of fully autonomous driving at Tesla, but the announcements have always proven premature. As reported by InsideEVs USA, Musk wanted to introduce FSD in 2018, then in 2019 and finally in 2020. And now, in mid-2021, there could be a beta version soon.

A week ago, Elon Musk admitted that he had underestimated the difficulties of autonomous driving. He responded to a tweet from a Tesla user who had renamed his Model 3 "Two Weeks" – alluding to Musk’s announcement that FSD would launch in two weeks:

More about full self driving: Tesla wants to roll out Full Self Driving Beta V9 from tomorrow-tesla Tesla‘s "Full Self-Driving Beta" when turning left unprotected

Tesla wants to roll out Full Self Driving Beta V9 from tomorrow-driving Tesla’s Full Self Driving Beta is slated to start in the second quarter

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