Tesla wants to save costs and drives out deliveries down

Tesla wants to save costs and drives out deliveries down-costs

Tesla was at the end of September before the “most intensive delivery week of all time” and has done true miracles. In the 3. Quarter 2021 were a total of 237.823 Tesla and 241.300 hand over to your purchaser – which contributed to a corresponding result. For the fourth quarter of 2021, Tesla-CEO Elon Musk does not expect such wonder performances. On the contrary, its employees should focus on minimizing delivery costs. The accelerated delivery of E cars to reach the quarterly goals still seems secondary.

According to a mail from Musk, one should focus on keeping the costs for deliveries as low as possible. Accordingly, unlike usually towards the end of the quarter – not all resources should be exhausted to achieve the quarterly goals. Thus, while the manufacture and delivery of their own stromers should continue to be pushed further, but not at any price. Specifically, this does not mean overtime and no additional set temporary temporary workers. Musk demanded the Tesla employees in the CNBC available e-mail to introduce themselves instead, the term quarterly end would not exist.

MUSC wool with these measures probably prevent the E-Automobile manufacturer from unnecessarily costing costs which are estimated by a slightly better delivery result. However, the advantage is marginal, as these final prongs, over a longer period of time, do not mean permanently increased deliveries. On the contrary, money is spent, which you can save and employees would not be burned too much. From the fact that the lack of chips and other accessories inhibit production, Musk wrote nothing in the current e-mail. But already in the past to understand that demand are over the production.

With a view back on Q3 / 2021 shows: from Tesla Model 3 and the Electric SUV Model Y left 228.882 copies The factory halls, 232.025 vehicles were delivered. If you take a look back, turns out that for the previous delivery record in Q2 2021 with 201.250 vehicles significantly the model 3 and Model Y were responsible.

By 2019, almost every third electric car on Europe’s streets was a Tesla. At the beginning of 2020, the supremacy started to dwindle. Meanwhile, the American car manufacturer picks up and takes an important position on the European E-Car Market. Tesla completed the first nine months of Europe car market as the second largest e-auto brand. With 112.500 new registrations in the region, only 4.100 units behind the brand VW. And also for the coming quarter, according to E-Auto Analyst Matthias Schmidt, it does not look so wrong.

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5 thoughts on “Tesla wants to save costs and drives out deliveries down”

  1. When I wrote here a few months ago that a drug delivery was inefficient, I became from the usual suspects.
    Now Prophet Elon (SAW) says the self and it becomes truth.

  2. good this way…
    It does not need every year records for compulsion ..
    The come from even if you have good staff.

    I would be glad if Elon Musk really got it …

    It remains exciting

  3. I have on 20.3. a black M3 ordered, on 30.3. I got a red M3 handed over and saved 1000 € extra charge. Also, one wanted to rave a car from another store for me. I think these actions wants and you can save yourself. More is not there to interpret. Besides Tesla‘s selling anyway, like witch, whether the quarter is good or bad, whether the hatred is rising on E cars, no matter, Tesla increases prices because of unbroken demand.

  4. What was on the 18th.11.2021?

    Heading: “Solid battery batteries will be the end of the lithium battery according to Elon Musk”

    https: // youtu.be / jmh_xdfouaq . What happened now?


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