Tesla year 2021: Profit, sales and outlook

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Tesla year 2021: Profit, sales and outlook-sales

2021 was the “year of breakthrough” for Tesla, as they objected to the announcement of the figures of 2021 on yesterday’s announcement. Looking at the full year 2021 shows that Tesla 936.172 vehicles deliver and 930.422 E-vehicles could produce. Compared to the whole year 2020, this corresponds to an increase in a whopping 87 percent, which is also reflected in profit.

The annual report underlying the figures is a GAAP surplus for 2021 in the amount of $ 5.519 billion, which is 665 percent more than in 2020. The Free Cash Flow was 31 on the deadline 31.12.2021 5 billion dollars. For the automobile manufacturer, above all, the fact is relevant that a large part of the profits come from its own business. The revenue from CO2 certificates, which had brought about two and a half years ago the first quarterly profits, amounted to $ 1.46 billion in 2021 (-7 percent to 2020). Thus, even without revenue from the certificates, a profit of around four billion dollars would be on the paper.

Billion profits – with massive increases from quarter to quarter

Tesla total sales in 2021 estimates $ 53.82 billion, plus 71 percent to $ 31.53 billion from the previous year. Of the $ 53.82 billion, the auto division contributed $ 47.2 billion to the dollars. The growth of the brand, however, is only visible if you risk a look at the quarterly development. In Q1 / 2021, it was added to 438 million. Dollar profit, followed by 1.14 billion. in Q2 and 1.62 billion. in Q3. In the last quarter of the year were then 2.32bn. Dollar profit written.

Negative on the profit, two bookings in connection with the remuneration of CEO Elon Musk impacted. This is well known from November 2021 its options from a 2012 bonus program, for which Tesla had to pay taxes according to the information in the report 340 million dollars. Furthermore, you’ve returned $ 245 million because MUSK in Q4 fulfilled the last two operational conditions for the 2018 succession program.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, Tesla achieved an adjusted earnings per share of $ 2.54 and thus exceeded the expectations on the market slightly. Sales amounted to 17.7 billion dollars. Also higher than analysts had previously predicted $ 16.6 billion on average. It equals an increase of 65 percent compared to Q4 2020.

“There should be no doubt about the realizability and profitability of electric vehicles. With an increase in our deliveries by 87% in 2021, we achieved the highest quarterly operating margin under all volume OEM, based on the latest available data, which shows that electric vehicles can be more profitable than vehicles with internal combustion engine “, says Tesla in his annual report. It can also be found in this that the operating margin at 14.7 percent, in the fourth quarter, was 12.1 percent in the full year.

Production and software for 2022 in focus

2022 The American car manufacturer wanted to focus on production and software. The goal is to increase the “production as soon as possible, not only by the startup of production in new factories in Austin and Berlin, but also by maximizing production in our established factories in Fremont and Shanghai”. This is necessary because Tesla assumes that “competitiveness on the electric vehicle market is determined by the ability to add capacities across the supply chain and to up the production.”

The utilization of its own works is in focus – so that they also earn money in the future and not only costs. For the Gigafactory Texas, it became known that from the end of 2021 was started with production, the deliveries should start after final approval. For Grunheide, Tesla still gives the equipment tests. “We are still to conclude the production permit of local authorities, which will enable us to deliver vehicles produced in Germany in Germany. These first vehicles are built with 2170 cells.”

For the Chinese plant, which is to continue to act as a global export stroke, Tesla does not necessarily increase the volume, but lower the production costs per vehicle and stabilize the supply chains. For the other Gigafactory, the production volume is planned to continue to drive up. The outlook of the annual report indicates that over the horizon of several years the deliveries to increase by 50 percent wool. Electrive.Net has extrapolated: 2022 discontinuation quite exactly 1.4 million units (and thus about the magnitude of Audi), 2023 would come to 2.1 million vehicles – quite exactly the value that Mercedes-Benz Cars has achieved in 2021 (2.093.476 cars).

In Puncto software, the focus 2022 is on the full self-driving software (FSD): “Over time, our software-related profit should improve our overall stentability. More importantly, FSD is a key component to improve automotive safety as well as to further accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy through a higher utilization of our vehicles.”

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  1. I say: Applaus applause for Tesla and lure me now smiling back, and leave the field the egons, Marks and Brains. this world &# 128521;

  2. So without CO2 trade Tesla has earned about 4 billion in 2021.

    Such sensational messages benefit from the fact that most do not compare the numbers, or. can.
    So that this is rather, here a few ad hoc compiled numbers to German manufacturers:

    Good 11 billion. € profit made the VW Group in the first Half-year 2021.
    Good 11 billion. € profit made BMW in the first 3 quarters 2021.
    Nearly 11 billion. € profit made Daimler (Mercedes) in the first 3 quarters 2021.

    Considering that market capitalization (value of all shares) of the three German corporations is much smaller than the market capitalization of Tesla, then one can imagine in which irreparable amount the price of the Tesla share is floating.
    This is also reflected in the stock yield, which is even mining even with these ‘giant winning’. Even in by far the best 4. Quarter, Tesla achieved a stock return of 2 in accordance with Article.$ 54 for a stock of CA. $ 1000, so a return of approx. 2.5 per thousand.

    Also pure mathematics: with 4 billion. Profit for almost 1 million. Vehicles result about $ 4’000 profit per vehicle. This is a good value in this business, but still significantly less than in Germany the taxpayer pays to every Tesla sold.

  3. These facts are facts and can not be discussed away by PR by PR. Tesla makes definitely much right … very much. More than many others. Congratulate and continue so!


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