Teslas Giga Shanghai achieves production capacity of 450.000 e-auto year

Teslas Giga Shanghai achieves production capacity of 450.000 e-auto year-shanghai

Teslas Giga Shanghai has reached a milestone in the beginning of this month. The annual production rate is now at 450.000 vehicles of models Y and 3. The always with good information supplied Twitterer @ Ray4tesla, gave in his last tweets to understand that the production capacity can be assumed that production capacity is 500.000 Electric cars can rise when production continues to rise in this pace.

Last year Tesla had the goal, 500.To deliver 000 cars – mainly supported by the Tesla Model 3. Tesla has achieved this goal and will even exceed this year. There are even considerations that Tesla could produce a million electric vehicles in 2021. In purely mathematical, this would be possible. With the Meanwhelme on the market Tesla Model Y also a further growth driver for its own paragraph.

Finally, in a few years, it should be possible that alone the Giga Shanghai could drive a million e-cars from the band; as Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, mentioned at the Annual General Meeting 2020 in a secondary clause. Half would be currently almost managed. Together with the Tesla Giga Texas and Giga Berlin, the three works should definitely reach this rate of production.

If you look at the past quarter, the following picture shows: from the Tesla Model 3 and the Elektro-SUV Model Y left in the last three months 204.081 copies The factory halls, 199.360 vehicles were delivered. If you throw a look back, it turns out that for the previous delivery record in Q1 2021 with 184.800 vehicles exclusively responsible for Model 3 and Model Y. In 2. Quarter is the production of Model X and Model S again started, if slow. In the message at the second quarter, Tesla returns 2 again.340 built and 1.890 delivered model S / X, which flow into the statistics.

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  1. Respect Tesla. I’m always surprised how many people spend so much money for a car. But the success gives him right. Too bad the model 3 is a sedan and the model y over 60.000 costs. Then I would slowly tend to Tesla. Where the cockpit always remains in the eye for me a mandrel. Now you can call me old-fashioned or not but I like having a button or knob for climate, seat heater or volume. Best negative example The new VW. Earlier VW was very operator friendly. Now probably even Tesla operator is friendly. I am here for functions that are regularly used as the keys or rotary controls which can also be used intuitively while driving and a tacho would do Tesla well. But with the production and when in the future the quality is true Tesla good chances of deciding the premium market for itself.


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