Test: Audi A6 3.0 Diesel: New pinstripes

Test: Audi A6 3.0 diesel

New pinstripes

Test: Audi A6 3.0 Diesel: New pinstripes-test
Audi also relies on lightweight construction in the A6

Test: Audi A6 3.0 Diesel: New pinstripes-diesel

Test: Audi A6 3.0 Diesel: New pinstripes

The upper middle class-at least in Europe-is dominated by the German triumvirate Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6. The Ingolstadter is currently offering the latest product, because the A6 has only been on the market since the beginning of this year. For the test, we ordered the pinstripe suit among the variants offered in this business class, which of course can only mean: limousine instead of station wagon and diesel instead of gasoline engine. Because if you buy a vehicle from this segment, you are undoubtedly a lot and usually quickly on the move.
The question of which diesel dies it should finally be was quickly answered. Of the three diesels offered, we sorted the 2.0-liter with 130 kW/177 hp despite good driving performance and low thirst because of its only four cylinders as not appropriate. And made between the decision whether we should take the stronger or the less potent on the two 3.0-liter V6, we chose the weaker, but by no means weak version with 150 kW/204 hp. And at least saved us 3.100 euros surcharge for the 36 additional horses in the top motorization.
For this, our test car had the double clutch transmission "S Tronic" and the permanent all -wheel drive "Quattro" on board. Together, this results in a wonderful combination of strength, dynamics and efficiency on the drive side. The somewhat rough diesel pulls through the speed basement, after all, its maximum torque of 450 Newton meters is already 1.250 rpm and stretches this tip to a plateau, which is only 3.000 rpm shows back down the valley. The seven -course double coupling changes the gears automatically or by hand via switch paddling as usual as usual, if the gentleman wants to put on a training suit in needle strips in the evening.
In everyday life, the engine even educates it for a relaxed driving style and makes it easy, at least close to the standard value of 5.7 liters per 100 kilometers. Our test consumption of a total of 7.1 liters is also okay, because on motorway sections we often could not resist the beefy power of the six -cylinder to quickly implement it into propulsion. Start-stop is of course part of the standard equipment in this as in all variants of the A6.
In addition to the consumption of favorable consumption in view of the displacement, cylinder number and driving performance, the relatively low weight of the A6 also contributes. The empty weight of 1.720 kilograms was primarily due to the generous use of aluminum u.A. At doors, bonnet but also on chassis parts such as cross -beams reached. In total, 20 percent of the construction from aluminum. Together with other diet measures, the A6 weighs up to 80 kilograms less than its predecessor depending on the design selected. This is a different world in the auto industry.
Sovereign driving performance, a balanced chassis that is somewhat too tight for some situations and the quality and tangible quality, as always, make up the charm of this vehicle. And then there would be the look. Especially by reducing the front overhang by 8 centimeters, the new generation of the A6 is now much more dynamic on the street. The long bonnet and the tornadoline lying over the entire side set special accents.
Is the new Audi A6 the better 5 or the better E-Class? It speaks for the quality of this three -way fight that the two slightly older models hardly drop off compared to the Ingolstadt. Which model you choose will continue to have to do with personal brand affinity, because as always the measurable distinguishable distinguishes.
All German products are of course also the sovereign pricing. In the A6 in the version we drove, i.e. with all -wheel drive and double clutch transmission, the basic price is already 48.100 euros. Extras such as navigation (from 2.380 euros), Xenon light (1.180 euros) or one of the leather equipment almost essential. We liked this test car, similar to BMW, especially the head-up display (1.380 euros) particularly good. The colored, razor-sharp-mirrored information on the current speed, for the permitted top speed or the navigation notes are more than a gimmick, they are primarily a real safety gain, since as a driver you have to practically no longer look at the view of the Take the street.
It is very pleasant in the German business class and the new A6 does not have to hide behind the products of the other two premium brands. In terms of drive and quality impression, Audi sets the yardstick, but if you want to drive particularly comfortably or prefer the somewhat closer -cut custom suit, for which Mercedes or. BMW still an alternative.

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