Test Audi A8 with V8 diesel and 850 Newton meters


The incredible power of the great Audi engine

Test Audi A8 with V8 diesel and 850 Newton meters-diesel

In Germany, the Audi A8 is in second place behind the Mercedes S-Class among luxury sedans. This is followed by the BMW 7 Series, the Porsche Panamera and the VW Phaeton.

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The Chancellor may drive the right car, but she certainly drives the wrong engine. Your twelve-cylinder has no chance against Audi’s current V8 diesel in a crucial discipline.

E.In some circles it is frowned upon to talk about numbers when it comes to automobiles. It quickly comes across as an engineer, even know-it-all, and it is difficult to be remembered as a charming conversationalist when your own vocabulary consists mainly of digits. Sometimes, however, there has to be a bit of numberdropping – if only to give an outwardly rather inconspicuous car the standing it deserves.

The misfortune of the Audi A8 4.2 TDI (hui, there were already so many numbers in the name), the misfortune of this massive, visually restrained 5.13-meter sedan (oops, again), means: the real tragedy of this What is daring is that its most important number affects most people little to nothing.

Because many do not know what is actually meant by torque, it does not mean anything to them if the Audi achieves an incredible 850 Newton meters in this discipline. Eight-five-zero, you have to search a long time to find something comparable beneath the 40-tonne tractors.

Unique in this price range

So: Every child knows horsepower – a lot of horsepower means high performance, and in the end the car will presumably be very fast. But: Newton meters, the measure of torque, stands for the force on the way there, and therefore for elegance and sovereignty. Let’s look back at the recently completed Tour de France: A cyclist who can rely on the thighs of his thighs on the mountain, who doesn’t have to shift down – he will conquer his opponents with unnerving nonchalance.

In the car, such nonchalance not only helps the person behind the wheel, but above all its passengers: Because you can always feel good torque (very sensitive people believe they recognize it even when maneuvering), because even the slight intermediate acceleration from, say, 80 to 110 km / h without excitement, but without fail, the passengers of the mighty Audi are pleasantly impressed. When trying to achieve maximum performance, on the other hand, passengers are more likely to be afraid.

And if only this connection becomes clear, then everyone who has 94,800 euros in one of their accounts can think about spending it. Because in this price range this car with these characteristics is unique and particularly recommendable.

It starts with the sound. Although the 4.2 TDI is a diesel (how else could it have so much torque?), It doesn’t mumble around stupidly, but stands idling on the road with a recognizable V8 noise. Diesel, turbo, eight-cylinder – no wonder that this car develops enormous pressure from the low revs.

Let the beast off the leash

It’s actually strange that the Chancellor doesn’t drive exactly this A8, but the rather ostentatious twelve-cylinder, which doesn’t suit her at all. But Audi does not offer the TDI in the armored version, although its enormous torque also perfectly matches the considerable extra weight of the car. The security versions of the new generation introduced in 2013 are also only available with gasoline engines, this time twelve and eight-cylinder, 500 and 435 hp, 625 and 600 Newton meters – no comparison to the pressure of diesel.

Anyone who indulges in the A8 4.2 TDI on the autobahn and simply lets it roll will hardly notice the engine noise, it is more of a subliminal breathing, and the eight-speed automatic is pleasantly inconspicuous. This A8 seems far removed from the brand’s sporting aspirations, but you can also kick a beast off the leash.

Thanks to the traction advantages of the all-wheel drive, it is not embarrassing if you want to move really fast (then with the full power of 385 PS). And a 0 to 100 sprint within 4.7 seconds with such a 2.1 ton truck is always an experience. Not discreetly, not confidently, of course, but definitely something to tell.

As with all Audi models the steering is a bit more difficult to move and maybe a bit more getting used to than with the competition with rear-wheel drive. But in the A8, which is as long and as heavy as it is, this is less noticeable than in the A6 or Q5, for example.

Still perfection in workmanship

The spring-damper coordination is beyond most doubts – less litter-like than in the new S-Class, but even in the luxury league there must be room for interpretation. Audi likes to have it a little more defined, some say: tighter. You should try whether you like that before transferring the 94,800 euros mentioned, but the A8 is by no means bone dry and hard.

The workmanship and material quality of the Audi interiors have left little room for debate for years. Here, of course, the top model sets the standard, and even if it is currently trendy to accuse Audi of a certain lack of imagination when it comes to design: others have to create an interior like this first.

Admittedly: 94,800 euros are not enough for the test car, and the hilarious giggling of the rear passenger (maybe one day the daughter-in-law) at the massage seats may cloud the judgment. In any case, they are just as little part of the standard equipment as the precious wood laid in the style of a boat deck on the center console and much more. The test car cost around 140,000 euros and offered what Audi‘s interior designers had to offer, so it was better than good – you can confidently deduct a dash or two of enthusiasm for the production version.

Nevertheless, the A8 with the big diesel, which consumed only 9.7 l / 100 km in everyday life (factory specification: 7.4), is an impressive automobile. Compared to the new S-Class and what you can already see in computer retouching of the future BMW 7 Series, its rather undecided design may set it back a bit. But there are enough customers who are like our Chancellor: just don’t attract attention.

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