Test breakdown at Tesla: Auto Pope Clarkson can give full throttle as he wants


Auto Pope Clarkson can give full throttle as he wants

Test breakdown at Tesla: Auto Pope Clarkson can give full throttle as he wants-test

He is the most famous car tester in the world: Jeremy Clarkson. His reports are unflattering for some manufacturers, especially not for Tesla. The roadster fell during the test 2008 through

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The electric racer Tesla Roadster ran out of juice on the cult show "Top Gear". Auto Pope Jeremy Clarkson had pounded him hard. Maybe too hard? The test drive now ended in court.

E.t is the horror of every car manufacturer: his car is put through its paces in a test drive – and fails. This is what happened to Mercedes when the A-Class overturned in the Elk test, and Toyota when the GX 460 SUV got out of control during a test drive.

Now the American electric sports car manufacturer Tesla had to accept an embarrassing setback that the auto test pope inflicted on him personally: Jeremy Clarkson. The world famous BBC reporter, ("Top Gear"), Known for its humorous test reports and the lovable, rude pace, the Tesla ran as hard as usual on a test track. Kickdowns in which the test car was accelerated so violently several times that the tires squealed, continuous full throttle and extreme cornering.

At the wheel of the Tesla Roadster, Clarkson made his judgment: “It looked like the Tesla was something wonderful. But then … “In the video you can hear the sound of a dying engine, and in the next shot, Clarkson was at the wheel of the broken-down car. "Oh. Although Tesla claims a range of 200 miles, it stopped on our test track after 55 miles, ”said Clarkson, teasing. "And if it breaks down, it takes a long time to fill up again." His team had to push the roadster into the maintenance hall.

Also in a dispute with the New York Times

Tesla didn’t think the movie was funny. Not only did the entire electric mobility experience a severe setback after the test that was carried out in 2008, Tesla founder Elon Musk put the damage to his company at four million dollars. Two years ago, the US manufacturer filed a lawsuit for damages and accused the BBC of insulting and making false claims.

The test result was falsified and the report was defamatory because Clarkson assumed Tesla to deliberately mislead potential customers of the Roadster. Judge Moore-Bick at the London Royal Court could not accept this argument and dismissed the suit. The Top Gear spectators knew that the cars at Clarkson’s “drag races” would be overly strained and that everyone could tell at first glance that the car would not be driven on a normal road like this.

Tesla, darling of the automotive eco-movement, threatens further adversity. A test driver for the New York Times recently had a very similar experience as Clarkson with the new Model S and even had to be towed. In a post he described how his test car ran out of power after around 40 kilometers on a test drive from Washington DC northwards. Tesla states a range of over 400 kilometers. Tesla claims the test was tampered with.

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