Test drive BMW 750i (E32): King of the Drangler: This 7 Series became Mercedes for the first time

Test drive BMW 750i (E32)

King of the Drangler: This 7 Series became Mercedes for the first time

Test drive BMW 750i (E32): King of the Drangler: This 7 Series became Mercedes for the first time-drangler

25 years BMW twelve cylinder: When the 7 Series BMW did the S-Class to

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann (Munich)

Tonight BMW is showing the new 7 Series – the old rivalry to Daimler flares up again. Almost 30 years ago, BMW brought the twelve cylinder in the 7 Series. Mercedes was shocked. The fight for the left motorway track was so dogged that BMW even planned a 16-cylinder.

"It’s a sin!“Sang the Pet Shop Boys in 1987. But can performance really be sin? So you prefer to protrude the stereo cassette in the BMW 750i up to "With or Without You" from U2. And glides relaxed over the highway. The twelve -cylinder engine murmurs, the level regulation is ironed smooth. BMW had decided: only with a twelve cylinder could you play at the forefront in the 80s. The right song of the Hitparade 1987 comes from Starship: "Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now" – nothing can stop us.

The star wipe out

At that time, the Munich -based company was bursting with self -confidence. With the 7 Series of the E32 series, a car had finally been launched in 1986, which was able to drive the arch enemy S-Class the rank. The first 7 Series had been a success, the second a hammer strike on the Mercedesstern. But BMW wanted more: The first German series twelve-cylinder engine since the Second World War should present Mercedes with accomplished facts.

In this S-Class you feel like Helmut Kohl

Test drive BMW 750i (E32): King of the Drangler: This 7 Series became Mercedes for the first time-drangler

Site In this S-Class you feel like Helmut Kohl

The twelve gives 300 hp from five liters of displacement. The two cylinder banks stand at a 60-degree angle, the forged crankshaft is stored seven times. Even according to the standards of today’s twelve -cylinder in the current 7 Series, the unit is calm in the E32 and sovereign. Silk -soft, as usual from BMW. In 1987, the Munichers promoted the coins placed uphill to the engine block. But when you step on the gas, the V12 lets the macho hang out with a sonorous buzz. 7.4 seconds for the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h. That the new 760i needs almost three seconds less – free of charge. Finally he has six liters of displacement, 544 hp and turbocharging.

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Electronic gimmicks

The first 750i was of course a milestone in 1987, and from the engine to the cockpit the rule was: everything was only at its finest. A lot of polished wood and bright walk-Nappa leather delight the eye, the T-shaped lever of the automatic transmission is also made of wood. Of course, this cannot hide the fact that the gearbox can only distribute the V12 power with four gears. A manual switching function or even switches are in vain, but at least there is the "AGS" switch: the "adaptive gear control" ensures faster switching processes in sports mode. The EDC electronic damper control was also new at the time.

James Bonds Agenten-BMW with cell phone control

Test drive BMW 750i (E32): King of the Drangler: This 7 Series became Mercedes for the first time-king

Site James Bonds Agenten-BMW with cell phone control

Meanwhile, the C-Netz telephone from Siemens is parked in the center console, also a child of the 1980s. One wonders whether there is an old man somewhere in a dusty basement – like the last knight of the round table – and is waiting for him to get a call from the C network. But the listener is of course dead, more than 10 years ago the forerunner of today’s mobile phone network was discontinued. The operating instructions of the device, which was then sinfully expensive at the time, sound almost prophetic: “The phone calling while driving is not prohibited according to the current law, but in the event of an accident, this can be taken into account when assigning the guilt."
In 1987, managers were able to make their stock transactions without fear of a fine at full speed and meanwhile the left motorway track cleared out. The extra-wide BMW kidney still ensures that there is enough overtaking prestige, which absorbs cool air for the V12 like a greedy predator for the V12.

Better price-performance ratio for used

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10 thoughts on “Test drive BMW 750i (E32): King of the Drangler: This 7 Series became Mercedes for the first time”

  1. Long-stroke Jaguar twelve cylinder
    Yes, the Jaguar twelve cylinder, also a classic….Does anyone happen to have the relationship between … Bore to stroke of this long -stroke motor ready?

  2. The good E32
    That was a really nice BMW. Very elegant and sporty. However, I liked the six -cylinder better because they had the narrow kidney. So the car came less showy. At that time they were superior to the S-Class in every respect and were even able to outperform them in the sales figures.

  3. The Kings of the Drangler have been driving for a long time
    none "State bodies" more from Stuttgart or Munich. The self -proclaimed emperors and kings of and to the left lane and the horn of the light today drive tax -saving cars from Ingolstadt or Wolfsburg. Pulps are by no means equivalent to engine power, or the professional status that has already been achieved, but an expression of what you would like to achieve professionally. In other words, if you already drive at the very front in pole position, you no longer have to push, you will be pressed.

  4. That’s the way it is
    The same is my perception. Note: There is a Rowdy in every Audi ! Although this is also just a cliche, reality comes very close.

  5. I am fully satisfied with my 5 cylinder
    one for each seat. However, the Daimler Benz, BMW is too dubious for me. My W210 E270cdi has only 170PS, but can also bring 400 kilos of apples to the distillery, transport two refrigerators or washing machines, or just bring a party of 5 people to the mountains. BMW once campaigned with the slogan:" There are companies that build trucks and cars, we build aircraft and cars". My cars from DB last much longer than those from the aircraft manufacturer.

  6. Mr.doctor
    You can only hope that you understand more about your subject because you obviously do not know anything about cars thanks to the Daimler glasses on your nose.The BMW 750i E32 is one of the best quality cars that have ever come to me.And I’ve been a professional in the oily business since the early 1970s.As my previous speaker correctly said, they compare a lower class of all things that have known all experts with this absolute luxury car.The fact that the E32 is so good is simply because BMW has done it in order to finally leave the S class significantly behind.Even today, some of the E32 V12 drive around with astronomically high km on the speedometer to which you can hardly believe the number because they are still so fit.I use a Japanese.

  7. Everyone is talking about "Downsizing",
    And even powerful compact and mid-range cars are currently being switched to fairly small turbo engines, but for many drivers, many cylinders seem to be an indispensable status symbol. What leads to this that you build 8-cylinder, which by cylinder shutdown most of the time for fuel savings only on 4 "Pot" to run. However, if the what is technically quite complex – this happens that all 8 cylinders are used, but only every second work in the cylinder is used for combustion, then this is harmless to the engine. Some manufacturers simply switch off either every second cylinder, or – still simple – they just use a series of cylinders. This is thermally not healthy for the engine block.


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