Test drive of the Ford Mustang Mach-E 4x AWD – a report

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Test drive of the Ford Mustang Mach-E 4x AWD - a report-mach-e

There are vehicles in the world of cars where you only have to mention the name and everyone – I emphasize everyone, also non-autocurnist – gets big eyes. Often satisfies only one symbol or a sign and you immediately connect a very specific vehicle to it. So you also make astonishment, if you suddenly stand with such a vehicle in front of the door and it does not quite correspond to the pictures that you have been in mind for decades. So it’s everyone who gets this certain a car in the current issue for the first time.

Ford has dared to promote your sports car icon mustang in the future and rebuild it from scratch. The new Ford Mustang Mach-E drives electric and from the Tieffwerer became a SUV. Now the old Mustang disciples become the nose, because high-legged a Mustang never came around the corner. The Zeitgeist – or are we rather say the sales figures – speak for a SUV, if you do not want to have no niche vehicle in the future. Nonetheless, this new version of a mustang polarizes, just a different way.

Test drive of the Ford Mustang Mach-E 4x AWD - a report-fordMarkus Gust

His full name actually expresses what Ford wants to achieve with this vehicle: Ford Mustang Mach-E 4x AWD. A mustang with the entry of a nozzle jet – only electrically and on all fours. In German: an electrical SUV with Mustang genes. Well, the Mustang has always generally had much Horsepower under the hood, but electrically exposes that this 560 nm paired with 351 hp immediately on 4 wheels occur and provide for propulsion. Although Ford reins the Mustang at 180 km / h, but nothing comes from nothing and that’s why you’d rather be in bridle, because a lot of power in collaboration with a lot of weight (empty weight 2.6 tons) and large end face (SUV) mean not only Bad CW value, but also high consumption. Also a battery with 100 kWh comes to its limits in a consumption of 30 and more kW / h.

Ford Mustang Mach-E 4x AWD and the charging column turnout

The Mustang has just under 100 kWh Battery, which can effectively use 88 kWh. How generally is now known to be known, you should load any e-autakku between 20 and 80%, as it has the best efficiency here. We test our vehicles mostly at the HPC of Maxsolar, Schmidhamer Str. 22 in Traunstein, because you have a very good charging indicator with a capacity of max. 150kW has. Incidentally, that’s the same charging power to create the great Mustang (the little one has Max. 115 kW).

Beginning of the store at a good 20% SOC, which corresponds to about 18 kWh. After a good 2:30 min, the performance rose to a good 119kW, which the Mustang brave up to almost 50%, then on Ca. 100kW to sink. With a good 75% it was still 80kW and at exactly 80% came the expected abrupt performance drop to protecting the battery. 14kW remained left and the previously absolutely precise time forecast of the computer on the 15.5-inch display told us that it would take another 2.5h up to 100%.

Test drive of the Ford Mustang Mach-E 4x AWD - a report-testMarkus Gust

In the end, this means that the Mustang from 20 to 80% overall 55kWh has loaded in 36 minutes at an outdoor temperature of 29 degrees and thus is already very close to the data of a Tesla. Of course, these are currently available, the white of factors such as temperature, battery status etc. depend. I think the values but very impressive, as the Mustang held the individual strengths very stable and not much fluctuations were to be seen. Gratifying is the fact that anyone who has already driven a Tesla feels quite “native” at the Mustang – which is probably ..

Something should be mentioned: a lot of what you already know of Tesla has been changed in the Mustang to the benefit. These updates in conjunction with the retrofoles from the shelves of other Ford models make the Mustang for changeover and newcomers interesting. Example Tempomat: Oldschool – 2.Screen with the most important data (except the painfully missing recuperation values): Future. Likewise displaceable icons on the screen (such as the new plaid) and oldschool: engine hood opener manually in the footwell.

Sound generator for the driving steps for those who do not want to do without Krach and stylish-blue charging cable with two blue puffles for cleaning (you are looking for in vain for other companies!). Who looks exactly finds even preparations for the upcoming autonomous driving, such as Z.B. The sensor strip directly on the steering wheel. That there are sensors are not discovered only when photographed the bar and the things are flashing red ..

Intelligent is the chess train with the front camera, which automatically turns on when you come to a barrier when parking with the nose. Also impressive is the 360 degree camera, which is looked at the screen as a virtual drone. Only absolutely unnecessary is the monochromnavi, whose dissolution is more in the 50s and probably represents a savings measure – due to the fact that this Navi is hardly anyone more in this time: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Connections are of course available and Google Maps immediately projected onto the HD + screen.

Summary of the test drive or the coolness factor

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is a real cruiser. This means he loves highways with speeds between 80 and 100 km / h, in addition with the certain bum from below to get past with power to trucks or wild motorhome vehicles. Comfort is then capitalized when it comes to the typical American attributes like air conditioning, sound or place.

You are actually missing only seats, which also keep one in sharp curves and are also sovely / sacrificable for Central Europeans on long stretches, technology, which is not always resetted on every start as a Zappelphilipp called lane support assistant or the “Auto” function of the Air conditioning, with which you can breed ice cubes. Serenity is also advantageous in this vehicle if the behind is aware that a Mustang drives in front of him and he would definitely want to photograph the Mustangsymbol at the rear while driving.

Test drive of the Ford Mustang Mach-E 4x AWD - a report-mach-eMarkus Gust

Or you have to push the freely hood several times with all the strength until you finally stay. Although a galloping racehorse is decorated as a recognition feature, the Mustang radiates a certain coolness. Maybe that’s why he knows that he is unique and it remains. For all other E cars from Ford have in the future Wolfsburg Gene (MEB platform) and are not from the USA. I am and stay Mustang fan and I’m looking forward to the GT, the end of the year will come – because there is the coolness factor even bigger. HOWDY GRINGO

Our special thanks are deserved by Karl Schaffler by Ford Schaffler from Traunstein, the passionate E-car enthusiast and provided us with the vehicle. The employees of Max Solar Ladelpark, which support us passionately in processing the data from the HPC load test. This expertise is simply unique

As already mentioned, this test is our very personal opinion. The fact that a Teslafaher sees many achievements of the foreign factories unlike a freshman from the burning scene requires no explanation. The team of the reufuzzer blog is still an honest opinion sought, as Tesla is not completely perfect, even if other companies like to claim this.

Markus Gust Is the author behind “reufloubles of something other e-autoblog”. In his current article he lets us participate in his experience with the Ford Mustang Mach-E 4X AWD.

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4 thoughts on “Test drive of the Ford Mustang Mach-E 4x AWD – a report”

  1. Empty weight 2.6 tons

    There will be the BEV critics Walking so if such an e-heavyweight of Ford with great fine dust emissions through mature abrasion drives every diesel to the wall – thanks for this environmental sow.

    For e-cars should actually be at max. 2 tons of. A 100 kWh battery is available as a light version with less than 600 kg. The e-motors are in the foreseeable future by about 75% lighter.

    The British electric motors manufacturer EquipMake has announced to develop “ampere” under the project name “Ampere” to develop its weight-based permanent magnet engine in the world. The only 10 kilograms of heavy aggregate should be at 30.000 revolutions a power of 220 kW / 299 hp ignite, which corresponds to 20 kW / 27 hp per kilogram. For comparison: Conventional E-engines provide about 5 kW / 7 hp per kilogram weight.

    (Source: Handelsblatt.Com – March 2020)

    Apparently, the legislator must decide a special tax for heavy vehicles, otherwise every progress of the battery and e-engine technology through BEV sheet monster will operate into the opposite.

  2. I always find it very interesting how the “German motorist” outlines over non-state vehicles. Then things are criticized, which are ignored at local models, simply. The one gets over the fine dust abrasion of an E vehicle, although you know that that is mainly caused by gas and causes brakes. And minimal by moving big tires. Especially not if you have been optimized for e-vehicles. Another assembled the laying of hoses under the cover, found out of a Lord, for which only Tesla is a bit. Halblang now. I had German cars, such as Audi and Mercedes in the test I postwended back, because they were “fresh from the factory” simply released in the desolate state on humanity. Audi driver Z.B. do not complain, but simply accept “mistakes” so that it’s just a privilege to drive this vehicle. But that it is life-threatening to expect the type2 or CCS connector to the next rain, is set underwater again, nobody talks about it. Honestly, even if you drive a SUV, with all its advantages and disadvantages, I prefer the electric variant much better than such a vehicle was last millennium. And the Mustang is a polarizing vehicle that will be noted at the latest when you stand on the charging column and does not come to his car in front of a lot of curious. Although Toycan or E-Tron GT also hangs on the hose. Only so mentioned, I have experienced it .

  3. To designate oneself as a Mustang fan, and the Mach-E (quite nice car) as a mustang not at all. A mustang is a coupe but guarantees no SUV! Whether electronically or not does not matter. The marketing man who has heard that has belonged!

  4. In all honor – I’m not convinced of e – cars – whether with 2.6 t or less – so long for the same money for burners no equivalent e car get (performance and range) I will stay with the combustion engine. CO 2 footprint for the production of E – car are a lot higher than conventional vehicles. Used to a diesel, you could drive up to 60000 km . And finally “What happens with a remembered battery” They must also be recycled !? The energy effort for this is just not little! And that has to happen by hand, as each manufacturer has a different design . Appears everything to buy an e car – enough charging station missing – electricity net is not expanded – jobs are lost – electricity is still too expensive and will also be more expensive if Germany is dispensed with conventional power generation . Politics would like to turn everything to good, but for me that’s just Bla Bla Bla Bla all only words ! Climate is a global problem, and Germany alone can change nothing, and does not get award as a pioneer ! Only the laughter from other countries are sure that through our actions and do your economy and prosperity can increase !! We have to make something climate – but not on this path – the whole concept is not fully intended (finally a house does not build a house either of the roof to the basement) so your young climate activist … Instead of going to the street to draw attention to you … researches and develops the technique that is missing us all fun to save the climate – and does not feel that life is only “offered – forbidden and renunciation”


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