Test drive Rolls-Royce 102 EX: Luxury body with an electric motor

Test drive Rolls-Royce 102 EX

Luxury body with an electric motor

Test drive Rolls-Royce 102 EX: Luxury body with an electric motor-test

Rolls-Royce 102 Ex: Silence in motion
So quiet that you hear the clock ticking while driving. This sentence symbolizes the qualities of a Rolls-Royce. Seen in this way, an electroline would only be the logical consequence. Test drive with a single piece.

A century had to go before the Spirit of Ecstasy was allowed to think back in the future. Jubilee Emily, who, in her eventful life as a gallion figure, showed the way for every powerful grille of a Rolls-Royce, has put out her metal dress and wears a blue glowing, transparent LED robe on this occasion. Charles Rolls would have been happy because after a hundred years there is again an electric superluxus limousine that is wearing the double-R-emblem: the 102 EX. However, behind this brittle marking is a research vehicle that is to explore the possibilities of the elekro drive based on the Rolls-Royce Phantom for a brand, the former eight and today’s twelve-cylinder engines are praised primarily for your quiet run.

E-engines with the equivalent of almost 400 hp

This phantom experimental Electric (EE), as his creators call it, simply describes respect for an aristocrat. Nevertheless, the weight room under the irritatingly long hood is not dominated by the 6.75 liter V12 ottomotor, but by two electric motors with a maximum output of 394 hp. There is also a battery pack with a record -breaking capacity of 71 kWh. The phantom’s e-heart beats strongly. However, the rolls are not particularly difficult. Werner Zagler, one of the development engineers who worked on this ecologically unealed Rolls-Royce at the headquarters in Goodwood in English, does not notice without pride: “The 102 EX is just 100 kilograms heavier than a fully stunned conventional phantom."
The weight and space requirement of the new drive technology are more irrelevant to a four -door luxury liner, which is enthroned with royal 2.7 tons of empty weight on the street. Like the costs for the alternative drive package, which are to be settled beyond the 30,000 euros. As it should be for a Rolls-Royce-and if it may be a rolling future laboratory-the drive for these majestic dimensions was tailored.

Push in Munich

The research traveler had already completed a good 3000 kilometers without incidents before he stopped a stopover in Munich. In his global freestyle, he was not only introduced to journalists, but also brand customers, because the world tour is also about testing the willingness for an e-model from Rolls-Royce. As Russian oligarchs, Hollywoods film mog, Chinese millionaires or sheikhs from the Emirates-to operate the common clientele cliches-react to the 102 EX, should depend on their curiosity to the unexpected.
If one aspect of luxury mobility made in Goodwood is the already whispering engine sound, then this phantom understood the distinguished modest decibels of the petrol engines. You just don’t hear him. In the acoustically insulated interior, the rolling noise is more heard – the future is probably demanding for even quieter soles – or the air conditioning system. At finally finally the ear catches the quiet whisking of the drive.

Power contra moral reluctance

The colossus sets itself in motion with impressive light -footedness. Compared to the conventional phantom, he has another 80 Newton meters more torque and comes to 800 Newton meters. To check the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in eight seconds on the rural roads around Munich Airport, just as little as the top speed of 160 km/h. Finally, the electrified Rolls-Royce is a vehicle from the large British room glider manufactory, in which the hint by slightly tapping the pedal suggests the potential.
If the sight of a phantom itself has rarity, the 102 EX also has a few subtle characteristics that further underline its rank as solitary. Apart from the radiator figure and the iridescent light blue special painting Atlantic Chrome, this Rolls-Royce has a five-pin socket behind the glazed tank cover with RR monogram, which discreetly proves it as a power vehicle. However, an invisible specialty in testing the electroluxus is the induction plate under the floor floor. If the 102 EX would be built, and there would also be garages with the induction counter with a cable connection, then the chauffeur or owner could conveniently operate the power hunger of the vehicle (in at least eight hours) without a cable.

Royal subjunctive

This Rolls-Royce was built in the subjunctive. What could be if you decided in goodwood and in Munich at BMW for electricity operations in the top premium segment, you can already be experienced convincingly in your interior today. With light shimmering carbon panels instead of the noble wood veneer and naturally tanned corinova leather, the designers have interpreted the e-aesthetics. Embedded in this literal greenhouse you can look behind the filigree steering wheel on distinguished ads that provide information about the loading status of the battery and the degree of recovery. The creators of the 102 EX indicate the range with 200 kilometers. Under certain circumstances, the noblesse has to learn to do without electromobility as in the wood class class class. Ranger stress does not match this attitude to life.
It would be really a shame if the Phantom experimental Electric was not built, the 102 EX seems amazingly standard. But the engineers are waving off, his global test program is not a substitute for permanent and hardship tests, not to mention the TuV suitability of the drive-specific components. But: you have to have heard this silence.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe in the test

Test drive Rolls-Royce 102 EX: Luxury body with an electric motor-body

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