Test series logbook: the small mistake of the small Range Rover


The small mistake of the little Range Rover

Test series logbook: the small mistake of the small Range Rover-range

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The Evoque is the beau among all-terrain vehicles. He definitely doesn’t want to lure buyers just through utility.

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Test series logbook: the small mistake of the small Range Rover-range

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The model is one of the most sensational new releases of recent times.

Source: Zollter

Test series logbook: the small mistake of the small Range Rover-series

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If there were a beauty pageant among SUVs, the new Evoque would be a hot candidate for the throne. The roof line slopes down to the rear. The windows are tapered.

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Test series logbook: the small mistake of the small Range Rover-logbook

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Inside, the car looks more like a luxury sedan than an off-road vehicle. However, the space is not too lush in the back seats.

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Test series logbook: the small mistake of the small Range Rover-range

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The driver looks at the steering wheel and displays. The center console is offset on the side with aluminum. Nothing looks rustic in this off-road vehicle.

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Test series logbook: the small mistake of the small Range Rover-range

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The Evoque looks particularly noticeable from the perspective from the back. From here, the roof line and the narrow rear window are particularly noticeable.

Source: Zollter

Good idea: a manufacturer of off-road vehicles shows the SUV manufacturers how to construct an off-road car with dignity. But the Range Rover Evoque is not without problems either.

D.he first reaction is always amazement. Even if the Range Rover Evoque has been on the market for a while and sells well – you don’t see it on every corner, and when it comes around it makes people suspicious.

Because you can tell at a glance which stable this car comes from. And because they noticed at the same time that this car looks far too small for a Land Rover model and, on top of that, far too sporty.

The impression is not misleading: it could hardly be more coupe-like in the area of ​​apparent off-road vehicles. Even if Range Rover is on it and the Evoque is manufactured by Land Rover, it is not a real SUV, but an SUV. More King of the Road than an off-road cowboy. This is exactly what the design suggests with the roof sloping backwards and the very flat radiator grille.

The engine delivers more than enough power

However, it can be even more extreme, the Evoque is also available as a two-door model – for 1000 euros more and with less headroom at the rear. If you drive alone or as a couple, that’s okay, but as a family car, the standard Evoque is the better choice. You can sit in the back to some extent, the trunk holds 550 to 1445 liters, and the workmanship is upper class. The Evoque doesn’t have to hide from Volvo, BMW & Co..

Not even when it comes to the drive. The 2.2-liter turbodiesel with its 190 hp and above all 420 Newton meters of torque has always been a powerful machine. Combined with the new automatic transmission, one first thinks of Italian restaurants – those in the country where you don’t always find a menu. Here you learn two things: firstly, don’t eat bread, because secondly, the number of courses can be very, very high.

Land Rover and its supplier ZF from Lake Constance apparently see it similarly. Both are not suspected of representing the Italian way of life, but they have put nine gears into the car. At first one is surprised, but after a short period of getting used to it, one understands the message, just like with the Italian: The courses are small, each represents a manageable area of ​​enjoyment, and together they form an efficient menu. If you leave out the bread at the table and at the wheel refrain from intervening in the automatic gearshift scheme.

In any case, in everyday operation you have the feeling that the quiet diesel always provides more than enough power. Shift jerks are seldom noticeable unless you really accelerate hard when you start. Then the short translation of the first three gears is a bit annoying, but otherwise it is a good idea. If you drive the smallest Range Rover off the beaten track, it has a lot of power available even at low speeds.

Better than expected off the beaten track

The test consumption of the 195 km / h car was 7.7 liters compared to the standard value of 5.8 but a tad too high – part of the blame for this is the heavy weight of the Evoque, in the vehicle registration the well-equipped test car was listed as 1840 kilograms.

Like the real Land Rover SUVs, the Evoque has the Terrain Response System on board. The buttons on the center console can be used to adapt the switching characteristics, throttle response and the function of the ESP to the ground conditions – asphalt, mud, sand and grass / snow are available.

This means that you can get further away from the roads than you think, even without special terrain reduction – because of the fording depth of 70 centimeters, generous ground clearance (21 centimeters) and sufficiently dimensioned embankment angles. The Evoque can tackle 25 percent inclines without the bow making contact with the ground. This is the same with the rear and a corresponding gradient.

Quite high price level

All-wheel drive is standard in all models with an “S” or “T” in their name, and there is additional power distribution between the two rear wheels, which makes the car more agile when it’s briskly waving on the country road. The suspension is taut by appearance, but not too much, the steering could feel a little less doughy.

Because Land Rover belongs to Jaguar, it also sees itself as a premium brand. You can tell from the price level and the many additional extras that are offered. The Evoque SD4, which already costs 38,200 euros in the basic version Pure (plus 2350 euros for the nine-speed automatic), is still available in the variants Technology (41,500 euros), Dynamic (46,670 euros), Prestige (47,470 euros) and Autobiography (60,150 euros) ) on the side, which have much more luxury to offer. But light alloy wheels, partial leather seats, automatic air conditioning, CD radio, hill descent aid and cruise control can also be purchased with the basic model.

Nevertheless: Compared to the 4.36 meter short Evoque, a comparably large VW Tiguan is a bargain, you simply have to be able to and want to afford the small Range Rover. If that’s not a problem, there are few cars in this category that make their owners happier. Just one wish for the next Evoque generation: the car could get lighter.

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