Test: Suzuki SX4 4×4: District on the go

Test: Suzuki SX4 4×4

Cities on the go to

Test: Suzuki SX4 4x4: District on the go-suzuki
The highlight of the Suzuki SX4 is the all -wheel drive system

Test: Suzuki SX4 4x4: District on the go-district

Test: Suzuki SX4 4×4: District on the go
Since 1980, the start of the LJ-80 in Germany, Suzuki has continuously expanded its 4×4 range. Today the Japanese manufacturer offers all -wheel drive for five of its seven models. In the mini-SUV SX4, the force is also directed to all four bikes on request. A very practical security feature in winter.

To anticipate it: The highlight of the Suzuki SX4 is the all-wheel drive system in which you can switch between two- and four-wheel drive during the trip. Except for an appealing look and agile driving behavior, the SX4 is otherwise more of a mediocrity.
The journey on Nasser Strasse starts at temperatures near the freezing point in the so-called 4-wheel drive car operation (4WD car). As long as the drive moment is only led to the front wheels until the sensors of ABS electronics recognize that a wheel is through or. To turn through threatens. The rear axle is then immediately switched on via an electromagnetically controlled slat coupling.
On the neighboring dirt road, switching into the 4WD lock mode is recommended, which distributes the drive moment in a fixed ratio of 50:50 between the front and rear axles. Even mushy passages can be used up to a speed of 60 km/h. If it goes brisker again, the system automatically switches to the 4WD car operation. On dry road, the change to the fuel -saving front -wheel drive is recommended. The average consumption varies extremely depending on the drive mode. Suzuki specifies 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers for the 1.6-liter petrol engine with 88 kW/120 hp, in winter, under reinforced 4×4 use, this value increases very quickly to a clear eight before the comma.
The SX4 is on the platform of the Swift, which he owes his surprisingly agile handling. The vehicle that is only 4.15 meters long floats quickly in the urban traffic flow, the manual five -speed gearbox is smooth and well coordinated. On the highway, however, there is already an end at 175 km/h. Trips in the top speed range are not recommended in the SX4 anyway. From 140 km/h it gets quite loud in the interior. The target group targeted by Suzuki
Active people with a modern lifestyle who are looking for a vehicle for the city and at the same time appreciate the variability of an SUV, this may not be bothered. Instead, they are happy about the high seating position and the associated good all -round view.
The SX4 is not a cargo space miracle. But for a long weekend with accompaniment, the trunk with 270 liters of capacity, which is not very lavish, is still sufficient in comparison with the competition. There are space for five people in the SX4, but especially in the back seat, the SUV cannot hide its small car gene. The interior also does not set standards, it looks a bit dusty. No wonder, since the SX4 has been on the market for over six years and only experienced a revision in between.
The SX4 with all -wheel drive is available in the "Club" and "Comfort" equipment variants. The basic version "Club" (18.390 euros) has air conditioning, electrical window lifts in front, height-adjustable driver’s seat, height-adjustable steering wheel, MP3-capable CD radio with steering wheel control as well as electrically heating and adjustable exterior mirrors. In the "Comfort" variant we drove for 19.690 euros are automatic climate control, leather steering wheel and a keyless starting system (Keyless Start) series. On the outside, this variant can be seen on 16-inch alloy wheels, fog lights and darkened rear and side windows at the rear.

Suzuki SX4 Comfort – technical data
Five -seated, five -door SUV, length: 4.15 meters, width: 1.76 meters, height: 1.62 meters, wheelbase: 2.50 meters, trunk volume: 270 to 1.045 liters
1.6-liter petrol engine, all-wheel drive, 80 kW/120 hp at 6.000 rpm, max. Torque 156 Nm at 4.400 rpm, 0-100 km/h in 11.5 s, Vmax: 175 km/h, consumption 6.5 l/100 km, 149 g CO2/km, test consumption: 8.4 l/100 km
Price: from 19.690 euros

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