The Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class fear: First details on the next 5 Series BMW

Auto Insider: BMW 5 Series

The Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class fear: First details on the next 5 Series BMW

The Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class fear: First details on the next 5 Series BMW-fear
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design This is how the new generation of the 5 Series BMW, which will be released at the end of 2016

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At the end of 2016, BMW will present its new 5 Series BMW. It slimmed down 100 kilograms compared to the predecessor and is said to continue to dominate the company car premium class. Site reveals the first details about the generation G30.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information decades in the premium top class did not get around the Mercedes e-model. But everything was different with the current model families. The BMW series of 5 drove the competition from Audi A6, Volvo S80, Cadillac CTS and Mercedes E-Class and became a worldwide model of success.

5 Series BMW comes later than the E-Class

The lanes of the current F10 (5 Series) and F11 (5 Series Touring) are large for the successor G30, which celebrates its world premiere in autumn 2016. He has around nine months behind the new Mercedes E-Class of the W 213 series, which is well prepared in Detroit in mid-January on the bright show stage and will be available in April. Around half a year later, i.e. mid -2017, the next Audi A6 comes – with a completely new design from the hand of Marc Lichten.

World premiere Mercedes E-Class in the video

The Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class fear: First details on the next 5 Series BMW-e-class

Site/Wochit World premiere Mercedes E-Class in the video

The 5 Series BMW was also completely newly developed, but is based on its design on the predecessor introduced in 2010 and was lifted in 2013, of which more than 350 annually.000 vehicles from the work in Dingolfing rolled. As with A6 and E-Class, the Chinese 5-series version with a long wheelbase is also a must, which will follow in mid-2017. The combination model Touring is only in demand in Europe. Despite great criticism of the design, the thick 5 Series GT will get a successor at a later date.

Bonds on the 7 Series

In the new 5 Series you will see clear bonds on the current model and the larger brother 7 Series just presented. Compared to the predecessor, the G30 has slimmed down by 100 kilograms and weighs, for example, as BMW 520D under 1.6 tons; The Bayer is clearly ahead of the Mercedes E-Class, which was lighter by up to 70 kilograms. However, the majority of the Swabian detached cure went to the benefit of the new four-cylinder diesel OM 642, which with its aluminum construction already gave up almost 40 kilograms.

BMW 5 Series: The predecessor in the long -term test

Permanent test – the strengths and weaknesses of the 520d touring

The Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class fear: First details on the next 5 Series BMW-fear

Site Permanent test – the strengths and weaknesses of the 520d touring

If the new 5 Series BMW is on the international market at the turn of 2016/2017, it should score in particular with its sporty-dynamic design. The interior from noble to sporty presents itself as well as the outer design. In contrast to the new Mercedes E-Class, the upcoming 5 Series has the problem, that he will not present a real news compared to his big brother 7er. LED headlights, extensive driver assistance systems including functions of the partial autonomous driving, LCD displays, touch, language and gesture control as well as convenience details such as massage seats or heated panels in doors and armrests, as well as the new navigation even with the 7 Series BMW. Thus the 5er can do almost everything that the 7 Series also offers; just a little less noble and smaller dimensioned.

Schrager giant BMW

The Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class fear: First details on the next 5 Series BMW-e-class

Site Schrager giant BMW

Motors from 150 to 600 hp, M5 with all -wheel drive

The engine offer is largely based on the current model of the F10 / F11 series:

  • It starts with the diesel unit at 150 hp 518d, top diesel is the almost 400 hp six cylinder M 550D XDrive With mandatory all -wheel drive.
  • The petrol palette ranges from 184 hp 520i to the 550i XDrive with 450 hp.
  • For the first time, the over 600 hp top model M5 will also be available with all-wheel drive in order to be able to offer the Audi RS6 and especially the Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4MATIC.
  • All engines below the 530 models four-cylinder with two liters of displacement will remain unchanged. According to the current status, all motor variants with eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive will be available as standard on request or in the powerful versions. There will also be a lot of security with plug-in hybrid.

Audis Lamborghini combination with 560 hp

The Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class fear: First details on the next 5 Series BMW-first

Audis Lamborghini combination with 560 hp

How autonomous does the new 5er drive?

The future belongs to autonomous driving – at the moment, Audi and Mercedes are more of the tone in this discipline. It remains to be seen how long the BMW developers under chief instructor Klaus FrOhlich leave the new 5 Series off the leash in autonomous driving. The upcoming Mercedes E-Class will be able to control several minutes on streets with separate lanes without the driver. The current 7 Series BMW calls on its driver to contact steering wheel after around four seconds. The acceptance of such comfort and security function could be crucial in the next few years when it comes to the fleet customers that are so important in this league.

With 200 over the racetrack – and the robot drives!

At 200 km/h on the racetrack – and nobody sits at the wheel!

The Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class fear: First details on the next 5 Series BMW-mercedes

Site/Wochit At 200 km/h on the racetrack – and nobody sits at the wheel!

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  1. BMW Oh fright
    New 5 series without news….Looks old now. Mercedes – always great. Audi – the … New BMW sportiness….sorry….BMW is the most away from that for the name 1x stand. Uninteresting for me….Co -providers are better in every cover…clear!

  2. Yeah
    I see it like many others …. Boredom in the latest generation…. From the outside and even worse from the inside… There is nothing with emotions or modern obtics. .. Good night

  3. thank God
    …Can everyone drive what they can afford and what they like. Nobody is forced. To put a BMW in the garage if he doesn’t want to drive it.

  4. for me unfortunately….
    Again only one facelift, nothing new, not even with the engines. Thank God there is no, as announced, 3 cylinders in the 5er….

  5. What does BMW stand for today ?
    BMW used to stand for slim, graceful cart with excellent design and the legendary row of row. Today what BMW is always identified is destroyed by mejhr. The cars thick and massive without elegance, average brakes, throughout three and four-cylinder engines engines. Unity six -cylinder via control unit modified instead of different luxury frames. No more suction engines just turbos without the flash -like response behavior. Front drive, SUVs . Only two more platforms . Production is getting cheaper and the prices are increasing . Hard plastic and plastic cheese in the interior, rough gap and in the future mouse cinema. Potgious electric cars. no. BMW is no longer.

  6. Pure boredom!
    You can certainly argue about taste… But these boring 5s… Sleeping pill from the outside and much worse from the inside… Always the same outdated stuff… I almost fell asleep at BMW on the IAA with lack of ideas.

  7. nice car
    The new 5 he will be benchmark again, the most beautiful appearance, the best technique and from driving already unbeatable anyway! Audi will not be enough for a digital cockpit 🙂 🙂

  8. image
    The Germans and many others only buy image. In terms of price and technically there are better alternatives. Fortunately for the German manufacturers, a lot is not offered in Europe and Germany. Otherwise the German manufacturers really have a problem. You can argue about design, but you don’t have to. Not everyone likes the gray mice on our streets. They look like many still drive the same cars as 30 years ago and only the body kit changed.

  9. Na BMW, …
    … How will it look inside? Still the miserable orange tranfunzel instruments as for over 20 years? They have not been up -to -date for years and a long way from the premium claim of light years. I expect BMW a combination instrument as in many Audi models or an ambience of blue and white LEDs as in the R models from VW (only better flat share. Premium claim). On the subject "Can offer paroli": After I had a test vehicle of the i8 with my Audi TT RS Plus a few months ago, read: "We need an i9". Now you hear that the i8 should soon get significantly more horsepower. Of course, if you are too stupid to bring the strength to the street, more and more PS into balls. Why the Formula 1 exit at the time? Because you can’t!

  10. 5 Series G30 sets new standards
    @Alfred Koch There has been a digital instrument display at BMW since 2010!This is the alternative to orange. With the new 5 Series, it gets much fancier again and in the new 7er.The 5 Series F10 is at eye level with the new E-Class and with the G30 the Mercedes will fall very back. BMW sets all trends and the others only build.(A6 3.0Bitdi, E220D instead of E220 CDI, HUD etc.)

  11. Langweiler for a lot of money
    Slowly gets one of the impression that the noble automotive farmer is no longer any…. A limousine can no longer be boring.


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