The big cities comparison: there are most black drivers in Germany here

The big cities comparison

There are most black drivers in Germany here

The big cities comparison: there are most black drivers in Germany here-most
dpa Employees of the Kasseler Verkehrs-Gesellschaft control driving tickets (symbol image) in a tram (symbol image)

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Millions of passengers on the bus and train spell the colliery – and are often not caught. A travel portal has determined on the basis of police notes in which cities in Germany most of the black drivers are on the road. Is your city there too?

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information black drivers are not limited to the largest German metropolises. Many particularly many people are pushing around in smaller or medium-sized cities in trams, subways or buses-a study by the portal is coming to this According to the study, the Ruhrpott metropolis of Dortmund belongs to Germany’s black-driving strongholds. “Here the inspectors fought a total of 10 203 black drivers in 2012 alone. This corresponds to 1756 crimes per 100,000 inhabitants and is thus by 201 percent above the German city average, ”said the conclusion of The portal relies on black drivers in urban, regional, municipal and private public transport, Deutsche Bahn, regional trains, bus companies and taxi centers.

Bremen likes to drive black

Frankfurt am Main is in second place in illegal driving. According to the study, a total of 10 656 offenses were reported in the main metropolis. Third place in the black ride ranking goes to Karlsruhe. The fewest black drivers are statistically regarded in Moers (absolute 58, 55 per 100,000 inhabitants), Erlangen (absolutely 75, 71 per 100,000 inhabitants) and Bremerhaven (86, 76 per 100,000 inhabitants). The advertisement in the three cities only moves in the double -digit range. In the 80 largest German cities alone, over 170,000 black trips were reported in 2012. A total of 253.312 offenses.
In the black ride ranking of the federal states, the city state of Bremen is at the top of. “709 caught black drivers per 100,000 inhabitants are recorded here. Hamburg follows with 513 offenses, ”says the travel portal. On the other hand, it is relaxed for black drivers in Brandenburg. Nationwide there were only 132 ads each 10,000 inhabitants.

How big is the number of unreported cases?

The investigation of course has a major uncertainty factor: Many passengers without a ticket are not caught, the number of controls should also be different depending on the staffing and local conditions. Depending on the city and region in the lower single-digit percentage, the black-driving hit rate is in zu. So millions of passengers are promoted “for Lau” and the majority of honest drivers must probably not least be co -financed by increasing ticket prices.
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8 thoughts on “The big cities comparison: there are most black drivers in Germany here”

  1. travel without paying
    Dortmund and Bremen are among the poorest cities in Germany. There are strands in Frankfurt … Dortmund and Bremen are among the poorest cities in Germany. In Frankfurt, many refugees are stranded. It doesn’t take much imagination to imagine that most do not even have the necessary money for public transport

  2. Berlin ?
    What can I say. Berlin is neither top in one nor in the other table. That is surprising and nobody should say that too little is checked, or maybe because of that.

  3. That MAN Z.B. in Karlsruhe…
    …Even when driving a trip for just one station with the tram, of course, is not mentioned. A fair price for bus and train would significantly reduce the proportion of black drivers in my opinion. Then you can save all conversions and additional controls.

  4. Fair would of course be the ideal case,…
    …A dream that rarely fulfills, I agree with you. The better expression would probably be affordable. Whereby fairness is always in the eye of the viewer.

  5. The ONV could make it so easy …
    An almost perfect control or. Pucht system, as z. B. Existed in London. At Ubahnen there is the barrier system, which only leaves the passenger with a valid ID card. And on buses there is only one entry, so you inevitably have to pass the bus driver, which controls the passenger. All of this sounds a bit sluggish and slowly – but everyone who has seen the huge number of passengers in London already knows – it works very well. The problem is, of course, that all subway stations would have to be converted here. However, father state would rather save the money and like to take the few black drivers with them – the exact number is not known anyway and what I don’t know does not make me hot, right?

  6. The ONV (public transport)
    It doesn’t matter.The buses and trains ride anyway and whether someone is more or less in it or stands, the herb does not make you fat. If there are more accounts than passengers, the benefit is zero anyway.

  7. It may be,
    that apples were compared here with pears? In areas with weak infrastructure and little public transport, fewer people naturally become undressed. You cannot use what there is not, neither with nor without payment. In areas with many controls, more people are caught driving illegally than in areas with little checks. It will not be easy to discover black drivers on short distances, so the quota of black drivers will be lower in densely populated areas with many stops. And so forth.

  8. Nonsensical ranking
    What is the purpose of sorting the number of black drivers in relation to the inhabitants? If at all, one would have to count in relation to the entire passengers.


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