The Bio-SUV: The best cargo bike models at a glance


The Bio-SUV: The best cargo bike models at a glance

The Bio-SUV: The best cargo bike models at a glance-bike
© Bosch Last-e-bike: The most important information and the best models at a glance

Not only since the Greens want to redistribute a billion euros in taxpayers to bicycle buyers, Laden-E-Bikes have been popular. They have a lot of advantages, but also disadvantages. This e-bike type is not worth it for everyone. An overview.

The new loads of e-bikes are trendy and look chic-in short: the cargo e-bikes are the SUVs among the electric bikes. Apart from the fact that it is currently in a vogue with an e-cargo bike, the robust electric bicycles are quite a few advantages. This applies in particular if you have to transport heavy or very voluminous things more often. Due to their particularly stable construction, the large loading areas and, last but not least, the active technical support, they promote a wide variety of things from A to B with a cargo e-bike.

Loads e -bikes – that makes the heavyweights so popular

The offspring is usually also very popular with a cargo bike through the area and put them too much on the scales for a few pounds, the Cargo e-bike could also be an option for you. With the usual e-bikes, the permissible total weight is usually around 120 kilograms. A load e-bike easily transports 200 kilograms and more, so not only you, but also your purchases comfortably find space on the electric bike.

Which cargo bike is best suited

The Bio-SUV: The best cargo bike models at a glance-bio-suv

Bit projects Which cargo bike is best suited

You can now get the cargo e e-bikes in a wide variety of variants so that you are spoiled for choice: with three or two wheels, transport options at the back and/or front, with lockable boxes or open loading areas as well as flexible conversion options, for example to tandem if necessary. The Cargo e-bike is the all-rounder among the electric bicycles. In addition, there are now also numerous providers who respond to special customer requirements in particular. also create loads of e-bikes according to your wishes.

Cargo e -bikes – there are these types

As already mentioned, you will get the e-load bikes in the meantime in a wide variety of designs and price ranges. Although even an inexpensive cargo e-bike is very rarely used as a bargain and if so, you should take a close look at the e-bike. With so-called special offer electric bicycles, savings are often made on the battery and the engine. Two components that are even more important at a load of e-bike than with a conventional electric bike.Due to its own weight and the loads, the Cargo e-bike inevitably needs a significantly stronger battery and engine-and in particular the battery is still one of the most expensive components for electric vehicles. The prices for a load e-bike usually start around 3.000 euros and there are basically no limits. Especially since it is not uncommon for one or the other expansion part to be added. Therefore, it is worth considering which electric load bike suits you best in advance. In the meantime you will find many providers who rent cargo bikes and manufacturers and dealers also offer test drives. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the different variants and their typical driving characteristics in advance.

The Bio-SUV: The best cargo bike models at a glance-bio-suv
© Last-e-bike: The most important information and the best models at a glance

Often the loads of e-bikes are so-called trike cargo bikes, i.e. e-bikes with three wheels. Depending on the model, the two wheels are either in the back or in the front area of the load e-bike. Due to the primary task of a cargo ride, three wheels also make sense. The weight can be distributed more optimally and the electric bike is much more stable on the street. However, this applies above all on grade distances, with curves the two-wheeled load of e-bike is clearly ahead. If you often have to cope with winding routes, a two -wheel carator wheel may be the better choice for you. If you usually drive straight away, you just have to prepare for being slow and careful in the curves.There are roughly distinguished three types of cargo e-bikes: Long John, the baker or. Post-load wheel and the backpacker transport bikes. As the name suggests, the transport area and the two wheels in the rear area of the electric bike are located on the backpacker load bike.The two wheels and the loading area are attached to the front of the so -called Long John Model, which has been on duty for over 100 years. If it is primarily about transporting the offspring, the Long John e-load bike is very popular. The kids have a great point of view and in turn they always have the small fields and can communicate with them great. The same applies if you do longer outdoor excursions with your dog.The good old baker or. Post-load bike is not only used to transport heavy load special specials, but also by many things. Therefore, these loads e-bike bring a loading area in the butt and in the front area.

Over 1.000 e-bikes checked: Computer finds the best price-performance ratio

The Bio-SUV: The best cargo bike models at a glance-cargo

Site Over 1.000 e-bikes checked: Computer finds the best price-performance ratio

Electric cargo bikes have many advantages – but not only

The advantages of the load e-bikes are obvious and can be briefly summarized in a few words: you save a lot of money in the long run and by the way you will reduce your ecological footprint. In addition, they do something for their health, move fully in the trend of time and score through environmentally conscious behavior. At the beginning of their career as a cargo cyclist, however, there are quite high costs. A good cargo e-bike is not inexpensive, but use the electric bike consistently and regularly, avoid a lot of unpleasant costs in the long term. It starts with the fuel costs, charging the battery costs you only a few cents, and ends with the parking fees that have now reached astronomical heights. If at least in the warmer seasons, do not use your car as far as possible, a nice sum is already coming together. Of course, the balance sheet looks even better if you do without the second car and use the load e-bike instead. In that case, you save yourself car insurance and tax.Compared to public transport, the Cargo e-bike also cuts off much better. Not only that you save yourself the travel costs, which have also been extremely increased in this area, you also consider more independently with the load e-bike. In addition, the trip is usually much more pleasant than in a crowded train or a slow bus. And last but not least: You no longer have to drag your purchases through the area and wake up with arouses about it. You can also easily transport up to four children with a cargo e-bike. Also with the electric load bike applies that the kids are only allowed to ride up to the age of seven years.

The Bio-SUV: The best cargo bike models at a glance-cargo
© Hase Bikes Last-e-bike: The most important information and the best models at a glance

Nevertheless, in addition to the comparatively high acquisition costs, there is another drop of bitterness. The useful but voluminous transport bicycles need a safe and dry parking space. If you have your own property, this will not be a problem for you. However, if you live in the middle of the city in a rental apartment, it could already be difficult. Even the cargo e-bikes with two bikes are too heavy and unwieldy to carry them through narrow stairwells and the elevator is usually not spacious enough. In addition, the safe parking of the large e-cargo bikes in the city centers can also be quite problematic.In short: If you live a little outside or in the country, the loads of e-bikes can easily replace the second car. However, if you live directly in a big city, there may be some additional considerations in advance and possibly look for a smaller and light cargo e-bike.

These funding is available for loads e-bikes

The bikes have not been subsidized. If only electric cars were originally encouraged, the commercial cargo e-bikes were added in March 2018. The Federal Office for Economics and Export Control promotes the commercially used e-cargo bikes with up to a maximum of 2.€ 500 of the purchase price.

The Bio-SUV: The best cargo bike models at a glance-bio-suv
Screenshot: Last-e-bike: The most important information and the best models at a glance

In the meantime, numerous funding programs for the purchase of an electric load bike have been launched for private purposes. However, the funding programs of the individual federal states, municipalities and cities are not regulated uniformly and sometimes very different. You can find information about this from the citizens’ offices as well as many environmental organizations on site.You should definitely research whether and what funding you may use before buying a cargo e-bike. It is not uncommon for the funding to only exist before buying.

Manufacturers and accessories for electric load bikes

Basically, all known manufacturers of cargo driving wheels also offer the comfortable electrical variant. This includes Butchers & Bicycles as well as Babboe, Riese and Muller, Triobike, Yuba or Urban Arrow. If you are looking for a smaller and lighter load e-bike, for example, the manufacturer Yoonit.In addition, you will find numerous smaller providers such as hare bikes or muli cycles, who also come up with great ideas and also like to respond to special customer requests.Almost all cargo bikes can use extensions to adapt even better to your individual needs. From lockable boxes to cooling boxes to rain or sun protection, special child seats and seat belts, baby seats, additional pedals for a tandem, extra exterior mirror, dog boxes with entry-level aids and so on, everything is basically offered for the cargo e-bikes.This article was written by Kira Welling

Recognize cheap e-bike: You have to pay attention to this when buying

The Bio-SUV: The best cargo bike models at a glance-bike

Site Recognize cheap e-bike: You have to pay attention to this when buying

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