The bmw ix in everyday testing: this is what the future will be like at bmw.

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Review: BMW iX

On the second look

The iX wants to point the way to the electric future of BMW. The futuristic car requires getting used to, but can then convince.

BMW iX: From 98,700 francs.

On the first, short test drive, the BMW iX was not able to fully convince me. But he made me curious. Because the large SUV with electric drive is truly a new chapter for BMW. On a short test drive, you might just not be able to engage with it enough. So it needs to get to know better what has been made up for in the past few days. I traveled more than 2000 kilometers with the Stromer, we cycled together to destinations from Lausanne to Upper Bavaria. The good suspension and noise comfort is noticeable from the first meter, which is what you can expect from an electric car for well over 100,000 francs. At this price, one expects above all: long range and fast reloading on longer stretches. The iX was also able to redeem this. It even manages the stage from Munich to Zurich without having to recharge on the way; After driving 380 kilometers, the on-board computer predicts a remaining range of 90 kilometers. Despite winter tires, temperatures of 3 to 8 degrees and an aerodynamically not exactly optimal SUV design. This is definitely suitable for travel, especially since the battery is 80% full again after the promised 30 minutes, provided you find a charging station with at least 195 kW of power.

The biggest sticking point remains the completely new operating system. Once you get used to it, you’ll find your way around better, especially since the “app tiles” for the numerous functions can be arranged according to your own preferences, just like on a smartphone. Nevertheless, some functions, such as activating the seat heating, remain unnecessarily complicated. It takes several steps through the touchscreen menus until the seat heats up as desired – which causes unnecessary distraction from the traffic. But modern cars, as malicious gossip has it, are like bananas: they continue to ripen when they are left by the customer. BMW also wants to improve the operating system of the iX with software updates that are loaded directly via mobile data transmission. The mechanics are definitely mature.

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