The caddy is going digital

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Not just different on the outside: The new Caddy is based on the new modular transverse matrix from Volkswagen.

The Caddy is going digital

Volkswagen presents the latest generation of the practical panel van

The Caddy is going digital-caddy

The cockpit of the panel van is now fully digital. This means that a number of new assistance systems have also found their way into the Caddy.

For Caddy customers, however, the space available is often more important than technical gimmicks: According to Volkswagen, this has grown significantly, and two Euro pallets can now be accommodated in the long version (Caddy Maxi)..

Clean engines thanks to “twin dosing”

When it comes to engines, the customer can choose from several diesel engines with up to 122 hp, a petrol engine (116 hp) and a natural gas engine. With the diesels, Volkswagen promises a significant reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions. This is achieved by so-called “twindosing”, i.e. double AdBlue injection via two catalytic converters. All four-cylinder TDI engines should already meet the Euro 6d emissions standard for 2021. Unlike before, this also takes into account the emission behavior under real driving conditions. The nitrogen emissions may reach a maximum of 2.1 times the value determined on the test stand, for fine dust particles this factor is 1.5. In general, the new engines should also consume up to 12% less than their predecessors.

The Caddy will again be available in different trim levels, two for the commercial vehicle variant (cargo and station wagon) and three for the passenger car variant: Caddy, Life and Style. All variants should be better equipped than their predecessors. However, prices are not yet known, the previous basic model “Trendline” currently costs 22,530 francs.

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