The car of the future: Mini Vision Urbanaut becomes tangible reality

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The car of the future: Mini Vision Urbanaut becomes tangible reality-vision

With the virtual vision vehicle “Mini Vision Urbanaut“, the Mini brand presented a completely new characteristic of mobility in the form of an innovative space vision over half a year ago. Now the BMW Group makes both the room concept and sustainable materials with a physical model of the vehicle. “We at Mini see it as our responsibility to preserve and develop the characteristics of our brand for the near and distant future. With a view of the future, we have developed an idea with the Mini Vision Urbanaut, as we can bring the mini characteristics, as in this case in the focus, Clever Use of Space ‘in the future of mobility and interpret mini typically, “explains Bernd KOrber , Head of the brand Mini, the basic idea behind the concept vehicle.

At the Mini Vision Urbanaut, the personal space is transferred to the car, which makes the user different possibilities from the urban oasis to the experience of freedom at the moment “Wanderlust”. “The Mini Vision Urbanaut is our idea of how Minis, Clever Use of Space ‘could be an answer to the needs of future cities and lifestyles,” says KOrber.

Oliver Heilmer, Head of Mini Design supplements: “We believe in mini design that the overall concept of the Mini Vision Urbanaut best realizes when you experience it. The sense of space or the innovative materials want to be discovered “. That’s why it has been a great concern from the beginning to realize the Mini Vision Urbanaut as a physical model. “And now it’s finally so far. The model that makes all the facets of the Mini Vision Urbanaut experienced, we have planned and built completely in our Mini Design Studio in Munich, “says Heimmer

Mobility thought beyond driving – The Mini Moments

Mini wants to understand in the future as an enabling and companion for unforgettable experiences – the so-called Mini Moments. Born from the consideration “What do I want to experience with my vehicle?”Make the conceptual basis of the Mini Vision Urbanaut, which also beyond the driving situation. What concretely mean, illustrate the three mini moments “chill”, “Wanderlust” and “Vibe”. Depending on the minimum, exterior and interior change to offer the experience an optimal stage and spatial environment. Furthermore, fragrance, sound and ambient lighting should reinforce the respective basic mood of the mini moment. The transformation of the vehicle in the respective moments will now be experienced by the physical model of the Mini Vision Urbanaut also in reality also.

The moment “chill”, makes it possible to innate and stay in here and now. The vehicle becomes a retreat, serves the relaxation or also concentrated work. While the rear seat (called COSY CORNER) allows different seats and lying positions, the backlit loop creates a dimmable, which inspired by a green leaves roof inspired by a green leaf roof. In the central area, the round instrument works down and becomes the table lamp, so no display and no switch remember to the automotive environment.

The car of the future: Mini Vision Urbanaut becomes tangible reality-urbanautBMW

“Wanderlust” is the only mini moment in which the Mini Vision is driven or driving automated. Here the interior becomes the place for driving or. Hazard. If you want to control yourself, drive with a finger tip on the Mini Logo steering wheel and pedalerie. The user interface on the central round instrument changes its appearance and makes next to an animation of the path also further travel information such as. B. Sights or arrival time for all travelers visible.

The moment, “vibe,” puts the common time with other people in the foreground, in all their facets. The open door in the side and the folded windscreen shapes a welcoming gesture with which the boundaries are blurred inside and outside. The central round instrument becomes a media control center, and an Equalizer animation of the played music played on surfaces in front, rear, rims and the loop should create a pleasant club atmosphere. If you want it, the vehicle will also become the “boombox”. In addition, with “my moment” offers a fourth, freely designer moment of other design, to adapt the vehicle according to its individual wishes and needs.

Sustainability in many facets

In addition to the diverse use, the mini Vision Urbanaut also has the topic of sustainability in the focus, as the manufacturer announces. The vehicle makes it directly comprehensible and experienced in several facets. The starting point of the concept is in turn the “Clever Use of Space”, the most efficient use of the space: it should provide maximum space on the smallest possible traffic area. Thanks to its height, the Mini Vision is realizing Urbanaut on only 4.46 meters of overall length a diverse usable room volume with completely novel freedom of movement. Another aspect is the possibility of use of the vehicle beyond mobility. The vehicle can also make the urban area available and thereby increase the dwell and useful life.

In addition, the Mini Vision uses Urbanaut – in addition to its emission-free electric drive as a true for sustainability – also to a responsible use of resources. According to the beginning of the concept phase, the consistent reduction of components as well as the avoidance of unnecessary material use in focus. This was realized, for example, with clever double functions in the dashboard, which becomes a daybed, as well as in the first round OLED-CENTER display above the table, which is changing at the moment “chill” to a lamp. Likewise, useful life is in the foreground as long as possible, for example by changeable remuneration. The interior is also implemented chrome and leather-free, which is already implemented in the next mini model generation.

The car of the future: Mini Vision Urbanaut becomes tangible reality-urbanautBMW

In the interior, the mini vision uses urbanaut a high proportion of recyclates and almost exclusively renewable and recyclable materials. The prevailing material in the interior are textiles made of recycled materials such as wool, polyester or tenecel. They should combine homeliness and high quality with softness and comfort. Also, the designers reinforced solutions in which only one material is used – so-called monomaterials. These can be recycled later and can become new products. The renewable and recyclable material cork on the steering wheel and on parts of the soil, thanks to its natural feel, set a special accent and concern in natural way for a pleasant room climate.

An experience for all senses

For the perfect experience, the Mini Vision wants to appeal to all sensual dimensions. The essential part of the interior design is therefore also a conscious fragrance and sound staging. “Through the holistic approach, to address all the senses, a really unique, unforgettable experience arises. An individual fragrance signature is stored exactly in the head and can retrospectively call the positive atmosphere and the experience again – we create another, very personal connection to particularly memorable moments, “explains Annabelle Coffinet, fragrance designer of the BMW Group.

To harmoniously perfectize the sensual experience, such as BMW, Renzo Vital, Creative Director Sound translated to the various textures of the fragrance for the Welcome scenario. In addition to the welcome sound, he also composed the music for the moments “chill”, “vibe” and “wanderlust”. So the vehicle covers the user at the moment “chill” in subtle sound landscapes of a forest with leaves noise and running waters that fill the interior in harmony with the dimmable leaf roof light incidence. Acoustic sounds complete the relaxation experience. The moments “Wanderlust” and “Vibe” accompanies a sound world of specially composed music, which can be played in both the interior and outside.

The car of the future: Mini Vision Urbanaut becomes tangible reality-urbanautBMW

Another aspect of the Mini Moments was to intensify or enrich the analog experience through digital integration. The “Analogue Love, Digital Connection” approach shows itself throughout the vehicle. For example, under some analogue surfaces, a digital additional plane is installed. Whether the table in the interior, which is triggered by inserting the mini token trigger of the mini moments, the lamp with OLED display or also the LED matrixes in the interior under textile or in front and rear – in all these elements merge analog and digital world To a new, immersive experience. That all this can now be experienced in a real vehicle model is the performance of the model construction of the BMW Group.

Model construction competence of the BMW Group

As an innovative room concept, the mini vision was created urbanism proverbial from the inside to the outside. Even before the development of the exterior, the designers designed the generous interior experience using floor-to-cracks, furniture and a wooden chamber model as size reference. In the course of the project, a digital model in Augmented Reality was created and systematically optimized.

The physical model of the Mini Vision Urbanaut was then completely emerged in the Mini DesignStudio in Munich. Here, the BMW Group bundles the entire competence to make virtual visions physical reality. Together with the designers, among other things, Sattler, model builders, mechatronics, programmers and painters are working hard to assume a vision of expert figure that has almost prototype quality. Because the Mini Vision Urbanaut is not a static model, but mobile and steerable.

The car of the future: Mini Vision Urbanaut becomes tangible reality-becomesBMW

Each component is specifically constructed, with the help of modern tools precisely manufactured and installed in hand. The high degree of craftsmanship is shown on the Mini Vision Urbanaut especially in that the interior design reminds of a modern living room and thus the model construction of classic vehicle construction about furniture construction to programming and smart high-tech integration ranges.

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  1. Good that the car has “mini” letters. Otherwise you would not have come to life in life that this is a mini. Optically, he looks like a Ford’s indicated grille like a Ford, if necessary, it could also be a Mercedes if they wanted to revive the Tempo brand. Because the front has denial to a late tempo Matador.

    The format is really not “mini“. So that does not fit logically to the brand. It is a short ID.Buzz with a few eco- and autonomous driving ingredients that you have already seen dozens of times like or something similar in other studies. Where you should not believe that it is a market gap, 40 cm shorter than the ID.To stay buzz. Because a parking space in the city is not really easier to find and the bus fan wants to place.

    Since we are at the topic of maximum space on a small area and “Urbanaut“. Why is the things sucked back? A container offers maximum space on a small area and there are city vehicles, such as Emily, which looks like this. So it does not seem to go to the city. There would be a look to Canoo helpful. Because they want to deliver a bus of the same dimensions next year, where the target conflict room versus aerodynamics is better solved. I repeat: deliver that do not want to show a study.

    So: Too Little, Too Late and clearly past the brand core. All dismissed the project and shop in China on standard basis. Namely 08/15 technology with 60’s battery, a mini-body driving on and sell with 2 and four doors in this country, the 2-door in the 3,70m-class, the 4-door 4m. Then.

  2. When is the market introduction?? Or is it just a study that disappears in the museum, like so much.

  3. A car almost in mobile home size should be the “city car”, probably as a substitute for the priceless apartments and parking these cars should then probably on parking on the edge of the city with shared toilets and washing facilities – “beautiful” future vision.


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