The cheapest e-car in switzerland

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The cheapest e-car in Switzerland

With the Twingo Electric, Renault currently offers the cheapest electric car in Switzerland. A first test drive shows that you don’t have to do without fun despite the low price.

Renault Twingo Electric

The price is crucial: One point of criticism that electric cars often have to put up with is the high price.

Renault is now declaring war on this with the E version of the Twingo: With a starting price of 20,900 francs less an electric bonus of 2,000 francs, the electrically powered small car is the cheapest electric car in Switzerland. In return, you get a small car with enough space for everyday urban driving, 22 kWh battery capacity and a range of 190 kilometers in a mixed driving cycle – or even 270 kilometers in urban driving. The empty battery is fully charged again after 15 hours at a household socket. At a wall box or public charging station with 22 kW power, the battery is 80% charged again after just one hour.

The Twingo is already a car that puts people in a good mood. The small car with a cheeky design arouses sympathy among passers-by – and also makes the driver happy. With a turning circle diameter of just 8.6 meters, you can maneuver easily even on the narrowest side streets. The electric drive that is now available is a perfect match for this manoeuvrability: it pulls evenly and powerfully from the start. 50 km/h is reached in a good four seconds, and the top speed of 135 km/h is just about suitable for the motorway. Thanks to a curb weight of only around 1200 kg, a modest 81 hp and 160 Nm of torque are enough for this.

With the lively drive, the compact dimensions and the almost unrivaled maneuverability, driving the Twingo Electric almost feels like driving a go-kart – only with significantly more comfort. The suspension is softly tuned, absorbs bumps quite skilfully and allows a noticeable amount of body roll in fast corners. But that doesn’t detract from the driving pleasure. But on the contrary. The interior is completely identical to the conventionally powered Twingo; the battery is under the front seats, the engine, as with petrol and diesel, directly on the rear axle. So you sit on the front seats with enough space, even if the seat is mounted a bit high and could offer more adjustment options.

The cheapest e-car in Switzerland-switzerland

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The cheapest e-car in Switzerland-switzerland

The cheapest e-car in Switzerland-e-car

The cheapest e-car in Switzerland-switzerland

The cheapest e-car in Switzerland-cheapest

The cheapest e-car in Switzerland-switzerland

The cheapest e-car in Switzerland-switzerland

The cheapest e-car in Switzerland-cheapest

Renault Twingo electric

Adults are also in good hands on the rear seats, at least for shorter distances, the trunk of 188 to 980 liters is not huge, but definitely sufficient for a small car.

The cockpit itself is minimalist – but still offers everything you need in everyday driving. The speedometer with analogue pointer and small digital display clearly shows the driver everything he needs to know, the navigation system looks simple and rustic, but finds the way without hesitation.


The electric Twingo is definitely not an all-rounder. It is neither a family carriage nor a long-distance touring car. But it is definitely an ideal city car, a practical shopping companion or a good commuter car for short commutes.
At a price of less than 20,000 francs, it can be allowed with a clear conscience not to be an all-rounder, since many buyers might also consider it a second car.

Ultimately, the biggest plus of the small Stromer is that it is not just a workhorse. With its likeable design and agile handling, it brings a lot of joy to everyday driving. And it proves that driving fun can’t just be bought with a lot of engine power and a high price. The electric Twingo is not only the cheapest, but also one of the happiest e-cars on the market.

The Twingo will have competition from its own company in spring 2021: The Dacia Spring electric should also be available for less than 20,000 francs, offers a range of 225 kilometers, with 44 hp significantly less power than the Twingo – but more space in the interior.

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