The “E-car for the people” by Togg starts only in Q4-2022 in series production


For some time it is known that Turkey is planning its own “e-car for the people“. Already towards the end of 2017, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the country wanted to bring a new car brand to life until 2021. But it’s not that fast. The first stream of Togg – a SUV with a range of up to 500 km – will probably start in mass production in Q4 / 2022.

Togg’s plans were more concrete in June 2018 and already experienced a sharpening in April 2019, after previously only daily information was known. Finally, extremely powerful, cheap hemp battery for debate, which are to be used in the electrician. But it comes differently and the Togg e-car refers its energy from batteries from Germany. Better from Chinese batteries, which are manufactured in Germany. For the Chinese battery manufacturer Farasis, which is currently collecting customers for his future work in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, will supply the lithium-ion batteries for the Turkish electric car. However, Farasis is not only cell supplier of Togg, but also partners for mounting the batteries. Near the Togg plant Farasis is currently building the necessary battery assembly.

From 2022 the E-car should officially go to sale. Not only in your own country, but also in Germany. Five domestic companies – Anadolu Group, BMC, KOk Group, Turkcell and Zorlu Holding, each with 19% of Shares and the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (Tobb) with 5% of Shares – direct the joint venture Togg (Automobile Joint Venture Group ) Turkey together.

Company’s leader Gurcan Karakas expressed itself opposite the automotive week that the vehicle is to be manufactured in two design variants. The speech is here from a “western” and one for the “rather oriental taste”. If there was sometimes talk about the German market start coincuding directly with the start of sales in Turkey, it became known that the E-cars are initially sold exclusively in Turkey. Only one and a half years after the market launch is the sale in Germany and Europe planned.

Karakas also stated that more than half of the technologies are placed on local partners. The E-vehicles are manufactured then in the current work, in Turkish Gemik. Up to 175.000 vehicles should be able to run from the band per year. Overall Wool Togg in the coming years bring five e-models on dei street. So on the SUV a limousine and a station wagon will follow, later also a larger SUV and a van.

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3 thoughts on “The “E-car for the people” by Togg starts only in Q4-2022 in series production”

  1. At least the optics you have done mass suitable. However, if you look at how many people with Turkish roots are proud of Mercedes and BMW proud of this country, you can hardly imagine that they change to a Togg.

  2. How good, or bad the car may always be. If such a thing comes from your own country, it increases the acceptance in the people and also for the construction of the necessary charging structure it can be helpful. In terms of e-mobility, humanity will make ahead.


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