The fastest series car starts: You need to know about the Tesla

Tesla Model S Plaid comes with 1020 hp

The fastest series car starts: You need to know about the New Tesla

The fastest series car starts: You need to know about the Tesla-fastest
Screenshot: Tesla/YouTube The fastest series car starts: You need to know about the Tesla

The electric autopionier Tesla is now delivering its long -awaited model S Plaid. The Stromer has an insane acceleration and was able to push the previous record holder Bugatti Chiron Sport from the throne in a quarter -mile race.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is one according to the head of the company Elon Musk "Incredible achievement of engineering" -And now that the first copies of the electric car are delivered, the fastest series car in the world. Musk announced further details about the Model S Plaid in a special event on the test track in the Fremont, which is part of the Gigafactory. Musk also confirmed the circulating range information on the revised model S: With a full load, the "Long range"-Variant with two engines have a range of 663 kilometers. According to Teslas website, the range is somewhat lower at 651 kilometers than Musk’s claim. The Model S Plaid with three engines, on the other hand, should go 627 kilometers with a load. At a Tesla Supercharger, the car should be able to refuel around 300 kilometers in 15 minutes.

The fastest series car starts: You need to know about the Tesla-fastest
Screenshot: Tesla/YouTube The fastest series car starts: You need to know about the Tesla

According to Musk, the newly developed electric motors should be so easy that you can raise them without technical aids. Nevertheless, the engines are powerful enough to accelerate the Model S Plaid in 1.99 seconds to 100 km/h. According to Musk "The perfect performance curve", with which the Stromer its power of 1.000 hp up to its top speed of 321 km/h can maintain. For comparison: The 2019 Model S Performance loses performance from around 161 km/h. The peak performance of the Model S Plaid is 1.020 PS specified.

Tesla: On the quarter mile faster than Porsche 918

The Electromobility Portal Drive Tesla Canada already reported last month that the Model S Plaid was able to set a new record on a test track with these performance data in a quarter -mile race and thus is the fastest standard vehicle in the world. The previous record holder was the Bugatti Chiron Sport in 2018 9.4 seconds for the quarter mile (402 meters) and was measured at 254.3 km/h. The Model S Plaid was only measured at 244.88 km/h, but only needed 9.23 seconds for the quarter mile. Thus, the Stromer was almost half a second faster than the previously second -placed Porsche 918 Spyder.Acceleration values such as the 1.99 seconds that the Model S Plaid requires for the sprint to 100 km / h, but are only possible with special tires on particularly sticky dragster routes. Everyday tires on asphalt usually do not allow faster acceleration than around 2.5 seconds to 100 km/h.

Tesla selects Gang itself

As some observers have already suspected, Tesla, with the new edition of the Model S. With the help of its sensors and cameras, the car should now select whether the driver wants to drive backwards or forwards. With the help of a geocoding, the car should be able to ‘remind’ of previous situations.Who now 1.Wants to order 020 horsepower Tesla Model S Plaid, has to dig deeper into your pocket. Because the German Tesla website calls for this at least 126.990 euros on. For Germany, Tesla is currently planning to start deliveries in the first quarter of 2022.This article was written by Tobias Stahl

Tesla stamps S Plaid+ one: Musk calls it "just not so good"

The fastest series car starts: You need to know about the Tesla-know

Site Tesla stamps S Plaid+ one: Musk calls it "just not so good"

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17 thoughts on “The fastest series car starts: You need to know about the Tesla”

  1. Question of culture
    What many fail to recognize is the fact that America is a completely different culture to the car than … What many fail to recognize is the fact that America has a completely different culture to the car than Germany. The average buyer there (and in the rest of the world) is not interested in lap times or ranges at Vmax – this is only of interest in Germany, or a discussion point. An impressive acceleration is enough for the rest of the world, which is rarely used to begin with and otherwise the range at a cozy 100 to 130 km/h. This is what the mass market looks like. And therefore Tesla has done everything right so far. Only Germany has that "English fear of reach", Because we have to get there everywhere at any time. Only we have chosen the gap to religion. And no; I don’t like Tesla, I like German premium manufacturers. With gasoline

  2. That’s right
    However, it is also the case that the German manufacturers are also very happy to be driven in the USA. Also because she is that "Gap dimension to religion" have raised, i.e. a lot of value is placed on every detail. Wouldn’t that be so then we would have no chance on the world market. Because cheap others can do much better. In this respect, that the German manufacturers do absolutely correctly.

  3. Ah Mr. StOcker
    What should that be for a homicide argument? So if you have not at least built an electric car you shouldn’t criticize or what? You make it very easy, which is typical for e-car fans.

  4. Finally an electric car again
    which is “cheaper” for well -heeled buyers through subsidies of the taxpayer. The e-subsidies should be canceled for such cars in the price ranges, since this buyer layer can also afford the car.

  5. Well -roared …
    It should have escaped them, but the funding only applies to electric and hybrid vehicles up to a net list price of a maximum of € 65.000.

  6. Oh well….
    With a V8 with 450 hp you get upset in this country (artificially). With the Tesla with over 1000, of course this is a milestone of the automotive history. Nobody needs to come with any pollutant values, what produces the rocket of fine dust ?

  7. Bla bla…
    apples and pears … A rocket needs this thrust and if you do this thrust with less "Fuel" can lead, then you are ahead of all engineers of the world. There is no alternative and a modern world is inconceivable without satellites. Be it television, telephony, internet, GPS, weather data, etc…

  8. No matter how fast
    A Tesla can be, in practice these electricity costs are sneaking around at the highway at the highway because the drivers panick. As long as these cucumbers cannot be fully charged in 10 minutes and have a real range 750 km, they are unsuitable for frequent drivers.

  9. No is clear, Mr. Sochgen
    Who should believe that. And if so, why does such a Tesla run beyond the 200? That is complete humbug if the oh so environmentally conscious customers "appropriate speed" ride. Protect the argument with the environment and drive slowly doesn’t really pull. The high speed doesn’t bring much, however, is already true.

  10. Badly informed. The fastest means different:
    Rimac Nevera – and comes – you should hardly believe it – from Croatia. This €-karre is driven by the nonsense that was initiated by E-drives: 1914 hp with 2300 Nm torque from 4 emotors drive the 4-wheel € 2 million suitcases on Vmax up to 412 km/h, whereby the 100 km/h brand in Less than 2 seconds. and the 300 km/h brand is cracked in less than 12 seconds. Greens apparently imagine the mobility of the future: Six -digit up to € 2 million – and then with the 1 available 1.000 to almost 2.000 hp electropical versions via green speeds somewhere between 100 to 130 km/h "delight" to leave – so that something like that becomes a bab. That really fits together everything Supi together. Sorry – but the green world is abundant…

  11. Read article too.
    It’s about cars from industrial series production. The Rimac Nevera is built 150 times and then is over.

  12. Normal citizens?
    And which vehicles with batteries should be able to afford the normal worker? I don’t know anyone at the moment! Electricity petrol stations are in short supply anyway!

  13. @ Thomas Muller
    All small cars, too small, too expensive, too little reach. Nobody can replace the family carriage that is needed. Not to be talked about the charging lines.

  14. The Stromer has
    About crazy acceleration. But only for marketing. Powerful Stromer can easily create over 200 km/h, but they don’t really get far with it. Therefore, we have long since got used to this sight: Stromer like the Tesla with the driving performance of a super sports car, which nevertheless sneak up on the highway on the right. Clear case, if you want to get as far as possible with your electricity, you shouldn’t drive too quickly, otherwise the battery will be emptied in no time. And electricity loading takes much longer than fueling fuel. Then it gets embarrassing because even every Fiat Panda or VW Polo gets to the destination much faster than the electrical muscle man who turns out to be a range of reach after a very short time.

  15. 1020 PS! You can see that here is not…
    To environmental or. Climate protection goes. Tesla has not been the innovation for a long time, no longer the good, green conscience of those who are able to.000 euros for a model 3 (with approx. 600km range) or more to output. Instead of optimizing ecologically and economically for years, improving autonomous driving and finally lifting the quality of the vehicles to a level corresponding to the price "Fastest series car in the world" For bargain price of at least 126.990 euros. Tesla will have a hard time if the boys soon don’t want to fly into space what they can do best.

  16. Snail?
    This is the only way to understand – here everyone of the Teslas is talking about the snails on the middle or right lane on the highway at 130km/h? If you then get this gene planted when you buy it or why do the drivers do that? I just ask because it could be that the charge of the battery is really only enough for the quarter. Slowly I start to understand why the Greens want the speed limit on motorways.

  17. Good argument
    This is actually a good argument: by restricting the permissible maximum speed to motorways, a competitive disadvantage for energy -saving cars is reduced. It simply makes less sense to design cars for very high speed and to accept higher energy consumption. This applies to both electric cars and those with an internal combustion engine.


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