The Federal Government Officially Extends The Environmental Bonus Until The End of 2020

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The Federal Government Officially Extends The Environmental Bonus Until The End of 2020-officially

A Good Two Weeks Ago There’s quiet Talk of the Fact That Pure Electric Cars Would Soon Have 6.000 Euros Environmental Bonus, AS Well AS for PHEV 4.500 Euros Should Be Due, Provaded That They Do Not Exceed 30.Cost 000 Euros. Announcement! Unfuredunately, Things Have Turned Out Differently Now.

The Purchase Bonus for Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrids – Colloquially Known AS at Environmental Bonus – Has Been Officially Extended Until The End of 2020; Albeit in Its Existing Shape, Without on Increase in Funding.

The Founding Guideline Required For This By The Ministry of Economics Will Be Published On 5 June. June 2019 Published in The Federal Gazette and Will Then Apply Immediately After The Previous Funding Guideline EXPIRES ON 1 June 2019. JULY 2019. ONLY One Point Has Changed In The Promotion of E-Cars, This Concerns The Installation of Acoustic Warning System for Blind And Visual Impaired People. The Founding Here is a Flat Rate of 100 Euros.

For example, buyers of Purely Battery Powered Vehicles Receive a Subsidy of 4.000 Euros, Drivers of a Hybrid Vehicle with an Electric Motor and a Combustion Engine Receive a bonus of 3.000 €. With Hybrid Vehicles, The Decisive Factor Is Whether They Can Be Charged at the Socket. However, Only IF It Is A New Vehicle With A Net List Price For The Basic Model Up To A Maximum of 60.000 Euros trades.

Since This is a State Subsidy Program, It Is Understandable That the Taxpayer Contributes at Least Part of the Purchase Premium for Electric Cars. However, The One Trillion Euros Made Available for The Program Are Not Only On The Shoulders of Taxpayers, The Auto Industry Is So Doing Its Part.

“WE Extend The Purchase Bonus for Electric Cars Until The End of 2020, BECAUSE WE Need Continuity in Promotion. The Purchase Bonus Has Proven Itself in Practice. The Number of Applications Is Steadily Increasing – Slower Than We Had Hoped, But It Is All The More Important to Ensure Continuity in Funding.”- Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy

Funding Will Be Provided By The Above Mitioned Deadline Or Until The Planed Federal Funds of EUR 600 Million Have Been Exhausted. However, It Is Very Unliky That the Funding wants be exhausted.

Minister of Transport Scheuer Again Raises The Environmental Bonus in The Room

From 2021 There is Talk That The Federal Government‘s Share of the Premium Will Then Increase from the Previous 2.000 On Then 4.000 Euros Will Be Doubled – But Only for Electric Cars Up to a List Price of 30.000 Euros. For e-cars up to a list Price of 60.000 Euros, The Federal Share is to Be Increased to 2.500 Euros Rise. To What Extent The Automotive Industry Will Contribute to This Increase in The Premium is Still Unclear.

Scheuer Recently Announced ThatT Ten Million Electric Cars Would Be Needed by 2030 in Order to Achieve The Climate Protection Goals That Had Been Set. However, you So Need 500.000 Electric Commercial Vehicles and 300.000 Charging Points, AS He Gave to Understand Whhen Asked By the English Press Agency.

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  1. To the editors, One Should Not Confuse Two Things Here. The Extension of the Current Environmental Bonus Has Been Under Discussion for Months at The Bmwi, The Ministry That So Pays Out The Money, Via Bafa. I Had Commented Several Times That MR. Scheuer’s Fantasies, His Half-Baked Fantasies, Had Absolutely Nothing To Do With It. The Current Environmental Bonus Comes From The BMWi Budget. Extending It What Exactly The Right Thing to do. In The Current Year, A FEW Weeks Before A Subsidy EXPIRES, Constant Reports About MR. Scheuer’s Unlaid Eggs Or Other Heckling from the Other Ministries, Which May Be Good for A Headline. For me, that’s more like image newspaper . @ Mini Fan: And Addressed to Them Here is Upcoming Subsidy Program for the VW I.D.3 See, from 2021 There Should Be a Lot of New Things, Should the Sayings of MR. Scheuer, He Called on Wednesday to Promote a Billion-Euro Program for Hydrogen and Additional Synthetic Fuels from Plants, Bring Them Into Line With the Strategy of MR. This. It Is Right Now to Extend It Without Change and to Start Discussing a Strategy For The Future After The Summer Break. However, It Is Currently A Mystery To Me Who of Thesis Dilettantes Can Develop a Strategy.

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    The Explanations You Describe May Be Correct In The Matter, And It Is Your Right To Set The Facts Straight, But Sometimes You Wish AS Add to E-Mobile That You Slowly Take The Topic Of Electromobility Serious in Berlin and Produce Continuity Everywhere. Then, for example, we would be a properly structured charge structure and clear concepts for expanding it and our tax money mould not Have Been Bogged Down in Various Municipal Channels.

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