The fiat 500 becomes a pure electric car

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The Fiat 500 becomes a pure electric car-brand best-selling model backbone speak

The Fiat 500 becomes a pure electric car-electric

The Fiat 500 becomes a pure electric car-pure

The Fiat 500 will be 100% electric. A brave step, after all, the small Fiat is the brand’s best-selling model and its backbone, so to speak.

The Fiat 500 becomes a pure electric car

La Dolce Vita purely electric: Fiat wants to start an “eco revolution” with the third generation of the 500

When the second generation of the Fiat 500 was launched in 1957, the car was a revolution. It gave many people affordable access to individual mobility in the post-war period. Over the years, the car became a cult: With its cute design and the advantages of its small size, it took the hearts of many by storm. With the fourth generation of the popular small car, Fiat now wants to repeat this revolution, only this time in an ecological way: the 500 will be 100% electric. A brave step, after all, the small Fiat is the brand’s best-selling model and its backbone, so to speak. Even in 2019, i.e. in the 12th year of construction, the fourth generation that is now being phased out sold 375,000 units – more than 3,700 units went to Switzerland alone. As much as never before. Fiat now wants to convert this blockbuster completely to electric drive.

The competition for the small Fiat is great

But that alone will not be enough. The trend towards small electric cars for the city is not new, and the competition is fierce. However, the 500 stands out from the competition: The 42kWh battery is surprisingly large for its vehicle class. According to the manufacturer, it enables a range of 320 km in the WLTP cycle, with pure city driving in the WLTP city cycle the range even increases to 400 km. A quite remarkable value. Of course, the 500 does not only have to be driven in the city: 118 hp and a top speed of 150 km/h are also sufficient for occasional motorway journeys.

When it comes to fast charging, too, the 500 offers more than is usual in its class. The 500 can charge with up to 85kW via the CCS2 connection, so that the battery is 80% full after 35 minutes. Just five minutes of charging should be enough to gain a range of 50 km.

In addition, the Fiat comes up with a whole range of assistance systems that were previously rarely found in small cars: A 360° camera is available as well as systems for semi-autonomous driving. In addition to other vehicles, the system should also reliably recognize cyclists and pedestrians, and thus be able to support the driver, especially in the city. The infotainment should also be contemporary: Fiat has completely redesigned it and is operated via a large touch screen.

Ringing mobile phone on wheels

Another unique selling point of the new Fiat 500 is the artificially generated engine noise, which sounds to protect pedestrians at low speeds. Instead of the artificial electronic buzzing that is common with other manufacturers, the little Italian can play a melody if desired. In the future, you should be able to select and download these individually, just like with ring tones on a mobile phone. “The world of electric city cars needs to become more charismatic,” said Fiat brand boss Olivier Francois. The little Fiat has what it takes.

In keeping with the tradition of the last generation, of which there have been more than 30 special models over the years, the 500 will initially be launched as a convertible in the limited special edition “La Prima” (The First). This comes fully equipped, including an engraved production number. The “La Prima” can now be pre-ordered at a price of CHF 39,990. When it comes to the ordering process, Fiat is following the current trend towards online ordering, which, following Tesla, is now also finding its way into Citroën with the Ami: the Fiat should be able to be configured and ordered online in three simple steps.

Noble special models for a good cause

In addition to the “La Prima” there are three other special models, of which only one copy was ever built. They were refined by the designer brands Armani, Bvlgari and Kartell with partially recycled materials and are being auctioned off for a good cause. Proceeds go to the Earth Alliance, an environmental protection organization co-founded by Leonardo DiCaprio.

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