The first highway threatens diesel driving ban


The first highway threatens diesel driving ban

The first highway threatens diesel driving ban-first
dpa/Ina Fassbender Traffic in Kurt-Schumacher Strasse in Gelsenkirchen.

In the Ruhr area there could also be a diesel driving ban on a busy motorway section. Because the diesel blocking zone in Essen would also include the A40 motorway. The passage would have to drive enormous detours.

In the procedure for the lawsuit of German environmental aid against the air pollution control plans for Essen and Gelsenkirchen, the Gelsenkirchen administrative court is considering a restricted zone for large parts of the Essen city area. The motorway 40 also leads through this zone. The air pollution from the motorway traffic can probably only be reduced by including this route into the environmental zone, said the chairman of the 8. Chamber of the court, Margit Balkenhol, on Thursday at the hearing. For Gelsenkirchen, the chamber is considering a diesel driving ban for a main road.

City should integrate the motorway into the prohibition zone

In 2017, an annual average of 50 micrograms of nitrogen dioxide per cubic meter of air was measured at the Messstation Essen-Frohnhausen, which is located directly on the busy A40. In Essen, the limit was exceeded at four other stations. At the Kurt-Schumacher-Strabe station in Gelsenkirchen, an annual average of 46 micrograms per cubic meter came together. The measurements are very controversial among experts.Judge Balkenhol said that there was no concept for reducing the air pollution from the A40. Speed limits are likely to be exhausted on the section of the motorway-strict speed limits with appropriate speed monitoring already apply in the entire area.

Cycle -long alternative routes

A blocking of the A40 forces affected commuters, but also all passing cars and vans for kilometers of alternative routes, for example via the A42. The places around Essen also have to adjust to even more alternating traffic than is already available because of the permanently overloaded A40.

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The first highway threatens diesel driving ban-first

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11 thoughts on “The first highway threatens diesel driving ban”

  1. Lawsuit of German environmental aid
    Who will finally stop the arbitrariness of this club ? The flood of complaints took place after the … USA has moved into the field against VW.Before that did not exist.The DUH is lubricated by US corporations ? (This is my very own opinion)

  2. who please….
    Then check that? And how is that checked? Rock up everything and also paralyze the rest of the traffic? Or what? So, I’m a cyclist and pedestrian. Nothing against clean air. Everyone likes to have. But slowly I think that we would need to need a neatly working politician brain first. I see…Is because of the EU penalties (minimum 80k per day). Let us then deduct from the 27%that we deposit into the EU budget anyway. After the Brexit it will be 33%. In which madhouse I live in?

  3. How sick are such decisions…..
    We are now completely crazy in Germany? I can’t think of a more comment. In view of such trials, I can only shake my head without understanding. There is probably no longer any relacheit.

  4. Judgments due to conjectures
    No other country judges due to conjectures, but the rule of law Germany."The air pollution from the motorway traffic can probably only be reduced by including this route into the environmental zone, said the chairman of the 8. Chamber of the court, Margit Balkenhol,…" But it is proportionate. Richter also have to be held accountable due to incorrect judgments. I think there is already something like a judicial anarchy in Germany as independent here.

  5. My current diesel may drive
    Because he gets out of nitrogen oxides. Is therefore cleaner than previous petrol vehicles and therefore less affected by the upcoming driving bans due to fine dust than the gasoline vehicles. Yes, politics has made the drivers white to switch to petrol engines. This is the new sow that is driven by the city. It is therefore wrong to speak of diesel driving bans, it will be difficult to achieve a driving ban for 6D diesel vehicles, as this LT. Test between 95% and 99% less nitrogen oxides than Euro5. As well as gasoline direct injections without filters have pushed up to a thousand more fine dust, compared to diesel vehicles. This could only be stopped with dilletant nitrogen oxide limit values that are not measured in any other country in the world.

  6. Hahaha…
    Detours drive to air pollution control. Yes it is still possible? You can’t take them seriously anymore. Let’s google: world map diesel driving ban

  7. path….
    …With the cars and with the horse -drawn carriages. We don’t need car traffic because we are an agricultural land with horse -drawn carriages and tractors, drawn from the ox team. No no, …….I didn’t say politicians.

  8. You have perfect….
    Law, Lothar. I have long been longing for horse -drawn carriages. For less built -up areas, according to more nature. With fewer people it would even work….but stop…..Our federal government is currently planning something completely different.

  9. A cigarette has 20.000 micrograms nitrogen oxides
    and millions of times more fine dust than the air in main traffic streets. A pellet lofen generates from 16.000 micrograms nitrogen oxides. A candle creates more nitrogen oxides than is allowed on the street. Anyone who lit one Advent wreath should actually suffocate. The values are arbitrarily determined, there are no studies – only recruitment of encouragements. Even California has a limit of 9 for interiors in offices.000 micrograms nitrogen oxides allowed. What is the value microgram anyway? It is the millionth part, but there are many burners such as heating in the milli area, the thousandth part is called. This means that a share of 40 millionths are currently part of the air. If a pellet lofen burns next to a measuring point, there are increased values.

  10. Germany saves the world.
    We are the only country with driving bans worldwide. The world is a madhouse, but here is the headquarters.


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