The gasoline price could crack the 2-euro border this year

CO2 tax as the main cause

The gasoline price could crack the 2-euro border this year

The gasoline price could crack the 2-euro border this year-price
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Petrol already costs 1.80 euros on highways. Not only the Greens want to cupping Germans with the fuel and heating with oil and gas: the CO2 tax introduced by the SPD and Union guarantees almost unlimited tax revenue every government.

After a current market evaluation of the portal "Multi-tank" The prices for E5 on motorways are currently over 1.80 euros per liter. This reports the magazine "Auto Motor & Sport". If the monthly price increase continues, the liter price could also be over two euros by increasing the CO2 tax to 30 euros per tonne CO2 in January.

CO2 tax allows prices to explode

But why is the fuel suddenly so extremely expensive?The current price development is not exclusively on the market. The fuel prices are significantly influenced by taxes, such as the new, dynamic CO2 tax. The CO2 tax on fuels should increase from now on 25 to 55 euros to 2025. "The CO2 tax alone will increase by about 15 cents per liter," says Matthias Wucherer, product manager of the portal "Multi-tank". Not only driving, living is also much more expensive. Because criminal taxes also collect the tax authorities in heating oil and gas.

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The gasoline price could crack the 2-euro border this year-price

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The fuel prices have been increasing incessantly since the beginning of the year. After 4 cents in July, E5 and E10 again added 1 cent in August. E5 cost EUR 1.615 in August, for the liter E10 you had to pay 1.556 euros. Diesel remained stable with a liter price of 1.382. Compared to August 2020, the price for E5 has risen by 33 cents within just one year. This is a price increase of 26 %. The liter E10 is 31 cents more expensive than a year ago, Diesel was more expensive by 30 cents. "Just in time for the Bundestag election, the fuel prices have increased significantly," said Wucherer.

Reaz price increase really makes sense for the climate? The eight biggest fuel types

The gasoline price could crack the 2-euro border this year-crack

Auto-engine and Reaz price increase really makes sense for the climate? The eight biggest fuel types

"Five marks" per liter soon within reach?

The CO2 tax that the federal government for marketing reasons "CO2 price" has been baptized, the third CO2-based tax is already based on eco-tax and vehicle tax, which is expensive for drivers. And the climate tax is to be increased again and again like a relay rent. The old demand of the Greens that gasoline is five marks (equivalent to approx. 2.50 euros) should cost per liter, so it is quite conceivable. And even if the Greens want to increase the tax particularly quickly and strongly to make car driving, the "CO2 price" introduced by the current CDU/CSU SPD government-and fundamentally questioned by hardly any political party. Because the income is needed to get electromobility across. "Petrol is becoming more expensive, now a bit, in the second half of this decade it gets really more expensive", said the Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus in June "ARD morning magazine".

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The gasoline price could crack the 2-euro border this year-price

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11 thoughts on “The gasoline price could crack the 2-euro border this year”

  1. I’m in time
    on the road in Bosnia and Serbia. Here the fuel costs approx.1.10 € on average and drive it … Noticeably many good, diesel diesel in Germany, here through the area. Incidentally, the same applies to the EU countries Bulgaria and Croatia as well as Slovenia. If you don’t know all of this, I recommend a vacation in these countries and you can see a lot of green demands, etc. with completely different eyes.

  2. Yes and?
    I also get diesel outside of Germany.Outsourcing companies and living in the border area is then the order of the day.And honestly, if you can’t afford it, you should do without the car and ride the public transport bike.But unfortunately that will also be more expensive for this person

  3. Print & social media
    "left" the consumers for a long time. Even before CO2 taxes were prescribed climatic, the scope of the 1 was already for our journal. Energy price increase fixed. So now again! So where are our price drivers? Unfortunately, the press is also active marketing.

  4. China is the CO2 problem #1
    The disproportionate increase in glacier death takes place with a brief time delay on Chinese super growth – China alone currently produces 28% of the global CO2 and has only 15% of the population. It is terrifying but not to be dismissed by hand. With the rivers that pollute the sea, it is even more extreme. Unfortunately, our politicians classified the Chinese as not relevant in the Paris climate agreement and actually released it. We try to optimize 2% CO2 and continue to buy in the "CO2 Sau of the World". China has built more concrete in recent years – a special CO2 climate killer – than the USA in the last 100 years.

  5. Oh well
    Even if the price is at 3 euros, I can’t drive less. It is simply theft. I live in the country and have to go to work every day. I need to go shopping. I have to go to the pharmacy or the doctor. Otherwise you can’t afford anything anyway. It is therefore only the most necessary. And as a soldier I can’t do anything with the Eauto. I don’t think the Bundeswehr pays me 2 travel days and a hotel when I have to go from SH to BY. And with 4 pockets I don’t drag myself through the full late trains and agitation over the platforms. And then they are surprised that the percentages continue to break in? It only chooses every second one and 20% of them can already be found for success. Ridiculous support.

  6. Oh well
    This will still fall massively on the feet of all established parties. It is basically stupid to make the basis of everything massive. It doesn’t just hit driving. Every service and every product becomes more expensive. You have to increase the housing benefit, the commuter flat rate, Hartz4, the pensions to absorb. An eternal spiral. The medium -sized business is bleeding out. The rich numbers with electric cars zero. It hits the middle and poor alone. And 10 times. Heating as well. And electricity becomes more expensive. And the GEZ. Insurance. Climate protection is only possible with money. If everyone will soon heat up with wood and drive up the old petrol engine, there is certainly nothing. To bleed the people is a step backwards. How should you invest if the state suckes everything off?

  7. Hardly to surpass in stupidity,
    How stupid can you be the taxes and taxes for energy in such a way? Germany will not save the global climate, nor will Europe. We have to rethink our entire production in distant foreign countries, the enormous delivery routes and, above all, we should produce sustainable again! For example, a sweater or a shirt lasts longer than one season. Whoever increases the energy prices in this way inevitably weakens the internal market. Because keep in mind: every euro can only be issued once.

  8. Hardly to surpass in stupidity
    Really got to the point. Neither we nor Europe will save the world or the climate. The electricity will come from abroad and produce climate -neutral from nuclear power. As long as we apples etc.From New Zealand or get some from just because they are 2 cents cheaper because the transport is subsidized. Produce on site, short distances is much more sustainable

  9. That means that many commuters
    In the country and in shift work, the journey to work sooner or later can no longer afford, or. The work after deducting the costs (commuter flat rate is capped) is no longer worthwhile. Mobility is if it continues a luxury goods for townspeople with good transport connections or people with a large wallet. A switch to e-mobility is not an alternative, especially for the rental rural population, since the loading option is simply missing. You also have to have the money for a new car. Despite funding, a large part of the population is a full fridge and a warm home more important than a new car and both at the same time is often not feasible. Climate evolution at the expense of the lower to medium -sized incomes in favor of the better earning.

  10. now
    Comes accounting for the eternal lockdowns. Somehow the government debt has to be filled again. Then calls itself CO2 tax. Use neither the environment nor the citizen because the money is returned to other needy.

  11. then
    Select RRG so that the liter will not cost 2 euros soon but 3+. But not whine when it comes like that. You asked for it.


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